Satoshi opened his front door, immediately closing it after Daisuke entered. He softly pushed the red-hear against and the door.

#Damn… this had been a pretty embarrassing evening#

Krad snickered, but further did nothing. Satoshi found it weird, but didn't ask anything about it.

His lips locked with Daisuke's, as he pulled the red-head to the bedroom. He softly pushed him down onto the bed, again locking their lips together.

It only took them a few minutes to be fully unclothed. Satoshi nibbled in Daisuke's neck, making the clumsy boy moan. He smirked, and lowered his head until he reached Daisuke's erection. He took it in his mouth, and then the clock made a bing bong sound. He looked at the clock.

# I thought I deactivated that…#

Suddenly Satoshi noticed that he was pushed back in his mind.

#KRAD! WTH! What are u doing to Daisuke!?#

#to Daisuke nothing.# cat-like eyes locked with purple ones # to Dark, a lot#

Satoshi sweatdropped. #why couldn't u wait until I and Daisuke were ready?#

#well we already planned to come out at 8pm, so we needed to come out, else it maybe would cause some weird situations… like me and Daisuke or U and -#

#okay okay! I get it!#

Satoshi got back into his mind, blocking himself away.

Meanwhile Daisuke had the same conversation.

+ OMG Dark! U are mean !!+

Dark snickered.

+If I were the innocent, okay, not so innocent you, I'd block myself away, because it's going to get rough.+

Daisuke's eyes widened.

+Ew Dark, to many Details+

He blocked himself away.


Krad looked up, and Dark nodded, to give the sign that they were alone. By this the blond immediately started to suck hard on Darks' erection. Mousy moaned. "now now, my little Uke." Krad said lifting his head to lock lips with Dark. "you are sensitive today." The purple-head blushed. "and u are uke today." He said to the blond, quickly turning them around.

This took Krad by surprise, but he smiled. "okay… why not." Dark stared at Krad, and then smirked before lowering himself, leaving a trail of saliva as he licked his way to Krads member.

He slowly took it in his mouth, sucking on it, and making Krad moan. "nnggg Dark!" The purple head smiled, and blew softly on the others member.

Krad gripped the sheets, so tight his knuckles turned white. "you're –pant- quite better –pant- than I –pant- expected." Krad said painting (A/N: for if you didn't already notice) "ooh… but I can do 

better." Said the darker haired 400 year old teenage boy, as he started to twirl his tongue around the others member, sucking on it hard. He moved his hand up to Krads nipple and started to play with it, mostly squeezing it.

Krad moaned as he came into Dark wet cave, called a mouth, and blushed as Dark swallowed it with ease.

Dark crawled up again, pressing his lips against the blonds. He rubbed his tongue over the other upper lip, asking for entrance, which Krad granted him.

He started to explore Krads mouth, searching every inch of it for a possible weak spot. He slowly moved his fingers up to Krads mouth, and the blond of course immediately understood what to do, and took the fingers into his mouth, sucking on it.

As Dark thought that his fingers were covered with enough saliva, he pulled them out of Krads mouth, who responded with a wince.

He lowered himself down onto the blonds body, placing kisses on his path, until he reached his other halfs member, softly placing a kiss on it, but further ignoring it.

Dark pushed one finger inside, but since Krad didn't react, he pushes his second inside too. Krads eyes widened as Dark began to make the scissor move, stretching him. After a while he got used to the feeling, and moved his hips against Darks fingers.

The purple-haired angel smirked en pushed in a third finger, again stretching the blond even more. Krad groaned. "It hurts." He says under his breath, and Dark just nods, taking the blonds member inside of his mouth to distract him, meanwhile searching for the others bundle of nerves which would bring him in 7th heaven.

And then he hit it, making Krad moan in pleasure. "d-do that a-again." He squeeks. Dark smiled and started to hit his fingers into Krads prostate, making Krad starting to ride his fingers.

He smirked as he pulled out, receiving a whimper from the other. He lifted his mouth from Krads member too, and positioned himself at the blonds entrance.

Krad pushed himself on Darks member completely. Surprising Dark. He sat himself up on Darks lap (and pushed so Darks member into his prostate), starting to ride the purple-head. Dark blinked, and smirked. "You like taking lead, do you, even if you're the Uke." This made Krad blush (A/N: I know…. OOC), and the blond started to ride Dark even more. Both moaning in pleasure. Krad managed to get Dark on his back, and kissed the other fully on the lips.

Dark smiled, and moved his hand to Krads chest, playing with the blonds nipples, then he slowly lowered his hand, and started to play with the 'angels' member. He pumped it as hard as he could, so Krad would come before himself.

The blonde moaned, as he pushed himself even more on Darks member, trying to set the same pace as Dark with his member.

A load moan escaped from his lips when he came into Darks hand, by this his entrance tightend, sending Dark over his edge too.

Dark moved his hand up to his mouth and started to lick the semen away. Krad smiled, and letted himself softly fall onto Dark, placing a soft kiss in his neck.

"I love you so much Dark." He said, not wanting to pull Dark out of him.

"yeah love you too. We'll be forever together right?" The blond nodded, and cuddled onto Dark before falling asleep.

Dark smirked as he noticed he was still in Krad, so he softly turned them around before pulling out, and going to sleep by himself, smirking as his seemen flooded out of the others tight ass.


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