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Katara giggled as she watched her marvelous work.

"You're evil. You know that, right?"

This only increased Katara's giggles and the irate fire bender sighed through his blush. He walked over towards her with tea tray in hand.

"Now say it."


"Do. It."

Katara lifted her arms, Zuko standing stock still, muscles twitching in his urge to move, his blood being bent and preventing him from doing so. He started to feel lightheaded, realizing Katara was stopping red blood cells from getting where they needed to go.

"Okay, okay! Just let me go!"

And she did, sitting back down on the great crimson and gold adorned bed behind her.

"May I offer you tea, oh Master Water Bender, Beautiful Goddess Katara, the most un-peasant being on this planet?"

Katara fell back on the bed, rolling from side to side as laughter attacked her, making her insides ache in a welcome way as she struggled to catch her breath.

Zuko stood there, taking it in. It was, after all, his punishment…note to self: never bet against Toph, that sneaky little blind earth bender. And never get on Katara's devious side when Toph is plotting her reward for winning.

When his musings finally finished, Katara was sitting up again, the only signs of her mad laughing fit being the tears she was wiping from her eyes and her flushed cheeks.

This couldn't count as punishment…

"What makes this even better is the outfit, Zuzu."

Zuko blushed accordingly, hunching his bare shoulders and scowling into his reflection in the tea.

And Katara took a cup, giggles escaping between sips as she calmly eyed his bare torso.

…This was pure, mortifying torture.


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