"Splitting Atoms"
Written By:thinlimitation, aka. mellomafia.

Disclaimer: Death Note and all related characters belong to Ohba-san and Obata-san. The plot of this fanfic, however, belongs to me.

Summary:"Splitting the two apart would prove to be as dangerous and explosive as splitting apart an atom... This was ground zero." Matt/Mello.

Genre: Romance/Friendship/Hurt/Comfort/Spiritual/Angst/Fluff

Rating: M

WARNING: This story contains major spoilers pertaining to the end of the series, a friendship/relationship between two boys, and explores themes of religion, death, coming of age, sexuality, and similar things. If this isn't your cup of tea, please don't read. Thank you.


Prologue: Common Misconceptions


Dear Reader:

You may be the type of person who would see Mail Jeevas (more commonly known as Matt, and whom history would remember as only a bullet-ridden corpse with no name at all,) as simply a follower of his friend, the late Mihael Keehl. You might consider Matt--if, indeed, you took the time to consider him at all--as a nameless, faceless lapdog; an obscure and unimportant player in the dissolution of the New World and the downfall of the tyrannical, self-proclaimed "god", Kira. A blip on the radar screen; a tiny hiccup in the timeline, easily eclipsed by his predecessor, the great detective L. Lawliet, as well as his (Matt's) fellow successors, the aforementioned Mihael Keehl (better known by his alias, Mello), and Nate River (who, in the end, was the one to capture Kira under the pseudonym Near).

In the same spirit, you might also be the type of person who would assume that everything that was said in regards to Mello before the capture of Light Yagami is the absolute, unequivocal truth. That he was a black sheep, tortured over the fact that he could never be of the same caliber as his rival, Near, and driven half-insane because of it. A hardened and experienced criminal, who could easily take a human life without a second thought, and, possibly even enjoy it. Someone who simply went after Kira for his own selfish reasons, and who, quite justly, died. A person who, deep in dark recesses of his soul, was just like Beyond Birthday in every way.

I wouldn't be too hard on you if you thought these things. They are, in fact, quite common misconceptions. You're hardly the first person to think as such.

My point in all of this, however, is to prove to you, with facts, figures and perfect logic, that none of those things are the truth.

...Hm. No. Maybe that's not exactly the right way to put it. There were, and still are, reasons that people feel that way. So, perhaps, they are merely half-truths; unexamined and one-dimensional in nature.

Not to worry. I'll be sure to give you the whole story as I've come to understand it. I owe that to them. To let you into their minds and their thought processes and their stratagems. To show you that each of their actions served an ultimate purpose, and that, at least at the very end, their motives were pure. More pure, indeed, than mine happened to be at the time.

I've concluded that this is what he wanted me to do. What, perhaps, in the end, both of them wanted me to do. That their purpose in writing everything down, in giving me the final puzzle pieces, was for me to immortalize them forever, and show the world that they did what I...could not.

But I am fine with doing that. As I said, I am in debt to them. Probably more in debt to them than they know. So I'll do them this one favor. They deserve that.

The story of Matt and Mello is one of tragedy, struggle, pain...but also of loyalty, friendship, and, ultimately, a bond of love so strong that nothing, not even death, could sever it.

This story is best told from start to finish. There is no short cut, no abridged version. To understand their actions, you must first understand them. And it is thus that I start at the very beginning, with L, with Whammy's House, and, I suppose... with me.

I hope, at the very least, you come out of this experience having learned something.




Author's Notes: "What? A Matt/Mello story told from Near's point of view? What the hell?" I know, right? And I honestly can't tell you why it came out that way; it was supposed to be 3rd person omniscient, and then it turned out to be Near on me. I'm as surprised as you are. But the idea for writing this just hasn't let me alone! So I hope you'll pardon the Nearness and enjoy. I can't promise frequent updates, as I'm still working on my second installment of "Scars and Thunderclaps" as well as working ten-hour days and having limited access to the computer. Not to mention I'll be starting college soon... But I promise to update as often as I possibly can! And if you have any ideas for stuff that Mello and Matt did as kids, I'm totally open to them and might even use them in the story. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed, and, please, review!