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Chapter Two

"Another year in the books," Spencer said, raising his cherry smoothie towards Carly, Sam, and Freddie. "It was one of the wackiest ones yet." Everyone at the party laughed and raised their own Cokes and smoothies.

"The longest of my life." Sam drawled, and everyone burst into a fit of more laughter. They were all in the Shay's apartment, celebrating another school year that had come to a close. Spencer always threw parties for these occasions. He had the mini-golf course set up, and had invited anybody who wanted to come over for a free round of mini-golf and to just chill out.

"It's so nice to be appreciated." Freddie said, clapping Spencer on the back.

"Hey, I'm just glad we survived," said Carly, pointing her thumb to Sam, "I thought this nut with all her arguments and her conspiracy theories would drive every one of her teachers crazy. I expected her to have detention pretty much every week, but actually I ended having more!"

Everyone instantly started recalling their best stories about Sam and fighting, but Carly just tuned them out. She glanced at her brother out of the corner of her eyes and smiled. Only two more days and Spencer would have to pay up. 'The Bet', as it was now jokingly called, was about to make Carly fifty bucks richer. Not bad, considering there had been a few times she'd wondered if she knew Sam and Freddie as well as she thought. But, they didn't let her down, and she was going to boast about it for days.

"So Carly and I are leanin' back in our desks, thinking we had aced the test," Sam was saying as Carly tuned in, "But we get them back and we both had a Thirty! We probably looked like we just got rejected to Prom. I surprised Ms. Briggs didn't just point and laugh at us!"

"You're the reject. You got the answers from 'Rip-Off'? What were you thinking?" Said Carly. "Next time, make sure you get the correct ones!"

"Hey, hey, hey. That was Sam's bad, not mine." defended Rodney.

"Whatever..." Sam said while scowling.

"Okay, okay, I've got another funny one," said Freddie as he leaned back and grinned. "Remember that time Socco sent Spencer and I to one of his 'buddies' a few months back?"

"Aww man, that's cold." said Spencer, shaking his head.

"But it's funny." Freddie pointed out. "So, Socco sends Spencer and I to one of his distributors to pick up some pairs of socks that Spence wanted really bad. When we get there, it turns out that Socco's buddy "Candice" was a cross dresser built like a linebacker. Had the fakest blonde wig I've ever seen and a five-o'clock shadow. "She" instantly falls for Spencer, and to get her to sell up the socks, Spencer has to start buying her drinks."

"Cmon, man," Spencer groaned, "Just stop there man."

"And skip the best part?" Freddie grinned evilly. "Now "Candice" was a big girl, but couldn't hold down a drink for her life, but by this time we had already figured out that she didn't have what Spence was looking for. So we're about to leave when she throws herself at Spencer and they go crashing to the floor." Everyone was chuckling by this point, and Spencer had his head buried in his lap. "It took Spence, me, and two other guys five minutes to get "Candice" off of him."

"Wow, didn't think you were such a ladies man Spence," said Sam, propping her chin in her hand. "I know a few "ladies" who might want to go out with you."

Spencer just frowned while everyone laughed. Sam then stood up.

"I'm going to get a refill. Anyone else need one?" she asked. Since everyone agreed on more smoothies, Sam and Freddie ended up bringing empty glasses to the smoothie machine that Spencer had made. Sensing an opportunity, Carly turned to Spencer.

"Only two more days left, bro. Ready to pay up?" she asked, sporting a cocky grin.

"Hey, a lot can happen in two days," Spencer scowled, not wanting to admit defeat. Well, at least not admit it to Carly. He knew Sam and Freddie better now, and realized how short he had been on his bet. He actually figured with Carly; as long as they're in high school, no way.

"Ha! Not that much." Carly snorted. "You should just pay me now and get it over with."

"What are you guys talking about?" Mrs. Benson asked. Although not officially invited to the party, nobody saw a problem with her coming anyway. Over the year, she had loosened up a ton on Freddie, and she wasn't that bad of a person to be around now.

"A bet," Carly explained. "And in two days, Spencer loses."

"A bet on what exactly?" asked Gibby, who had been sitting next to them the whole time. Somehow high school had turned him into a cool person to hang with.

Spencer and Carly looked at each other. They hadn't let anybody else in on their little wager. For a whole year it had just been an inside joke between the two. Anytime Sam or Freddie got involved in an argument, they'd ease their concerns with joking about 'The Bet', and who was going to win. Now that the time limit was about up, they didn't see any harm in letting others in on the joke.

"Sam and Freddie." Mrs. Benson and Gibby smiled.

"You bet on that?" Mrs. Benson laughed again, "I can't believe it."

"I can," Gibby looked at Carly. "What where the terms?"

"Spencer said one year, and I said three. You should of given them more credit Spence."

"Yeah, yeah," he said, rolling his eyes. " And if you keep taunting me about it I'm gonna ban you from iCarly." Carly made a mocked shocking expression at him, and Spence couldn't help but chuckle.

"You mean you're just going to let it go?" Mrs. Benson looked stunned. "You have to keep it going!" Once again, Carly and Spencer looked at each other. They never really thought about continuing 'The Bet'. What was the point? Spencer was wrong, Carly got her cash, and Sam and Freddie still had enough chemistry to fill up a science lab. Things would be the same, except Carly got to boast more.

"I'd definitely like to make a wager." Gibby said, looking over his shoulder to see Freddie operating the smoothie machine while Sam silently watched him.

"Really?" Spencer leaned over the table. "What do you think, Gibby?'

"Never. They may like each other, but that only cuz they're around each other so much. It'll burn out eventually."

Mrs. Benson snorted into her wine glass. "You guys are clueless. I think my son is in love. Pay close attention to the way Sam looks at him if you don't think so." Everyone was surprised at this statement, and looked over at Sam and Freddie.

"Damn, you're right." said Spencer after a moment.

"As soon as the opportunity presents itself, they'll be all over each other."

"Care to make a wager Mrs. Benson?" Carly asked. "All you need is fifty bucks and a time limit."

"I'd give it another five years," Mrs. Benson responded.

"Gib?" asked Carly, raising an eyebrow.

"If it ever does, I say ten, and that's if Sam ever lays off on arguing with Freddie." Gibby said.

"Since I'm having a good day today, for an extra fifty I'll let you change your bet Spencer." said Carly.

"Fine. I'm going with Mrs. Benson's bet, five years."

"Are you guys going to let anyone else in?" asked Mrs. Benson.

"Don't see why not." responded Carly, wondering how she became the bookie.

She was about to say something else when Freddie screamed. The four of them looked over to see bits and pieces of smoothies flying in all directions, and Spencer running to help them. Carly just sighed.

"Spencer must of screwed that up somehow."