Well, this is a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fan fiction that has been in my head for a while now. I know I'm writing a million things at once, but that's how I roll.

This is female Revan, sith or jedi? Well, that's for me to decide. Female Revan/Bastila pairing, non-jedi beginning, and yeah, scoundrel ftw (cause Han shot first).

Chapter 1 - Waking Up

The uneven bed under my body seemed to make my skin itch. Something deep in my brain was harassing me, making me feel heavy, burdened and even a little depressed. There, in my dream, was this masked figure. It seemed to loom with a red glowing blade that I knew only Jedi and Sith Lords carried, this one was a Sith. He or she, I couldn't really determine the gender, seemed to be putting up quite a fight with a tall lean, and if I may say, beautiful Jedi.

She had a duel yellow blade, brown hair tied up in a high pony tail, high cheek bones, yes; she was indeed a good looking woman. "Give it up Revan," her voice was icy cold, almost distant, "you cannot win here!"

The Sith on the floor didn't seem to understand that concept, the concept I never understood, losing. It stood in a battle stance, something that seemed vaguely familiar to me but there was a mighty explosion and this Sith was knocked backwards. The female Jedi had called this person Revan. The dark lord? Was that person really her? Seems like it.

She bent down near Revan and that's where my dream ended. Why the hell was I dreaming about Revan? And for that matter why the hell is that blasted alarm waking me up? I jumped out of my bunk to meet the eyes of a republic solider. It was Trask. "Hey, don't you hear the alarms ringing?" he shouted at me, "I know you're a scoundrel and all but come on! Get up!"

"What the hell is going on?" I ask him in the rudest way I can. You know, I can't peg it, but I never really liked this guy. "Are you kidding me? The whole damn ship is getting ripped apart," he shouted again. I clutched my eyes, "so that much I gathered. Why are they ripping us apart?"

"Damn it Shaknaw," Trask said with a hint of urgency in his voice, "Don't you know that Bastila was on this ship?"

"Yeah, yeah," I dismissed him, "the damn Jedi whom I've never met or even seen. What is so special about her anyway?"

He looked at me as if he had never seen me before. I wanted to punch that shocked look right off his face and to make matters worse; he doesn't bother explaining a damn thing to me. "Forget it Shaknaw," he said, "get your armor on and get a blaster. We need to get the hell out of here."

"Fine," I grumble. Yes, that's my personality. My name is Kana Shaknaw, the scoundrel. Seems that the republic picked me off a trade route and instead of throwing me into intergalactic prison, they decided that they could use my skills on this ship, the Ender Spire.

He didn't even bother turning his back as I put my armor on. I wanted to yell at him, tell him to stop looking or I'd rip him apart. I'm the violent type, I know, but it honestly pissed me off. "Alright, I'm ready, let's go," I told him. I equipped my blaster and held it close to my body. We walked through one door only to be confronted with Sith. Lovely.

I sent off a blast hitting one dead in the chest while I turned around and hit another one in the head. It felt mighty good watching that idiot drop to the floor. Now, if I didn't need this Trask moron, I would blast him in the head too.

We fought a few more of these Sith scum along the way until we made it into a room with a dark Jedi and a Jedi fighting in it. Great, just what we need, two Jedi beating the shit out of each other. "Her! She was with Bastila's squad; we can't do anything for her!"

No shit, I thought to myself, we handle these Jedi and we get killed. Dying for Bastila isn't exactly on my list of things to do today. He grabbed my arm and led me down another corridor. More Sith. We cleared them out and continued our way. "This door is locked, pick it! Quick!"

"You sure are bossy," I shot at him.

"This isn't the time, do you want to survive this or not?" he shot back at me. I said nothing as I did what I was told. A room with three Sith, alright, I can handle this. My blaster didn't miss one of them. All three fell to the floor. No wonder the Republic wanted me.

"That droid, we are going to need it," he told me. He looked up from his computer panel and right into my cold dead eyes. I shrugged, "did you manage to slice that all by yourself?"

"The next room is filled with Sith," he told me. He was obviously ignoring my perky question. "So you want me to slice the droid because you can't so it can fight the battle for us. Alright, fine."

I did, once again, what I was told and had the pesky little battle droid do all the dirty work. A few more doors in, we were blocked off by the same Dark Jedi who killed the other one. I looked into his eyes and the only thing that went off in my head was the urge of wanting to kill him. He had some smug look his face. Trask held up his vibroblade and trotted into the room like a brave fool. "Find Carth Onasi," he told me, "Starboard. GO!"

I was no fool. I left him there to fight that Dark Jedi and I ran like hell. I took out most Sith on my way to the starboard. Carth's voice rang out, "Bastila's escape pod is on its way." He met up with me with a worried look on his face. I didn't bother asking him why he looked so pitiful.

"There's only one pod left, we are going to have to share it," he said, "ready?"

I looked at him for moment as a blast hit the center of the ship, "Ready as I'll ever be. Seems the Sith are getting ready to blow this puppy to kingdom come."


