disclaimer: i do not own DNangel ( but if I did, it wouldn't have ended on the way it did.)


The doorbell rang and Daisuke immediately ran to open the door. When he opened it, he saw Satoshi standing in front of it. "Hiwatari-kun?" The bleu-haired smiled softly and looked into the ruby-eyes of Daisuke. "Niwa. I…" Suddenly Satoshi fell and passed out, and Daisuke just in time caught him.

"Mom?" Emiko came out of the kitchen and stared at Satoshi, who was hanging in her son's arms. "Mom. He passed out, can u help me to drag him to my room, so I can lay him on the couch?" She slowly nodded.

When they had laid Satoshi on the couch, Emiko went back downstairs. Daisuke sighted and looked at Satoshi. 'If only he would know how much I love him.' He thought to himself.

+ Daisuke? Ur scaring me…+

+Shut up Dark+

The red-head looked down, and then took of Satoshi's glasses, before placing a kiss on his forehead. "If only you'd know." He whispered silently.

After about 10 minutes Satoshi slowly opened his eyes. "where…?" Then he noticed Daisuke sitting at his Desk. "Niwa-kun?" Daisuke turned around. "Hiwatari-kun. Are u alright?" The bleunette slowly nodded, while Daisuke slowly walked to him.

Suddenly Daisuke found himself being pushed against the wall, with Satoshi kissing him.

+Daisuke.. ieeuuww… Creepy boy is kissing u! +

+yeah I know.+

Then suddenly Emiko walked into the room. She gasped, ran over to the two boys, and pulled Satoshi away from her son, who was actually quite enjoying it. "LEAVE! NOW!" she yelled at Satoshi, ad she pointed to the stairs. Satoshi looked down and headed the way she pointed to as suddenly someone grabbed his arm, and pulled him back. It was Daisuke.

"no…" the red-head said calmly. Satoshi gazed at him. "yes Daisuke. I want him to leave. He was goddamn kissing you. " "so…" "SO!?" She took Satoshi's wrist and pulled him to the stairs. "Daisuke. He kissed you! What if Krad comes out! He is probably just waiting for an opportunity to kill u." Daisuke gazed at her. "NOW LEAVE." She yelled and her face was red from anger. "but mom.." She turned to her son again. "No buts Daisuke. " "but…" she stared at him, and then pulled Satoshi further down the stairs. "BUT I LOVE HIM." Daisuke suddenly yelled, making his mother and Satoshi stare at him. "I don't care that u think he'll kill me, Satoshi would never kill me. We are friends." Daisuke's head turned redder than his hair. The bleunette slowly smiled and Emiko just kept staring. "Daisuke get it out of your mind ." she suddenly said. "He is a Hikari, you are a Niwa. You are supposed to be enemy's ." "And what if we don't want to be enemy's, The only enemy's here are Krad and Dark, and I don't see them now." Emiko's face turned redder. "It's fate, plus not to forget the fact that u two are boys. Boys don't love each other!" Now Daisuke just stared at his mother. "well apparently they do!" Daisuke yelled at his mother. "From under my eyes!" She yelled and then she dragged Satoshi outside, before throwing the door almost against his nose.

"Daisuke. You are grounded!" she yelled at him. "WHAAAT! WHYYY?!" "Then u can think of what u just said to me, and about what I told u. Never thrust your enemy Daisuke. The only thing he probably wants is to capture Dark."

Daisuke sighted, and again it was all about Dark. He walked onto his balcony and stared into the ocean.

+Hey Daisuke.


+What are u going to do?+

+I don't know, do you have any suggestions?+

+uhhmm…..no….well actually… yes. Why don't u forget about creepy boy, and search a GIRL.+

+Shut up Dark+

Daisuke walked back inside and laid himself on the couch. Staring at the ceeling

"hhaaahhh! Why the hell did I need to say that I front of mom! Stupid stupid stupid. Of course she would be angry, she hated him." He heard Dark snicker, and sighted

+and of course u are enjoying it, aren't u?+


Then suddenly Dark started to sing

+ Daisuke en satoshi,(daisuke and satoshi)
Zitten in een tent (are sitting in a tent)
Waar de een de ander verwent (Where one another pampers )
Een kusje hier een zuigzoen daar (one kiss here, an hickey there )
Na een tijdje komen ze samen klaar. (After a while they come together) +

Daisuke stared into the mirror.

+and will u now please translate what u sang?+


+ whaaatt… you're mean+

Dark snickered

+I know. But I can sing another one witch looks like it.+

Daisuke again just stared into the mirror, and Dark snickered.

+Daisuke and Satoshi,
are sitting in a tree

Now Daisuke's head was bright red.

A few hours later when everyone was sleeping, Daisuke started the plan he had worked out together with Dark.

+ Are u ready?+ Daisuke asked Dark

+yes!+ Dark smirked, and sent a picture of Satoshi, naked, with only his hands covering himself. Daisuke immediately changed.

+Dark? Can I ask u how u always get those pictures?+

+ imagination Daisuke, imagination…+

"wiz." The little white rabbit changed into black wings, and landed on Darks back. On the whole trip, Dark was making bad jokes, really bad jokes, and when they finally landed at Satoshi house, Daisuke got nervous. "now lets see or there is an open window." Dark said snickering. +

wha… That wasn't planned!+

Dark snickered again. "I know… but I had my own secret plan." Then he noticed an open window, and flew to it. When he landed inside the room, he noticed it was Satoshi's bedroom.

+Uhhmmm…Daisuke… ur turn+


Satoshi heard something land in his room, and moved his hand to put on the light. When his room was lit, he saw Daisuke standing at his window, with black wings on his back. "Niwa-kun? What are u doing here." "I'm here to say you something, and you can call me Daisuke, Satoshi." Satoshi's head turned bright red. Now you probably couldn't see anymore that he had been crying.


Daisuke walked closer to Satoshi, and crawled onto the bed next to him, then he bent forwards, and pushed his lips against the bleunettes. Satoshi smiled in the kiss. "Daisuke I love u too." He said and he sat up, still kissing the other, and now pushed the red-head on his back.