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Define 'Human'

Prologue: Of Angels and Demons

Two blades collided with a loud clang, again and again. The force with which they struck would easily break bone. Their edges were so sharp they could literally cut through solid steel. The speed they moved in was practically invisible to the average human eye. They curved gracefully into deadly arcs, seemingly cutting the wind around them.

One of the blades was a kodachi, a sword of Japanese origin. It was shorter than a katana, but every bit as deadly. It sacrificed sturdiness and power for speed and momentum. It was a very suitable weapon for a shinobi.

The other blade was a chokuto, another Japanese sword. The chokuto was designed to be held reverse, the dull side of the blade pressing lightly against the wielder's forearm. It acted more like an extendable bladed armguard than a sword. It was very mobile and the preferred weapon for shinobi as well.

What was more remarkable, were the two beings wielding the blades. They stood atop a large waterfall that was flanked by two enormous stone statues. The waterfall fell into a deep canyon and ran down a river that led into an impossibly large valley. The Valley of the End; fitting. Many battles that altered the course of this world were fought in and around this valley. It seemed another was about to take place.

One of the beings, the one with the kodachi, growled as he blurred forward, seemingly intent on slicing the other in half. The other figure stood his ground, unsurprised by the kodachi-wielder's speed. He quickly raised his right and blocked the kodachi with his chokuto. The chokuto-wielder hissed in the other being's face.

Dark flame-like marks spread from the chokuto-wielder's neck. It spread up his neck and all over his body. The marked lightened to a grayish hue as they spread and covered the man's body. The back of the man's shirt ripped open as grotesque hand-like wings erupted from his shoulder blades. Twin ivory horns grew from above his temples and curved upwards. To finish the picture, a thin, snake-like tail burst out the back of his pants. A sharp, curved blade extended from the end of his tail, giving it a similar appearance of a scorpion's tail. A sickly purple aura surrounded him.

The kodachi-wielder growled at his opponent's transformation. A mix of silver, blue, and red energy suddenly flowed out of his pores. The red energy gathered especially behind the man's waist and on top of his head. The silver energy did the same for the kodachi-wielder's shoulder blades and in an area above his head. Then the energies solidified. The red energy turned into a white-tipped red tail and a pair of crimson fox ears. The silver turned into a pair of pure white feathery wings and a shining gold halo.

"Dobe…" The chokuto-wielding man whispered. His eyes flared blood red, three comma-shaped marks rotating around his pupil.

"Teme…" The kodachi-wielder whispered back. His own cerulean eyes began to glow as his pupil became slitted.

A head bearing silver gravity-defying hair leapt through the trees along with a small dog. He grunted as he rushed towards the Valley of the End as fast as he could. The man needed to stop them… before they ended up killing each other.

'Why is it that the ones I create bonds with always end up in trouble?' The man thought solemnly. 'They've all died… My teammates, my sensei… I will not let my students die as well!'

He renewed his resolve to stop them and sped on through the trees.

The small canine tried his best to keep up with his master. He sniffed the air. "We're close."

"Good." The man replied. He raised the hitai-ate that covered his left eye, revealing a powerful Mangekyou Sharingan. "Hold on, Naruto; hold on, Sasuke. I'm coming."

The being with feathered wings and a fox tail blocked a slash by his opponent and countered with a thrust to his opponent's heart. The chokuto-wielder swiftly brought his hand like wing in front of him. The kodachi thrust deep into the flesh of the wing. It wouldn't budge no matter how much the young man pulled.

"Kukukuku." The horned man chuckled from behind his crude, but effective defense. "Big mistake Naruto."

Naruto shouted out as the wing slammed into him, sending him flying upwards. The blonde-haired man quickly spread his own wings and hung in the air, glaring at his adversary. The man chuckled yet again as he looked at the tip of the kodachi penetrating through to the inside of his wing. He grabbed the blade, ignoring the fact that the edge cut his hand, and pulled it, hilt and all, through his wing. The hole in the wing and the cuts in his palm quickly sealed. He smirked as he bit the blade of the kodachi. The sword suddenly cracked and broke in half from the force of the horned man's bite. The chokuto-wielder spit out the bits of steel in his mouth and threw the remains of the kodachi into the river.

