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Full summary: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have been dating for two years. Edward is an aspiring actor. Bella plans to start college in the fall near L.A. so Edward can work on his career. Alice Cullen is Edward's twin sister and Bella's best friend. Emmett is Edward's older brother by a year. Rosalie Hale is an actress, with Jasper Hale, her twin brother, planning on starting his sophomore year of college. What happens when Edward gets the lead role in this seasons biggest blockbuster hit, with gorgeous costars? Will he let fame go to his head? Can his love with Bella survive fans, celebrities and paparazzi? Read and find out...


"Edward Anthony Cullen. You will be fine," I assured him for what had to be the hundredth time in the last ten minutes. It's always like this before auditions. He gets so tense and nervous, sure that he is a horrible actor and no one will ever hire him.

"But what if I screw up again Bella?" he asked, his voice desperate. He was pacing in front of me, taking a few steps forward, wheeling around, and taking another few steps. It was making me dizzy. I stood up, standing in front of him, blocking his path. I wrapped my arms around his wait, placing my chin on his chest, looking up at him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing me against him tighter. He seemed to calm under my touch.

"You're not going to mess up Edward," I told him, my voice confident and firm. "You are an amazing actor. You know every single one of your lines. You're perfect for this part." He sighed, long and low.

"I love you Bella," he whispered, pressing his lips to mine.

"I love you too," I replied.

"Edward Cullen?" a professional voice called from the next room. Edward tensed in my arms.

"Right here," he answered, instantly untangling himself from me and making his way over. Just before he walked in he turned around and I mouthed a quick 'good luck.' He grinned back, my favorite lopsided grin, the one reserved specifically for me.

As soon as he was out of sight, I sank back into the uncomfortable plastic chair, curling my knees up on the chair and resting my head in my hands. Honestly, these auditions are as stressful for me as they are for Edward.

Edward was trying out for a big romantic comedy, one that's supposed to come out this summer. It was your typical chick flick. Basically, guy (hopefully Edward) falls in love with popular girl. He enlists help of unpopular best friend to win popular girl's heart, but ends up falling in love with unpopular best friend instead. And the two of them kiss in the middle of the beach at sunset, with the waves crashing behind them. The end.

Edward and I had been rehearsing lines since he got the script two weeks ago. He had auditioned initially, one of hundreds, maybe thousands of guys trying out. But miraculously, he got a callback, only one of fifty. And from there they were going to pick their perfect man.

The classic popular girl is going to be played by Tanya Denali. Incredibly gorgeous, incredibly famous and incredibly crazy. She is always in the tabloids for some new scandal. But for some reason, people worship her like she's God. I honestly don't see it. Sure, she's pretty, strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, perfect body. But she's so fake. Fake nose, fake chin, fake boobs. And apparently, she's a total bitch to work with.

The unpopular girl is going to be played by someone named Rosalie Hale. Apparently, she's new to the industry, like Edward. But she's beautiful, with natural good looks, unlike Tanya's fakeness. She had natural corn silk hair and no plastic surgery induced body parts. And, she could be a bitch, but I doubted it. She seems really nice and polite, from what the news makes of her anyways.

My cell phone rang loudly, breaking me out of my thoughts. I grabbed it and checked the caller ID. It was my best friend, Edward's twin sister, Alice.

"Hello?" I answered softly.

"How's it going Bella?" she asked tensely.

"I don't know. He's still in there. Hopefully that's a good thing," I whispered. I heard Alice sigh on the other end,

"I hope he gets the part. I don't think he can handle another rejection like last time." Both of us fell silent, remembering the last time Edward had gotten rejected.

There were ten actors auditioning for the lead part in a thriller. Edward was so close to being picked. They told him there was a ninety percent chance of him being picked. But then some big shot celebrity waltzed in and decided to take the roll. Of course, the producers, wanting publicity, gave him the part instantly.

Edward hid out in his room for a full twenty-four hours, scaring me half to death. He came out; sure he had no talent, wanting to give up acting for good. Alice and I had managed to talk him into another audition. And here we were, a few weeks later, praying that Edward didn't get let down again.

"I hope so too Alice," I said eventually. "I don't want to see him hurt again. He's an amazing actor."

"I know. Trust me, he always managed to convince Carlisle and Esme that Emmett or I colored on the walls, or broke their favorite vase," she said, snorting. Emmett is Edward's older brother by a year.

"But it was always you and Emmett, wasn't it?" I pointed out.

"Well…yeah. But he didn't need to be such a tattletale!" she cried. I giggled. I saw the doorknob jiggle.

"Gotta go. He's coming back. Bye Alice!" I sang, hanging up quickly. I saw Edward coming out, shaking hands with someone and smiling. Good signs. But he could just be being polite. I stood up anxiously, but keeping my distance. I was trained enough to know not to interrupt. The man and Edward said their goodbyes and he made his way over to me, his face instantly switching into my grin, the uneven one I loved so much. He said he reserves it for me. Whenever I say something that surprises him or whenever he sees me, he smiles that smile. But he never gives it to anyone else. It's all mine.

"Bella!" he cried, running up to me and wrapping his arms around my waist, spinning me around theatrically. I giggled. This was an extremely good sign.

"They loved you!" I guessed.

