Mahou Pokemon

Mahou Pokemon!

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Chapter one: Pokemon Journey Beginning Now

It was a bright sunny morning and a birthday of a springy ten year old has just pasted by. Konoka Konoe a new adventure has opened up in the world of Pokemon! It was Monday morning and Konoka was up and ready to start her pokemon journey. "Konoka hurry up and head over to professor Negi's lab to get your pokemon." shouted Konoka's father Eishun. "Ok bye daddy, I'll come and visit!" yelled Konoka as she sprinted out the door. Along the way to professor Negi's lab Konoka ran in to her friends Setsuna Sakurazaki, Natasia Tokado and Asuna Kagurazaka who were also heading over to get their first pokemon.

"Hey so what pokemon do you guys plan on getting?" asked Asuna. "I plan on getting Turtwig, he is so cute and has the strongest defenses to Me." replied Natasia. "I want Piplup cute and strong," said Konoka. "I feel like I should get Chimchar, quite a fiery personality just like Me." said Setsuna. "What about you, Asuna?" asked Konoka. "I don't care as long as I get a pokemon." responded Asuna.

The group of four continued their walk to Sandgem town and off to professor Negi's lab. Getting lost a few times but, finally reaching their destination.

"Ah so you four must be the new pokemon trainers right this way to get your pokemon." said the short red head boy. "Hey aren't you a little young to be a professor?" asked Asuna. "Yeah I get that a lot but, anyways let's start with you." said Negi as he pointed to Setsuna. "I choose the fire type Chimchar." said Setsuna.

"I want Piplup the water type," replied Konoka. "I want Turtwig the cute little turtle!" yelled Natasia. "Ok here are is your pokemon, pokedex and poke balls." Negi said as his assistant, Chamo handed the three their essential equipment to become pokemon trainers. "Oh, I'm sorry the only pokemon left is this one." said Negi as he handed Asuna a poke ball. Inside was a cute and adorable little mouse type pokemon. It seemed to be very shy at first but, warmed up to Asuna.

"This pokemon's name is Pikachu, she's a very shy and timid pokemon but, can pack a good shock." said Negi. After the group had their pokemon they all set off for Jubilife city! On the way one of our heroines, Konoka captures a Buneary while Natasia captures a Buizel and Setsuna captures a Starly.

Asuna unfortunately fails at capturing any pokemon due to her Pikachu's tepidness. "Aw when will I finally capture a pokemon?" asked Asuna.

Asuna's mishaps at capturing any pokemon are becoming a problem for her,

will she capture any pokemon before they reach their destination of Jubilife city?

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