The blonde growled as he watched his beloved weapon go over the waterfall. "Sasuke, you bastard!"

Sasuke's smirk grew wider. He sheathed his chokuto and gripped the wrist of his left hand. Dark-colored lightning expanded from the Uchiha's palm. Curious flapping and chirping noises emanated from the lightning. Naruto scowled. He held out his own hand and his silver, red, and blue energies swirled into it. They mixed as they began to mold a softball-sized orb in the blonde's hand. The end result was a ball of pure white energy.

"Hakatebetsu Chidori…" Sasuke rasped. He had poured in almost all of his remaining energy into this attack. The cursed man flapped his disfigured hand-wings and rose to Naruto's level.

"Hateshiganai Rasengan…" Naruto said, desperately trying to stay conscious. The enormous amount of strain on his body caused by maintaining the white orb was ungodly.

They flapped their wings for one final time, shooting towards each other. The silver-haired man, Kakashi, had reached them as the two attacks collided. However the resulting shockwave of energy blew him back into the forest.

'No, I'm too late…' He thought before blacking out. His canine companion poofed away, returning to the summoning plane. The energy manifested itself into a large sphere that spanned for miles. Then it imploded upon itself and there was nothing but black…

Twelve-year old Naruto awoke with a gasp. He sighed in relief. "It was just a dream."

Suddenly Shikamaru, Kiba, and Chouji barged into his apartment, each having a frantic look adorned on their faces. Naruto raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Naruto! Sasuke has defected from the village!" Shikamaru exclaimed. The blonde Jinchuuriki's eyes widened.

"Nani!? Let's go!" The blonde said as he quickly changed into his orange jumpsuit.

It was afternoon, nearing sunset. Sakura and several others, civilian and shinobi alike, stood at the village gates, awaiting the return of the last member of the Sasuke Retrieval Team.

Shikamaru, Kiba, Neji, Lee and Chouji were all brought back safely by the Sand Siblings. They were now at the hospital, treating their wounds. The other members of the Konoha 11 were at the gates, waiting for Naruto and Kakashi.

A figure appeared in the distance. The pink-haired girl could barely make out silver hair.

Sakura grinned widely as she rushed forward to meet her sensei and Naruto, who had hopefully brought Sasuke back with them. The crowd at the gates followed her lead and ran towards them as well. As soon as she got close to them, she stopped grinning. Kakashi was walking slowly, his head looking down at the body he was carrying bridal style in his arms.

She gasped. Naruto was in her sensei's arms, a deep bloody hole in his chest. The crowd stopped in their tracks as soon as they all saw the two shinobi. Kakashi had stopped moving as well. He looked up at them, tears falling from his only visible eye. A pregnant silence hung for a full five minutes. Then it was broken by Sakura's terrified scream.

The pink-haired girl fell to her knees, her eyes wide with shock and her tear glands pumping out liquid. A big-chested woman pushed her way to the front of the group.

"K-Kakashi… Mission report." Tsunade slowly said. She desperately held back her tears. As much as the Godaime wanted to cry, she could not break down in front of her village. The Slug Sannin knew that she had to be a role model; she had to show that Konoha was strong, physically and emotionally. But this was especially hard, for this young boy was like her surrogate brother.

The silver-haired man slowly nodded. "Hai, Hokage-sama. I found Naruto and Sasuke at the Valley of the End. S-Sasuke… Sasuke had used Chidori to pierce straight through Naruto's heart. N-Naruto was dead and Sasuke had escaped by the time I got down the cliff walls. I-I'm sorry I didn't go after Sasuke, Hokage-sama. I felt that bringing Naruto home was more important."

"I-it's alright Kakashi." Tsunade replied, taking the blonde from Kakashi's arms. She allowed a few tears to fall onto his face. "Naruto…"

"Haha! The demon is dead!" A random villager cheered.

