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The next couple years were awkward ones. Ace and Luffy had been avoiding each other as much as they could. They wouldn't even touch each other, hugging became out of the question, as well as standing too close. When they woke up the morning after the kissing incident, it was like they were looking at complete strangers. There was something different, new details, new quirks; things just weren't the same anymore.

Luffy had always admired Ace before, but now he had found his thoughts drift from admiration to thoughts of the more 'mature' nature. He'd think about the kiss they shared and feel the desire to do it again. He'd think about how he liked the feel of Ace's lips against his and this would then wander down even darker paths. Stupid hormones!

Luffy had just got home from school; he went to his room and slammed the door behind him. 'Ace might be back too…' Luffy's face heated up. He threw his back pack down in irritation. "S-stupid Ace! It's all his fault! His stupid fault! I hate him!" Luffy bit his lip. No, it wasn't Ace's fault, it was his own. He was the one that was curious; he's the one that did it. Luffy leaned against his door and slid to the ground, head hanging in defeat.

Just then there was a knock at his door. Chances were it was Makino wanting to know why he'd been acting so strange. Getting up, Luffy turned to face the door and opened it. There standing before him was Ace, with a guilty look on his face. Luffy tried to shut the door, but Ace caught it and held it open.

"Luffy, we need to talk." He said suddenly. "Please, just hear me out, okay?"

Luffy backed away, letting the older boy in.

Ace scratched the back of his head, gave a sigh, and started to speak. "Look, um, I know things…are bit weird between us…I've been thinking for a while, and since I'm sixteen now, I don't have much longer to stay here anyway, I think I'll try to move out earlier tha-"

"No!" Luffy said suddenly, he then jumped up and clung to Ace tightly. "You can't!" he said stubbornly.


Luffy looked up at him, holding back tears. "You can't leave! I won't let you! I'm sorry! I'm sorry about the kiss! I'm sorry!"

"L-Luffy…" Ace said with surprise.

"I…I…I've had…strange thoughts about you." Luffy forced out. He blushed deeply as he said it. "I'm…I'm bad, aren't I?"

Ace was silent for a while, but he then gave a weary sigh and spoke. "You're not the only bad one, I'm also guilty…"

Luffy looked up at Ace in surprise. "A-Ace…you…?"

"Yeah, but…I've felt this way longer than you have. I was just able to ignore it better, but now…I can't." Ace explained. He then gave Luffy a weary smile. "I'm a wicked guy Luffy…I'm older, I should know better."

"Ace! You're not wicked!" Luffy said suddenly, he then hugged onto Ace tightly. "If Ace is wicked, then I'll gladly be wicked to…I…" Luffy looked up at Ace and sniveled.

Ace Looked at Luffy, his face flushed ever so slightly.

Luffy stood up on his toes, getting closer, and pressed his lips to Ace's.

Over the next month of weeks the two tried to accept each other's feelings. And as time went on, they became less nervous, and began to become even bolder. Finally, one day…

"Na? A date?" Luffy said with a blink.

Ace looked away; his face was a little red from embarrassment. "Y-yeah, you know, going out. Having fun together?"

"But we already do that, ne?" Luffy said with a grin.

"Dates are...a little more 'intimate' than just hanging out." Ace tried to explain. He blushed even more. Damn it, why was he getting so embarrassed all of a sudden!? He had asked out girls before, so why was it so hard to ask Luffy? Perhaps it was the strangeness of their situation, or maybe it was because Luffy knew him better than anyone else, and could see past any mask of confidence he could muster. "You know, maybe that was a stupid idea, forget it."

"I'd like to try." Luffy said suddenly. "I want to, really!" He then looked thoughtful for a moment. "Na? But won't people notice us? What if Makino finds out? We'd be in big trouble then…"

"Well, I have some extra money from my part time job. So we'll take the train somewhere out of the city and spend the whole day together…" Ace explained. "Somewhere where no one knows us."

Luffy gave a grin. "I'd like that!"

"Good, it's settled then…"

On Saturday Luffy sat next to his brother on the train, to be honest, he was a little nervous. His face had a light tint on red to it; this was going to be his first date.

"You okay?" Ace asked.

"Yeah." Luffy said with a stiff nod. He was trying to calm himself down, but it was obvious he was nervous.

Ace couldn't help but laugh, Luffy was just too damn cute. He ruffled Luffy's hair affectionately. "Don't worry, today we're not brothers, not until we get back to the orphanage, okay?"

Luffy gave a nod. "Right…I know. I've just never been on a date before." The younger boy looked out the window and watched the scenery zip past. All that he knew, their school, the local stores, the park, and everything else zipped past and began to disappear in the distance. Luffy watched as that comforting familiarity vanished. All that there was now was him and Ace. He could feel his face heat up at the thought. Sure before a 'date' didn't seem like such a big deal, but now he could finally understand why people would get so worked over such things.