We both huddled into the cramp pod and blasted off into space. The next thing I remember is that same damn dream about Revan and that woman. There was a Lightsaber fight and then, a downfall. She was so close to Revan, kneeling down to meet the Dark Lord's face. The mask, it was coming off slightly. If only, if only I could…

I felt the most nagging thing ever, someone next to me asking me to please wake up. I turned my head to see that Carth guy again. His eyes looked into mine with a hint of worry. Why was he was worried about me? It's not like I'm best person ever, I'm actually really not that nice, but I guess a nice guy like him doesn't know that.

"You ok?" he asked me, "that was some sleep you had. I was scared you wouldn't wake up."

"Bad dream," I mutter under my breath, "that's all. Where are we?"

"Taris," he answered. "Mind if I ask what the nightmare was about?"

"I do mind," I told him harshly. I swung my legs over the bed and got up. I started to walk off to a footlocker. "Is my stuff in here? I want to get the hell off this snob rock."

"What's your problem anyway?" he asked me.

"Nothing, I just don't trust you and I much rather—"

He cut me off. "You are apart of the republic now. I don't know what kind of shady past you had Kana, but right now, you are on a mission."

"My mission ended when the Ender Spire blow up in space," I said coldly.

He blinked at me and then his eyebrows furrowed. "We need to find Bastila," he said, "she's our only hope of getting off this snob rock, as you put it."

"Why should I even trust you?" I asked him, "Or her for that matter?"

"Bastila is one of the best Jedi and as for me," he took in a breath, "you took a major blow to your head. Without me being conscious, you'd be dead right now."

Touché. "Fine, I'll help you look for her and get the hell off this snob rock," I told him, "but after that, I leave you two to do your duties. I want to be off on my own again."

"Fine, but for right now we need each other," he uttered. I shot him a slight glare as I walked over to the footlocker again. Kicking it open, I took out my weapons and put on some armor I took from a Republic soldier's body. I didn't give Carth a chance to protest about my new armor. I looked at him from over my shoulder, blaster at the ready.

"Let's just go," I said. I walked over to the apartment door and walked out into a dank hallway. I notice a three on three fight, Sith versus the aliens. Carth aimed his blaster but the main Sith turned around after wasting one of the aliens who was pleading for his life. Just like that, gone.

"What? How long have you two slime balls been standing there?" he asked angrily. I couldn't help but the point my blaster at the pompous little bastard.

"Long enough to see how weak you are," I said, "and long enough to tell we can waste you right here and now."

Carth lowered his blaster. It seemed it dawned on him who these guys were. "Kana, these guys are—"

"Sith," I finished for him. "So what? Sith are nothing but a bunch of worthless idiots. A baby rancor could shoot a blaster—"

A red beam was coming for me. I ducked out of the way. Honestly, if that hit Carth, I didn't really care. "Kana come on!" he said. Guess it didn't hit him.

"You watch your mouth girl!" the main Sith told me. "Those are big words for someone who is about to face death in the name of an alien."

I aimed my blaster straight for his shoulder and pulled my trigger. He let out a groan. "I don't die," I told him, "and especially not in anyone's name."

"Get them!"

Blaster beams seemed to bounce off the shaky walls of the hallway. I ducked out of the way of them all and hit the other two in the head finally. Carth was really getting in my way. He shot the main Sith in the chest finally. "Good to see you doing something for once," I shot at him over my shoulder.

Carth didn't have a chance to say much, because one of the aliens came near me. "Thank you human," he said. I pricked up my ears. I actually understood this guy's language.

"Don't mention it," I told him. His body language said it all; he was shocked that any human knew his language. "Y-You know our language human?"

"Yes, now get out of here and hide those bodies," I instructed him. The last thing we needed was a bounty thrown on our heads for murdering three Sith solders. "Yes, of course human. Thank you again." The alien and his buddy started to drag off the bodies.

If you fuck up, I thought, I will come back somehow and kill you both. I looked at Carth who was quiet the whole time. "What? Nothing to say?"

"No," he said coldly, "let's just get going with this."

"As you wish," I laughed.

We walked around what seemed to be hours. Aimless, lost and I was growing more and more irritated at this. I was about to snap at Carth when I noticed the bounty hunters. It was too late for me or Carth for that matter, to turn around and leave. He already heard enough. The old man they were harassing, he owed money. Long story short, old bastard didn't have the credits and the hunters were going to kill him.

I didn't know who the hell this Davik moron they were chatting about was, but I wasn't about to get myself killed over some old man's debt. However, like I said, it was too late to turn around and walk away. The bounty hunters had seen us. Great, just great. The last thing I needed was another fight.

"Hey! Girl!" he spat at me, "you think you are so tough you can just eavesdrop on our conversation with this old man?"

"Why yes, as a matter of fact, I do," I said with a smug look on my face.

"What are you doing?" Carth whispered to me, "I mean, I know we should help this guy, but we will be drawing in—"

"Shut it Carth," I barked.

This seemed to hurt him, he recoiled away from me. "Fine, do what you want," he said.