"Yeah! They said I'm just what they're looking for!" He was positively beaming, his words dripping with sincere enthusiasm. I could feel his happiness rubbing off on me and my goofy grin wouldn't leave my face.

"That's amazing Edward!" I said passionately. He laughed back, kissing me fiercely. I kissed him back with just as much urgency.

"I'm not guaranteed the part yet," he said, his tone going abruptly serious. "They said they're almost positive they're going to pick me, that I'm the best they've seen so far, but one other guy still has to audition. I gave him my cell number and he's going to call me."

"That's still good Edward," I said, trying to remain optimistic. Edward had talent. Not to mention his movie star good looks. With his untidy bronze hair, perfectly sculpted body and emerald eyes, he was drop dead gorgeous. And he was somehow mine.


"Hey Bella," Edward said. I had had a crush on Edward for years. I mean, since we were about eight. But I had always been best friends with Alice, while he hung out with Emmett and his friends. Whenever I slept at Alice's house, I would see him in his shorts, his chest bare and my heart would catch in my throat. I was head over heels for a guy that didn't know I exist.

"Yes?" I asked, trying (and failing) to sound calm. I was elated that he was talking to me. It was two years ago when we were sixteen, and Edward and I hardly ever talked, aside from a few casualties when Alice was in her room or something, or when he answered the phone. And now we were both in the kitchen. I was in my sweats, having just woken up from a sleepover. Alice was taking a shower and I came to get breakfast by myself, finding Edward sitting at the kitchen table.

"I know we don't talk so much." He sounded guilty and sad by the fact. "And I'm sorry about that but…I've always been so nervous to talk to you. You're so beautiful, but you were always Alice's friend, not mine. And I really like you." He seemed to let out a huge breath of air. I honestly did not know what to say. I was shocked to say the least. Here I was, thinking my life long crush didn't know I existed. But the whole time, he's been too nervous to talk to me.

"I mean, I understand that you don't really know me, aside from whatever Alice has told you. And half of it probably isn't true," he was babbling slightly in my speechlessness. "But I've always liked you Bella, since Alice first brought you over. I've just been too scared to talk to you. And I really am sorry about that." I still couldn't figure out how to move my lips, to tell him I felt the same way.

"Um…I get it," he said finally, dejectedly. "We can just…stay friends." And he turned to walk away, shoulders slumped sadly, cheeks red. And then I finally found my mouth.

"Edward!" I called. He whirled around and I almost jumped him. I pressed my lips to his with a passion I couldn't even understand. Here was the boy I had admired from afar for so long. And he wanted me.

He seemed shocked by my movement at first and he stiffened. But after a moment, he began kissing me back, his fingers tangling themselves in my hair. He backed me up against the counter and I slid onto it so we were level. Edward is a few inches taller then me and it's just easier this way. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer, opening my mouth to allow the kiss to deepen.

"HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON WITHOUT ME KNOWING!?" came Alice's shriek from the door. Edward and I quickly broke apart, our cheeks flushed and our lips red from kissing. Alice was standing in the doorway in jeans and a cute tank top, her hands on her petite hips, her hair still wet from the shower. She gave us both a stern look.

"Um…all of five minutes," I answered truthfully.

"So wait. I come in to find you two passionately making out on our kitchen counter. And you're telling me you've only been…together for five minutes?" Alice said disbelievingly. "I mean I could always see Bella had that puppy dog crush on Edward and that Edward would watch Bella whenever she came over but I thought one of you would have told me before you decided to dry hump each other in the middle of our home!"

"Alice!" Edward and I exclaimed at the same time. She just rolled her eyes.

"I am going to blow dry my hair. When I come back downstairs I do not want to see my brother and my best friend making out." Her eyes sparkled mischievously. "What you do until I come back is completely up to you. Have fun!" And with that, she skipped upstairs, leaving Edward and I dazed. I turned to him after a few minutes.

"It's true you know," I sighed.

"What is?"

"That I've always had a crush on you. Since we were kids. I always thought you didn't notice me," I admitted. Edward looked disbelieving.

"Bella I've been wanting to talk to you for years. And I mean really talk, not just about school or Alice. But I always thought you didn't notice me," he admitted, laughing. It was the first time he showed me my special crooked smile. I joined in his giggles, and both of us laughed until Alice came back in the room, staring at us with a confused, but pleased face.

End flashback

"I guess there's nothing left to do but wait for the call," Edward sighed. We drove back to his house, listening to classical music. Some was Edward's compositions, others were from other famous composers. Edward always listened to classical before and after auditions. Always. He said it soothed him.

Once we got back to his house, he pulled me inside, straight up to his bedroom. I waved to Alice on my way, who was sitting on the stairs, watching us anxiously. I winked to let her know they liked him. She beamed.

We walked into Edward's room and he instantly turned on his radio, playing more classical music. He sank onto the bed, breathing deeply and closing his eyes. He opened his arms, inviting me to join him. I gratefully slid into his arms, both of us cuddling on his bed.

We didn't talk. We just held each other, listening to the music and waiting for his call. It was moments like this that I loved the most. No words were spoken, but love radiated off of us. Everything was okay in that moment, no auditions or homework to worry us. Just me and him, us against the world, forever.

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