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Mallow Mush

"Twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven…"




"That's disgusting!"

"Disgusting? Is, you're the one who dared me to try and put an entire bag of jumbo marshmallows in my mouth!" Jace exclaimed, wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

"Maybe, but I didn't expect you to throw them up everywhere!" Isabelle shrieked.

"Yeah, just look at my shoes!" Alec cried.

"Clary just stared woefully at Jace before turning on her heel and leaving the room.

"Wait! Clary!" Jace screamed at her retreating back. "I got most of the bag down! Do I still get a high five?"

"Urgh!" Isabelle groaned before smacking the back of Jace's head before retreating to her room, Alec in tow.