"I will." I turned my attention back to the bounty hunters who seemed that they had made up their minds about me. One had his blaster drawn while the other was coming after me with a short vibroblade. I had no time to really react; a slash of his blade met my armor. It slashed the fabric and that just set me off. Carth didn't seem too impressed either.

A blaster beam fired into the bounty hunter's armor. I could smell the burning from the leather. It unpleasantly filled my nostrils. For that, I threw my blaster onto my belt and took out a long vibroblade. He wanted to play with swords, we can play with swords.

I guess Carth understood that I had this guy handled because he took aim at the other hunter. I slashed my sword through the guy's face and then stabbed him through his armor. Vital areas are tricky, but easy to get to from the sides of the body. The hunter fell to my feet and I must admit, I enjoyed the sensation.

"Kana, what are you doing?" Carth asked me.

"What? Kill or be killed, that's the rules of this deadly game we are playing," I told him. Without really thinking, I went after blaster boy. I tumbled around him and caught him off guard from behind. I thrust my sword into his side not enjoying the sensation of the blade pushing through muscle too much. It always made me feel uncomfortable.

"Thank you!" the old man said, "you saved me—"

"I didn't save you," I told him. He looked at me with shock, "then why—"

"Why did I kill them? They were in my way. You don't want to be in my way."

The old man took the hint. He rushed out through a door and disappeared into some apartments. "What a drag," I said with a sigh, "I am really getting sick of these little encounters."

"Why did you scare that man?" Carth asked me.

"Because I can," my voice was icy cold and it seemed to slice through him. He didn't say another word until we reached an elevator with a Sith standing guard. I rolled my eyes and looked at Carth, "Any ideas?"

"I don't know Kana," he looked at me with the same worried look on his face, "that's the Lower City."

"So what's your point?" I asked him.

"It's not like the Upper City, not by a long shot," he answered me, "you should know that."

"I do know that, but do you honestly think I care?" I pushed by him and entered an apartment complex. "Sith," I pointed. "Kill them, take the uniforms. Got it? That's how we get down there. Sith are too stupid to know who's who anyway."

"You really have a thirst for blood don't you?" he asked me with a disapproving look on his face.

"So what if I do?" I barked. "You want to save Bastila or what?"

He said nothing more as we attacked the two Sith guards. They were fairly easy to kill off and I was starting to wonder when our little murdering game was going to be found out. By now, our death count was rising.

I threw one uniform to Carth and started to take off my armor right there in the hallway. "What are you doing?" he asked me.

"Changing," I answered. "You need to do the same or else this won't work."

Once we finished, with little lip from Carth, we managed to trick the Sith elevator guard easily. The Lower City, just as I vaguely remembered it, was a gang filled rat hole. It was nothing like the snobbish Upper City.

There was a gang fight happening right in front of our eyes and one by one I sat back as they killed each other. There was no way I was going to get involved with these morons. If they wanted to blow each other up, fine by me.

"Shouldn't we do something?" Carth whispered to me.

"You really are a self righteous bastard aren't you?" I scoffed, "No. If they see us, then we will."

I hide behind a wall and they the gang called the Vulkars seemed take out the Beks. They chatted away about stealing something from the Beks, but that wasn't what caught my attention. It was the fact that they mentioned a human Jedi prisoner. Carth, it seemed, had no idea what they were saying to each other. I guess brainless soldiers wouldn't really know more than Galactic common.

Once the gang members were out of range, I turned to Carth. "We have to get into that Vulkar base," I told him, "they kidnapped Bastila."

"But there's no way we are going to get in there without some help," he said.

"Then let's go get some help," I said, my annoyance with this guy really was starting to shine through. "The Beks. Come on."

With that, I got up and ran across the Lower City hallway and into a guard. She pressed her vibroblade into my throat. "What does a Sith Solider want with the Beks?" she said coldly. Shit, I still had the damn armor on.

"I'm not a Sith and calling me such a name is an insult," I said. I threw off the helmet and met her eyes. "I'm Kana Shaknaw," I told her, "And this is Carth Onasi. We belong to the republic and we need help getting Bastila back."

"The Sith are looking for her," the guard told me, "How do I know you aren't Sith?"

"If I were a Sith, I would have killed you and broken into this place by now," I said confidently.

"That's too risky, there's a ton of Bek in there."

"You aren't exactly the strongest bunch," I told her, "I need to speak Gadon". The name was mentioned in the gang exchange. I figured he was the big leader for the Beks. She let her sword down and opened the door.

"Go, but if you are Sith, prepare to get yourself killed," she warned me.

I didn't need that warning. I walked into the room as if I owned it. Deep down in my mind, I felt that I did own it. I looked at all of the gang members there and they seemed to be fearful of me. Good. That is exactly how I like it.

"Gadon?" I asked a bald man sitting behind a desk. He stood up and looked at me. "Yes? Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for a woman named Bastila."

"I see," he got up to meet my eyes. "Yes, she was in the escape pod that crashed in the Under City. Seems the Vulkars thought a Jedi would be a great prize in the Swoop Race."

"What are you talking about?" I pressed him.

"Well, it's simple really," he said, "Bastila is the prize. You want Bastila; you have to agree to do something dangerous for me."