Sakura stood up suddenly, her hair shadowing her eyes. She appeared in front of the villager and slammed the sole of her sandal into the man's crotch. A sickening crunch was heard as he cried out with searing pain. It was quite obvious to anyone that his pelvis was broken as well as his reproductive organs. He fell to the ground, twitching.

She raised her head. The villagers were shocked at the massive amount killer intent she was radiating. They were also frightened by her eyes. Her eyes held fury, bloodlust, sadness and most of all, confusion.

"How could you!? He tried to bring back Sasuke-kun for us, and this is how you repay him!? Cheer when he's dead!?" She cried. Tears continued to flow from her green orbs. "What is wrong with you!?"

No one in the group dared to answer.

"Huh!?" Sakura shouted, her eyes glowing with anger. Again, she heard no response. The pink-haired girl sobbed as she ran back towards the village. The crowd parted for her, mostly because of fear, not sympathy.

"Naruto was a good comrade, a good teammate… a good friend." Sakura said as she read her notes in front of a small group of people in the cemetery. "Sure he was goofy and acted like an idiot at times, but he had his good traits. He was gentle, caring, and would do anything to make his friends happy. If you can hear me out there Naruto, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for berating you and rejecting you so much. In truth, it was your unrelenting love for me that kept me going in the terrible world of shinobi, not my love for Sasuke. It was your constant encouragements that helped me live and grow. So with my sorry, I will also say… Thank you, Naruto."

The small group clapped. Tsunade walked up to the podium where Sakura gave her speech. The pink-haired girl wiped her eyes with a handkerchief as she sat back down in the row of seats.

The Hokage looked out at the group, cursing at the number of people who showed up. There was the Konoha 11, their senseis, Jiraiya, Iruka, interestingly Anko, Konohamaru and his friends, Teuchi and his daughter, Ayame, and a few other villagers who acknowledged the young blonde. There were only thirty people at most.

"And now we commend our beloved friend to a new and peaceful life on another plane." Tsunade said. She clasped her hands together and prayed to Kami that Naruto would finally find the peace and pleasure he deserved. The others prayed along with her, each wishing Naruto a good afterlife.

A pair of cerulean eyes opened to see white. White ceiling, white floor, white walls, white furniture, and white bed.

"Where am I?" The blonde groaned. 'I must be at the hospital. That's the only place that seems to like making everything painfully white…'

The white door opened and a young woman about a year older than Naruto walked in. She wore a purple kimono that had sakura petal designs on them and old-style wooden sandals.

"Oh, you're awake?" The girl asked, surprised. Her voice was light and airy. It made Naruto's heart practically bubble up with joy. She also seemed to have an ethereal echo as she spoke, but the blonde didn't seem to notice. Naruto was too busy gawking at her beauty.

The girl had long flowing lavender-colored hair that stopped at the curve of her back. A pair of star-shaped hairclips held her hair behind her ears. She also had a darker shade of lavender as the color of her eyes. Her nose was perfect; her eyelashes were perfect; her lips were perfect… Everything about her face was perfect in Naruto's eyes.

The blonde chanced looking at her body, and he wasn't disappointed. Her body was slim, but had curves in all the right places. Naruto also noticed through her kimono that she was well-built, meaning she could probably fight. And fight well. He couldn't help but admire her shapely hips and her perfect C-cup bre-

Naruto blushed and shook his head to rid of the thoughts. 'N-no, bad Naruto, bad Naruto! Baka Ero-sennin! He's rubbing off on me with his perverted ways!'

"Are you ok?" The girl asked him with a worrying look.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine, dattebayo!" Naruto said sheepishly, sitting up. The girl smiled, making Naruto blush even more.

"That's good. I'm Sendatsu Hibana by the way." Hibana introduced herself.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto, the next Hokage!" Naruto said with a small grin. Then he looked at her in slight confusion. "Ne, Hibana-chan, where am I?"

Hibana's cheeks tinged pink at his sudden affection suffix to her name. "You're in my house on Shinkai."

Naruto's grin slowly faded and was replaced by a look of sheer horror. "EEEEEHHHH!!"

