Title: Trascriptions from a Disgruntled Employee
Author: chocolatemooses
Chapter: Transcription One

AN: Okay, so this came from watching the X-files episode Bad Blood, if you are an X-Phile you know what I am talking about. If not, basically I thought that Tony and Pepper probably both have a different view of how things go in their life. And I was really stuck with my other story. The style is sort of strange, but whatever. Please review and Enjoy.


--Transcripts from June 15, 2009--
--Interview with Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, conducted by Richard L. Head--
--Transcribed by Lacey Miller, extraordinaire--

--It is midnight and I am still at the office while my boss is at home sleeping like the little baby he is. I have been on my feet for ten hours straight and I haven't eaten anything since eleven this morning. And after I am done here I get to go home to my dilapidated apartment where the sixteen-year-old kid in the apartment above will be playing that 50 Cent crap until three A.M., and I can't move to a different complex because my lovely boss is too cheap to give me a well deserved bonus. Yeah, I'm disgruntled. Anyway, moving on.--

bomp bomp bomp


Head: Is thing on? Incoherent muttering from out of mic's range

Head: Well how the hell am I supposed to know? That's why you're here.

loud crash


Head and tech guy, his name is Steve, not important: OH –BEEP-! --You get the idea, and I don't want to write the word in case my nephew finds these later. Remember last year when he found the Oprah interview. It was weeks before he stopped saying -beeping-mother-bleepers-.--

Tech Guy: What the –beep- was that?

scratching --The microphone broke, Rich had to pay for it. Whined for three hours, cheap bastard. Not important.--

long pause, intermittingly broken by mic static

Head: Okay. Okay, are they here? They're waiting, well give me a second. This is Richard L. Head conducting an exclusive interview with Tony Stark of Iron Man fame and his assistant Pepper Potts.

impatient voices

Head: Well damn just let them in then. Seriously, why does Stark feel the need to hit on my assistant, poor Lacey. --Pepper Potts is a scary scary woman. I am still shaking a little. Great taste in shoes though. Jimmy Cho's, very nice, classy. Not important.--


doors open and close

Head: Mr. Stark. Pepper, thanks for coming.

Stark, a.k.a. the most gorgeous man in the world: No problem Mr. Head.

Head: Please call me Richard.



Stark: Richard, Richard Head?

Head sighs

Head: Please get it out of your system.

the snickers get louder

Stark: You're parents really must've hated you.

Head: Yeah, something like that.

Stark: I once knew a guy named Benjamin Dover. more snickers

Potts: No you didn't.

Stark: laughing loudly You're right, I didn't but you can't honestly expect me to behave when you bring me to these kinds of things.

a pause

Potts: sighs No. No I don't.

Stark: Right, what were we talking about? Ahh, yes. Mr. Richard L. Head.


Head: Yesssss. --It really sounded like that, sssss-- Let's continue. papers shuffle I am really honored that you two would give me an interview, this is the first you've given as an official couple.

Stark: Yeah, we've kept the relationship quiet for Pepper's sake. I didn't want any jealous women attacking her too early in the relationship. From what I understand hate mail can really be a downer, especially when first dating.

Potts: phfft --Or pffght not important--Yeah, sure. No we just didn't want to adverstise our private business to the entire world. You know.

Head: I got you. But from what I understand though, the world is going crazy over you two. You recently released a statement that you are engaged. Tell, me how did you pop the question?

sound of a chair scraping the floor

Stark and Potts, at the same time

Stark: It went off perfectly.

Potts: It was a complete disaster.

Stark and Potts: What?

Potts: What do you mean it went perfectly?

Stark: It did, everything went off without a hitch. My plan was perfect, as usual.

Potts: disbelieving laugh What are you talking about? What do you think happened?

Stark: I know what happened, the question is what do you think happened?

Potts: clears her throat Well, it went like this…


AN: Sorry this is so short, it is just a prologue, you know, set up the scene. If you don't like the style then don't read the story. On the next installment, we hear Pepper's take on Tony poping the question, fun ensues. Please review so I will update faster.