It wasn't long before the train stopped; the two got off and took a look at their new surroundings. It was a smaller city, but none the less was full of new sights to see. New shops, new sights, new smells, everything was so different. Luffy looked up at Ace with a big grin, he was excited; this was going to be so much fun!

Ace smiled, he was glad to see Luffy's nervousness was gone; it just didn't suit the boy. Hand in hand, the two then set out on their date.

Luffy could only sum the day up in one word, it was perfect. Ace took him out to eat, and they went to the movies (it was Ace's choice, so they saw a horror flick, which Luffy wasn't too fond of, but it didn't matter, he got to hold Ace's hand through out the movie). After that the two then went out and bought a disposable camera to take pictures with.

Most of the pictures they took were goofy or of random things, like a sleeping cat, squirrels, or a funny commercial sign, and then there were a few intimate pictures.

"Ace!" Luffy called as he struck a silly pose.

Ace laughed and took a picture. He was taken by surprise when Luffy pressed up against him, stood up on his toes, and captured his lips in a kiss. Ace, by all means did not complain, he gladly kissed back.

Of course, there were some people that stopped and stared disapprovingly at their public display of affection. But the boys couldn't care less.

When sunset came Ace and Luffy were sitting on a bench, hand in hand, watching the sun slowly being eaten away by the horizon. Luffy leaned against Ace, half asleep, they had so much fun today, and he never imagined a date could be so fun.

Ace wrapped an arm around Luffy, and held him closer. Their perfect day was over now, they'd have to go back soon, back to the orphanage, and back to being 'brothers'.

Neither wanted this day to end, but as the sun finally disappeared completely, and the blanket that was the night covered the sky; they both headed back to the train station. The ride back was quiet, neither said a word, but their hands were clutched together, and they'd stay that way until they got back home.

It was late now, and Ace and Luffy were lucky Makino was fast asleep as they snuck back into the building. They were sure in for a scolding tomorrow. When they reached Luffy's room Luffy gave Ace a tight hug.

"Thank you so much! It was so much fun!" he said in a load whisper, so not to wake anyone.

Ace smiled and ruffled Luffy's hair. "I had a lot of fun too…"

Luffy gave a wide grin and walked into his room. He stretched and gave a long yawn; his shirt lifting to reveal the boy's fairly toned body.

Ace, who was standing in the doorway, found himself studying the younger boy as he did this, which made his mind drift into much darker thoughts of Luffy's rather flexible body. Ace then walked up and placed a hand on his cheek.

Luffy couldn't help but blush a little, Ace was looking at him with an almost greedy look.

Ace then leaned in closer and pressed his lips against Luffy's; he then took hold of the boy's shoulders and began pushing him towards his bed.

"A-Ace…" Luffy said with a hint of nervousness as Ace pinned him down. He groaned as Ace kissed him deeply.

Ace's hand began to roam under Luffy's shirt, exploring touches made the younger boy to laugh a little, it must have tickled. Ace smiled, and then he began kissing Luffy's neck, earning even more cute little moans and groans. He felt Luffy's pulse quicken, the younger boy then wrapped his arms around him, holding onto him securely. Ace's hand began to roam lower, and began to rub against sensitive flesh.

Luffy's face flushed deep and he squirmed a little, this was new and bold. Perhaps a little too bold, he was getting nervous. His breathing became more labored as Ace continued. Luffy then broke the kiss and gave a small gasp. "Th-that…that feels good…" he forced out, words were a little hard to form with the overwhelming sensation.

Ace's hands began to fumble with Luffy's belt buckle, he then felt Luffy's grip on him suddenly tighten. '…he's scared…' Ace now felt guilty, maybe he was being too greedy, he stole Luffy's first kiss, took him out on his first date, and now this.

Luffy felt relieved when Ace stopped unbuckling his belt, but was surprised when Ace got up and started to head out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Luffy asked with a confused blink.

"To bed…" Ace said with a fake yawn.

Luffy didn't buy it.

Luffy looked at him with a skeptical look that Ace didn't think was possible for the boy. "Ace…I…."

"Look Luffy…I think you're…a little too young for me…" It was the best excuse he could come up with, and not far from the truth, Luffy was young, a little too young to be doing such things. "Sorry…"

Luffy looked shocked and a little insulted. "What!? Why!? Yeah, I'm younger than you, but I'm not that much younger!" Luffy hopped out of bed and latched onto taller boy. "Ace, that's not fair! Did I do something wrong?"

