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Ziva woke up and looked at her alarm.


Dragging herself out of bed, she got dressed into her running gear and headed outside. It was cold, but after ten minutes she had gotten her pacing right.

This was her new route – she had adopted it recently just for a change.

By the time she got back to her apartment two hours later, she was running a few minutes late. After a quick shower she dressed and headed out to her car.

She had just gotten to the front door when she remembered a file that she had brought home to review. "Crap. I'm going to be later than DiNozzo," she cursed. Running back to her lounge room, she grabbed it and headed out again.

She was about ten metres from her car when she heard something.

Tick tick tick tick tick.

Dropping everything, she dived behind a brick column.

Her car exploded.

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