The blonde sat in the corner of the room, rocking back and forth in a fetal position.

"I'm dead… I'm dead… I'm dead…" He mumbled over and over again. Hibana looked down at him. She could feel a bead of sweat going down the back of her head.

"Come on Naruto." Hibana said, trying to calm him down. "We need to go see my father for dinner."

"I'm dead… I'm dead…" Naruto kept chanting.

Hibana sighed. Then she put her hand on her chin and took up a thinking pose. 'Hm… I recall father telling me to mention ramen if he freaks out…'

She turned to the orange and yellow ball in the corner with a slight smirk. "Well I guess if you don't want dinner, that's too bad. We were having ramen too…"

Naruto's head slowly and creepily turned to look at her. Hibana swore she had heard the sound of a door creaking. The blonde had stars in his blue orbs. They stared at her with such intensity, the lavender-haired girl couldn't help but blush. Naruto grinned widely.

"RAMEN!!" He shouted.

The blonde grabbed her hand, ignoring her further deepening blush, and ran out of the room and down the hallway. Unfortunately, the ramen-lover overlooked one important part at the end of the hallway… Stairs.

A woman that looked like an older version of Hibana sat at the white table with her husband. She looked around the white kitchen of their pure white house. "Where's Hi-chan?"

Her husband, a big, rugged-looking man with piercing green eyes shrugged. "I think she went to check on the kid."

Hibana's mother nodded in understanding. Then they jumped when they heard a really loud shout of 'RAMEN!' came from upstairs.

"What's going on up there?" The man asked. Suddenly two figures tumbled down the stairs, one screaming and the other shouting of 'ramen'. They stopped when they reached the bottom. The two parents quickly rushed over to them.

Upon seeing their position, Hibana's father snickered then erupted into full blown laughter. His wife giggled as well. Naruto was on his back, clutching Hibana's head tightly to his chest. Hibana was in turn hugging him just as tight. They looked up at the large man and blushed.

Naruto gave a contented burp as he finished his fiftieth bowl of ramen. "Sumimasen."

The other three at the table stared in a combination of disgust and fascination. How in the hell had he eaten fifty bowls of ramen in only fifteen minutes? Hibana's father shook his head to rid himself of the shock.

"Naruto." The man addressed the blonde. Naruto looked at him and listened. "I think I should begin explaining to why you're here."

At the blonde's nod, he began.

"Let me start with my identity. I am Kami, the King of Shinkai." Kami said. Suddenly his dark, slightly graying hair turned a bright silver and his eyes glowed until his irises and pupils weren't visible. "I have watched you Naruto. Ever since you were born, I had destined you for greatness. But then you had changed your destiny with one simple act. Do you know what that act is?"

Naruto nodded solemnly. "I-instead of going for Sasuke's chest during our fight in the Valley of the End, I went to scratch his hitai-ate."

"Correct." Kami said. "Because of that tiny decision, your 'best friend' was able to stab you through your heart."

"But if I did go for Sasuke's chest… I might've hurt him badly." The blonde replied, suddenly finding his feet very interesting. "I will never hurt any of my friends badly, even if I die."

Kami sighed. "Regardless, you have died and will now live up here in Shinkai. Your good heart has earned you a place by my side."

"That's good and all but…" Naruto said, his voice breaking down. A few tears fell onto his feet and the floor. "I've failed to live up to my nindo. I promised to bring Sasuke back. I promised to become Hokage, but… Now I can't live up to those promises. I'm sorry, but I don't deserve to live here in Shinkai. I would rather go to the Yoma instead. Even Makai is better than this…"

Hibana had enough. She stood up, walked over to the blonde, and slapped him. Naruto looked up at her, hand on his stinging cheek. He was shocked to see her crying as well.

"Baka!" She shouted. The girl embraced him, increasing his confusion. "Why do you refuse such an offer?"

"Because…" Naruto shut his eyes as the tears began to sting. "Because I cannot enjoy myself when knowing my friends back there are suffering! I can't die with such pleasantries knowing that I cause them emotional pain!"

