This is an idea that I came up with while watching an episode of iCarly where Sam and Freddie make a bet; thought I'd turn the tables. Not sure where exactly I'm going with this, just thought this up a few hours back. It's not going to be as long as my other fic. As usual, you're more than welcome to leave reviews. So enjoy!!

Chapter One

"So, what's going on between Freddie and Sam?" asked Spencer, trying to make conversation. He picked up on something between the two a few days ago, and Spencer Shay was not an idiot.

"What?" Carly asked, a little surprised that Spencer had brought up the group's white elephant. It was an unspoken rule that everybody tried to ignore the sparks that constantly flew between Sam and Freddie. No one, especially Freddie and Sam, wanted to acknowledge the insane chemistry between them, as it would probably lead to disaster. It was easier and safer just to sweep this under the rug and forget about it, so to speak.

Spencer rolled his eyes and rummaged around the room, looking for any source of light that would work. "Don't give me that, Carls. You know exactly what the heck I'm talking about."

"You're crazy," Carly pointed out, and quickly tried to change the subject. "How long has the power been out?" Carly and Spencer were in their apartment when the power went out a little bit ago. The rain outside was relentless. Nothing short of a typical Seattle night. It was supposed to stop a few hours ago, but that was a no go.

"Fifteen minutes." responded Spencer, catching the attempt by Carly to change the subject, but he wasn't about to let it go. "They're always bickering about everything that goes on between them, which usually means only one thing."

"Exactly," Carly muttered. "Sam's that way with everyone. Freddie just happens to be in her line of fire most of the time."

Spencer snorted. "If Freddie wanted to stop arguing with Sam, all he had to do was just ignore her." Carly looked at her brother, a little surprised that he picked up that the connection was deeper between Sam and Freddie only after a few days. Her respect for him in that category went up a few notches.

"So, you noticed it too, huh?"

"I'm not dumb," shot back Spencer. "You'd have to be brain dead to miss it."

"Yea, well, there's no way in heck they're going to sacrifice their friendship." Carly said, rolling off the couch and falling onto the flood with a soft thud. She cursed at the power going out, not being able to see.

"First time one of them goes through a life changing experiment, that'll change." Spencer said, looking up the stairs to the iCarly studio. He could hear bits and pieces of Sam and Freddie arguing about nothing in particular. It was easier for Spencer now to pick on little signs. Freddie checking out Sam when he thought nobody was looking, and Sam taking quick glances at him while they filmed iCarly. Spencer also noticed how Carly didn't talk about it. She liked to gossip, and things like this usually spread like wildfire. And now seemed like a good time to talk to her about it. Any more stories about going to Build-A-Bra or whatever, and he was going to go crazy.

Carly agreed with Spencer. At the first sign that one of the was going to break, the other would be there. That's how it's been since they met each other a few years ago, but she didn't think they would ever act on their obvious attractions. Probably all because Freddie acted to be more interested in liking Carly more than anything, but Carly herself knew it was just a facade. Sure, it was possible, Spencer had his points, but just to contradict him, she said, "As long as we're in high school, they'll just be frienemies."

"Wanna bet on that?" said Spencer as he waggled his eyebrows and turned towards Carly.

Carly's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "You want to bet on whether Sam and Freddie will get together??"

"Fifty bucks says one year before they're all over each other." Spencer challenged.

"One year?" Ha, that just goes to show how little you really know. I say at least three."

Spencer held out his hand. "So, is that a bet, Carls?"

Carly clasped his hand and shook it. "You've got yourself a bet."