"No! Of coarse not! It's just…I've been thinking, maybe I'm just going to fast for you." Ace scratched the back of his head and thought about what to say. "I know it's not really much of an age gap, but…you're still kind of a kid."

"Is that all I am to you!? Ace you jerk!" Luffy then pulled away from the boy and turned his back to him. "Get out! I hate you! You…you…Grr! Just go away!" he spat. Luffy knew he was acting childish, just as Ace had said, but he couldn't help it, it was just a part of who he was.

"L-Luffy…" Ace had to admit, he did just send Luffy's feelings for a loop without meaning to. Ace reached out and wrapped his arms around Luffy from behind and held him close.

Luffy tried to wriggle free, but Ace's hold was too strong. "Let me go…"

"No." Ace nibbled and sucked little on Luffy's collarbone, leaving a little mark.

Luffy shivered a little at the sensation. He gave a reluctant little groan. He could feel Ace's hands begin to roam again, giving gentle, teasing touches. Luffy would've laughed a little, it really tickled, but the sensation from the kisses on the back of his neck made him moan instead. His face flushed again when Ace's hands were at his belt again, but they stopped. "…Ace…" Luffy said in a half moan. "I want to do it, really…"

Ace's eyes widened a little. Was he serious? Part of Ace was really happy to hear those words, but another part kept throwing reason after reason at him why not to be. "Luffy, I can't…"

"Ace, please…" Luffy said while leaning against the older boy more, looking at him with pleading eyes. He felt Ace's hold on him tighten.

"It might hurt. Are you sure you'd really want to?" Ace wearily warned the boy. "I won't think any less of you if you don't feel like your ready, I promise."

"I really want to Ace." Luffy said sincerely.

Ace felt a familiar greedy urge. He then turned Luffy around and kissed him lovingly. He soon had the younger boy pinned on the bed.


The two lovers weren't the most graceful; Ace wasn't the most experienced while Luffy was near clueless. But that didn't matter to them. This was an intimacy they and they alone would share, and that meant more than anything else.

"O-Ohhh…" Luffy cried as he writhed under the older boy. Ace wasn't kidding when he said it would hurt, it hurt like hell, but it felt amazing too. It was so strange, almost scary in a way, but there was a deep urge in the boy that craved more and more.

Luffy began to softly chant Ace's name to their sloppy, ungraceful rhythm. His face was flushed and warm, small beads of sweat rolled down his brow.

Ace moaned and then gave another thrust. He then hushed Luffy's soft cries with a kiss. He could feel Luffy's arms wrap around him. One hand dug into his hair, tangling its fingers in the dark mess. The other hand raked its nails against the skin of Ace's back, leaving angry marks behind. Ace moved his kisses from Luffy's lips to his chin and then to his neck. He then nibbled and sucked, leaving little red marks.

Luffy gave another moan, his hips bucked slightly against Ace's. "A-Ace…" he said in a louder half groan.

Ace stopped for a moment. "Shh…we have to be quiet. There'd be hell to pay if we got caught."

"O-Okay…" If Luffy could, he would have given a slight laugh at the irony of that statement. Hell hath no fury like an angered ex-nun. Suddenly his back arched as he felt a sudden intense surge of pained pleasure. It was hard to hold back the sudden cry that threatened to leap out of his throat, but he had somehow managed to do it.

Ace suddenly stopped what he was doing. "A-are you okay?" he said between breaths.

Luffy's face was flushed even more now. "That…That felt really good…" He shifted under Ace a little, as if he were trying to get him to continue. "C-Could you do that again?"

Ace blinked. "Do what…?" Suddenly his eyes widened a little and he blushed a brilliant shade of red. Now he understood; he remembered hearing the other guys talking about it at lunch or in the locker room. "U-uh…I could try…" Ace then tried to position himself better. He then tried to continue the rhythm he had going. He watched as Luffy's face would react to his thrusts. Ace then slipped a hand along Luffy's torso, giving light, almost teasing touches. He then wrapped his hand around Luffy's heated flesh, and began to stroke it.

Luffy squeaked in surprise, it was almost too much. But as good as it felt, he wanted Ace to hold him, he wanted to be close, it felt the best when they were close. Reaching his arms up, Luffy looked up pleadingly at the surprised older boy. "A-Ace…" He managed to pull him closer; he then wrapped his arms around him again in an affectionate embrace. "Let's try to stay more like this, ne?" he said happily.

Ace gave Luffy a kiss to the cheek. "Okay…" he whispered in Luffy's ear. He then wrapped an arm around the younger boy and continued to pleasure him.

