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Ch.1 - First Sight

Another day of school. Another long, seemingly endless day which was just one of who knows how many more to come. I was aware of a large crowd of people around me talking excitedly as they greeted old friends who they hadn't seen for a couple of months. I laughed quietly under my breath, realizing this felt like a long time to them. A couple of months. I sighed as I made my way from my locker to my first Biology II class of the year. My six-hundred-and-somethingth in my life.

Well, more like my existence. My name is Bella Swan. Soon after I turned eighteen, about eighty years ago, I became aware of and joined an underground society of beings. We've been called many different things: the cold ones, blood-drinkers, and vampires, by humans. I was living in the small, rainy town of Forks, Washington, where nothing eventful ever happens and so which nobody ever hears about. This might not be the most interesting place for some more adventurous humans to live. For my family and me, it was perfect.

All vampires have to keep their existence a secret, but people already instinctively shy from us. We're the predators, they're the prey; it's as simple as that. We do have some features to help lure prey in: we appear beautiful to humans, despite our crimson eyes. Or, if we don't prey on humans like my family and I, gold eyes.

Like I said before, nothing eventful ever happens in Forks, so when anything out of the ordinary does happen, there's a huge commotion. Today it was the arrival of a new family with five children, all adopted. I hadn't seen them yet, but I had heard their names murmured over and over again through the crowds of eager students. The Cullens. The Hales.

As I walked into the Biology classroom, I saw an unfamiliar face in the seat next to mine. He must have been one of the new students. Poor boy. These would be an uncomfortable couple of months for him, having to sit next to me.

Normally I would've ignored a human, but as I looked at his face, I felt an almost motherly urge to protect him and make him feel welcome spreading through me. I didn't want him to be afraid of me.

"Hello, I'm Bella Swan," I greeted him cordially.

"Hi, I'm Edward Cullen. Nice to meet you," he replied. He grinned at me, to my surprise. He had a nice face, I decided, even for a human. The kind of face you'd see on a model in a magazine or a commercial.

He offered his hand to shake mine. I looked pointedly in the opposite direction. I felt rude, but if he touched my hand it could reveal us for what we are; our skin is ice-cold.

He stared curiously into my dark gold eyes, and I couldn't help but look into his vividly green ones. I was again surprised by the depth to them; I felt like I could swim in them for miles and miles, drown in them, and I might have if Mr. Banner hadn't cleared his throat and begun talking about cell structures and DNA – something I had studied over and over again and which I knew from cover to cover, but I tried to look interested and I took meticulous notes anyway. It was all part of the façade, and nobody ever questioned it.