Kami sighed. "Well I guess there's no other choice."

"You're sending him to Yoma?" Hibana asked her father. She held Naruto tighter, as if not wanting to let go of him.

"No." He said with an expressionless face.

At that point, she snapped. "You're sending him to Makai! Father, you of all people should know that he never did and never will deserve the torture they will give Naruto if you send him there!"

The King of Shinkai grinned as if he had just played the greatest prank of all time. "I never said that…"

His wife looked at his with a quizzical look. "Then what do you mean?"

Naruto looked at Kami, waiting for an explanation. The man's hair and eyes turned back to their normal colors as he continued grinning.

"I'll just have to resurrect Naruto." Kami said, reaching over to ruffle the blonde's hair. "And not only that, I'll bestow upon you the power of Shinkai's inhabitants to help you complete you promises."

"What do you mean, Kami-sama?" Naruto asked.

Hibana looked at him with a smile. "He means he's making you an half-angel."

"A-are you serious?" Naruto asked her. At her nod, he cheered. "YATTA!"

Suddenly the doorbell rung.

"Who would interrupt a touching moment like this?" Kami asked before walking over to the door. As soon as he opened it, he grinned widely. "Aniki!"

Another man who looked almost exactly like Kami, except dressed in red instead of white, walked into the house. He looked around and his eyes eventually landed on Naruto and the girl still embracing him. Hibana released the blonde before running over and hugging the man.

"Uncle Akuma!" She giggled. The man smiled down at her.

"Wow, Hibana-chan, you've grown! Soon you'll have angel boys flocking all around you!" The man, now known as Akuma, the Lord of Makai, said.

"So what are you doing here, Akuma-kun?" Hibana's mother asked her brother-in-law.

"Well, Hoshi-chan, I'm here because of Naruto." Akuma explained.

The blonde blanched. 'What does the Lord of Makai want with me!?'

The Lord of Makai continued. "Or should I say, Naruto's tenant."

"Of course!" Kami laughed. "That damned Kyuubi was always causing trouble."

Akuma walked over to Naruto and thrust his hand into the blonde's stomach. The young man was freaked out by that act. The man in red pulled out a little orange fox by its tail. The fox began to whimper.

"Bad Kyuubi. I told you not to rampage all over the human world." Akuma scolded the fox. Kyuubi whimpered quite cutely. Naruto sweat-dropped.

'That is Kyuubi? That's the almighty Kyuubi no Kitsune, most powerful of the Bijuu?'

Akuma smiled at Naruto. "Thank you for keeping my pet at bay. I would've rather sent my demonic army to look for him, but that would've just caused more trouble."

The blonde's eyebrow twitched. 'Kyuubi was his pet!?'

"As a reward, you'll get to keep about four tails worth of Kyuubi's chakra." He finished. "So you're basically a half-demon now."

Kami pouted. "Akuma-niisan! I was going to make him a half-angel!"

"Oh I'm sorry, Kami-otouto." The older of the brothers said sheepishly. "Maybe we could try something new here."

Kami thought about it for a bit, and then grinned chilishly. Naruto could find it hard to believe this was the most powerful being in the universe.

"Oh I get it!" He shouted out, slamming his fist in to his palm.

"What do you mean?" Hoshi asked them.

"Simple really. We're going to make Naruto a third-angel, third-demon, and third-human." Akuma explained. Kami nodded with his big grin.

Naruto sat there, slack-jawed for the rest of the day.


Dobe – Deadlast

Teme – Bastard

Mangekyou Sharingan – Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye

Hakatebetsu Chidori – One Thousand Flapping Birds

Hateshiganai Rasengan – Everlasting Spiraling Sphere

Ero-sennin – Perverted Hermit

Sendatsu Hibana – Guiding Spark

Sumimasen – Excuse me

Shinkai – Heaven

Yoma – Underworld

Makai – Hell

Kami – God

Akuma – Satan

Hoshi – Star

Aniki – Older Brother

-Niisan – suffix for Older Brother

-Otouto – suffix for Little Brother

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