Luffy's body shuddered slightly when he felt the strange surges of pleasure return. He bit into Ace's shoulder, trying to keep any sudden cries at bay. Luffy's face was flushed and tears leaked from his eyes as the sensations became more intense, mounting and mounting. Luffy's breath hitched in his throat as his body suddenly tensed, his grip on Ace tightened. With a satisfied groan Luffy then went limp. Panting heavily, the younger boy looked at Ace. "A-Ace…?"


Luffy's eyebrow gave a twitch. Well that was unexpected. He couldn't help but give a small laugh. His eyelids felt so heavy now. As he began to fall asleep, Luffy ran his fingers through Ace's hair. "Good night Ace…" And with that, he fell asleep.

Over the next couple of months the two enjoyed many ups and downs of their secret relationship. It wasn't easy hiding it from Makino and the other kids of the orphanage; it was hard to find time or secluded areas to share more intimate moments. But it was good none the less, their bond was solid, even if things weren't easy, it was well worth it.

Makino hummed a tune as she made her way into Ace's room and started to vacuum. She accidently bumped into the night stand by the bed. "Ouch!" Looking down, she saw that she had knocked over a small box that had picture inside it. Picking them up she began looking through them. Her eyes widened in horror.

Later that day Ace came home, he was greeted by angry looking Makino.

Ace blinked. Perhaps it was that time of the month?

Makino then held up a picture for him to see. It was of him kissing Luffy.

Ace's eyes widened. Oh god, it was one of the pictures from their date! He then felt the sudden sting of Makino giving him a good slap across the face.

"How could you!?" Makino shouted as she showed Ace the pictures. "You two are brothers!"

"You don't know that for sure! We were only found together!" Ace shouted back, taking Makino off guard.

"You're both boys! It's still disgusting and it's a sin!" Makino continued, now angrier than ever. "Are you trying to send your brother to Hell!?"

These words hurt Ace a little, not that he was much of a believer in God, but the fact that Makino thought that he'd purposely try to hurt Luffy. "Shut up! I'd never hurt him!"

Makino gave Ace a cold glare. "Well you are hurting him! Don't you see!?" She threw down the pictures and pointed at them. "This is hurting Luffy!"

Right then Luffy walked through the door. Seeing the two standing their staring back at him as though he were some kind of alien gave him a very uneasy feeling. "Eh? What's going on?"

Makino went over to the younger brother and showed him one of the pictures she found.

A look of horror spread across Luffy's face. He opened his mouth to say something, but he was so scared, no words would come out.

"Luffy, you two are in some serious trouble." Makino said gravely.

After a while of scolding them Makino then left the room to make a couple phone calls.

Luffy sat next to Ace on the bench in the lobby. It was night now, and Makino was still making calls. The two boys sat in silence for a while. Ace hesitantly took Luffy's hand in his, he wasn't sure if the younger boy was mad at him for all this trouble. Luffy leaned against Ace and gave a sigh.

"What do you think she'll do?" Luffy finally asked.

"I don't know…"

Makino soon came back. "Luffy, go start packing your things."

"What?" Luffy said with a blink.

"I'm sending you away…You two need to be separated…" Makino explained.

Luffy's eyes went wide with shock. "No! You can't! I'm not going to do it!"

"Pack your things Luffy, right now." Makino said sternly. She hated to do this, she really loved those boys, but what else could she do?

"No! I won't" Luffy stomped his foot as he shouted. "It's not fair! We love each other!"

"You two have no idea what love is…" Makino began. "Love can only be between-"

"Oh come on!" Ace said suddenly. "You don't honestly believe that do you!? Have you ever been in love!?"

Makino was silent.

On blind instinct Ace grabbed Luffy by the hand, and shot out the front door with him. He wasn't about to lose him. The two ran as far as their legs could take them. Finally stopping and out of breath, the two took shelter under a large concrete bridge in a local park. The two would play there as children, it was cold and damp, but secluded, so they wouldn't be found right away. They felt a bit safer there.

Ace and Luffy sat against a concrete wall, watching the water flow by with the glow of the city's lights glistening off the water's surface.

Luffy shivered as he clutched desperately to his brother. Ace held him securely, scratching his head, and whispering soothing words, hoping to somewhat calm his little brother's shaking form. After a while, Luffy's shaking did stop, and he was beginning to fall asleep. As his eyelids grew heavy, Luffy thought to himself, is this the price for the perfect day we had? Was it even worth it?

The answer was yes, yes it was. Luffy didn't care what Makino said, or what others would think, he was happy, truly happy. So if scorn, scolding, and odd looks from people were the price of such a wonderful happiness, then so be it. And with that last thought Luffy's eyes finally closed, as he fell into a deep sleep.

Ace, still with an arm wrapped securely around the younger boy, dug into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He wasn't going to let Makino send Luffy away, so desperate times called for desperate measures. Going through his cell's memory he finally stopped on the number of a certain red haired man.


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