Hazelcloud: I know that I said that this was a one-shot but… then I read The Gypsy Morph

Hazelcloud: I know that I said that this was a one-shot but… then I read The Gypsy Morph. Did anyone else notice that Panther called Logan 'the knight of whatever' again? I did and this was inspired once again by him!

The Knight, the Protector

"The Knight of Whatever," A voice rang out laced with both power and magic. The being reacted quickly flowing the trail of magic, winking into existence in front of the speaker.

Yes? When, the being answered it was more of an acknowledgement than a word.

"The Knight of Whatever… how fitting I suppose for you shall be whatever I need," The voice was melodious but the being found that the speaker too often used it to 'beat around the bush'. The Lady knew this and decided to get right to business; she could not afford to lose this ally. "I need you to be a protector. Do you remember the one who spoke your name first?"

"The boy," The being spoke out loud, and shifted into a human form. The Lady found herself facing a young girl.

"Yes, it seems that he refuses to take shelter in the mists of the Gypsy Morph. Still… I have a feeling that we may need him. Perhaps you would be willing to be their protector?" She said not disturbed by her companion's sudden change.

"How many would 'they' be?"

"Three, a girl, a boy, and a cat," The Lady answered. The girl seemed to consider.

"It would not be too much of a problem," The being's magic would be sufficient to protect herself, and a few others. The girl shed her form and began to search out the boy using her magic to sense his life source.

"They do not like strangers too much," The Lady warned. The being stored that info away and went away floating towards the boy using the trails of magic.

Panther and Kitty turned quickly around and looked at the ground. There sat a thin but sleek cat, staring intelligently at them. Rabbit let out a strange purr.

"Here kitty-kitty," Kitty said, but Panther shook his head.

"We don't need another mouth to feed," He said. Yet neither one chased the cat off when they settled down to sleep.

The cat sat perched up on a rock. Regal and stunning it sat like a Sphinx, warding off the end of the world and protecting its charges.

Hazelcloud: So, I discovered that the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet represents protection. That's why the Knight turned into an Egyptian cat. What did you think of this chapter? Please review and let me know!

P.S. I don't plan on adding anymore… but that can change.