He Felt like grinding his fangs together. His mate had produced yet another still-born heir, he could smell death lurking in the air of the birthing wing. And it made him want to rip off his own nose.

Even though he had gone against his own wish to not mate, the elders had forced him into it and now he was about to lose his mind, and possibly his lands if he didn't get a Male heir soon.

Leaning against the wall he awaited the negative response. The sound of the door opening and closing alerted his attention. "My Lord." the nurse-maid said kneeling in front of him. "The pup was still-born." he just nodded and brushed past her and looked down at his mate who was dripping with sweat. "S-Sesshomaru…" he glared at the demoness, and silenced her. "You will be replaced. As you might have guessed. Once the elders find out, and they will. This Sesshomaru will make sure of that; another female will replace you and produce me a male heir." he said coldly then turned to leave, and ignored the sounds of her desperate sobbing. Stopping a servant he ordered her things to be packed and sent to her homelands immediately. If she survived to make it to her home in the south, the mating mark would eventually fade. Simple for him, for he had no mark upon his person. However, when he bedded his other mate she would feel a pain that would be only slightly worse than child birth itself.

The servant nodded and quickly scurried away. Nothing in all of Japan could be worse than searching for another worthless female youkai to replace his current mate. Because word would eventually get out and he would have every type of demoness tossed at him. Walking back to his study he remembers all the papers and scrolls on his desk to read over and sign, when the image of Bokusenou emerges in his mind and he seeks out the old tree's advice as he had done many times over the years. "Jaken." Sesshomaru called out and the small green imp scurried into the room and bowed "Yes, mi-lord?" he said his face still plasterd to the ground. "Ready Ah-Uhn, we leave at dawn." he said then looked back down at his scroll. "but why mi-lord?" he asked standing back up. "You need no explanation. Now leave." he said emotionlessly as the imp scurried off.


"SIT!SIT! SIT!!" Kagome screamed at him. And watched as the hanyou slammed numerous times into the earth as his spirit was bound to the necklace and pulled him towards the earth. "Inuyasha, the next time you call me that, I'm going to 'Sit' You're ass to hell!" she screamed before 'Sitting' him once more then storming off with her bath supplies, dragging Sango behind her.

"Kagome…wait…hey? What's up?" Sango asked when Kagome finally stopped.

"I saw them together, Sango." Kagome said trying to hold back her tears. "I know we agreed to just be friends, but my heart still turns to him." she said finally letting her tears fall and looking up at the trees that blocked her view of the stars.

"How long." Kagome said more of a comment than a question. "How long have I been oblivious to him sleeping with Kikyo." she said walking again towards the hot spring.

"Since we defeated Naraku." Sango said placing a hand on her friend's shoulder. Reaching up Kagome toyed with the Shikon no Tama that hung from her neck, now completely whole, yet lifeless.

The moment they had defeated Naraku She had watched Sango weep over Kohaku once he had died when the jewel had been removed from his back. So she had wished for Kohaku to live once more, and be with his sister. The jewel had then become just a lifeless ball of glass. Yet she had remained in the Feudal Era for the well had sealed and she could no longer return to the future.

"Somehow I'm not surprised. Only hurt." Kagome said as she wiped away a tear. The two entered the hot spring and bathed together. "When are you and Miroku getting married?" Kagome asked trying to change the subject from Inuyasha.

Sango simply smiled and turned a slight shade of crimson. "In the early summer. But remember, Kohaku is going after Rin, to petition Sesshomaru for permission to court her."

"How old is Rin anyway?" Kagome asked curious.

"Fifteen I hear. Only 3 years younger than Kohaku."

"Wow, time has flown by." Kagome commented.

Once the two women were dressed again they headed back to the village where Inuyasha was no where to be seen, and Miroku was off meditating. Kagome bid her friend a goodnight and headed off to her hut that she stayed in with Shippo, who now stood at her shoulder. He grew over 2 feet in under a month. One day he was tiny and it seemed the next he was a five foot pre-teen.

"Five years since Naraku was defeated." Kagome said as she entered the hut and walked back to her futon and sat down.

Kagome glanced down at herself and smiled at how she had matured from a girl to a woman. Her hips were rounder, less boney, her breasts were now to large for her bras that she brought from her home era, so now she wore kimono's and village robes just like the other village women. But in Kaede's village she was seen not as Kagome, but as the Shikon Miko. So any possible husbands here, were out of the question for most of them were scared of her, and of course no demon would touch her. Which led her mind back to Inuyasha, who for the last five years had been sending her mixed signals and now she knew why. 'Because he's been sleeping with Kikyo that's why.' she thought as her foggy mind began to drift off to sleep, once she was fast asleep, Midoriko appeared to her in a dream and stood in front of her.

"Child, you are no more. Mother to many you shall become. Power to change Japan forever lies within you." the words weren't spoken yet she heard them clearly, and yet she had seen no one, yet knew exactly who it was that had said it.

When Kagome awoke she quickly dressed and exited her hut and smiled at the sight of Shippo playing with the other village children before their mothers' called them inside to eat. Walking over to the hut Sango and Kohaku shared she knocked lightly then entered. "Good Morning, Sango, Kohaku." she said removing her shoes and walking over to her best friend who was kneeling in front of a fire making breakfast for her and her brother. "Oh Good Morning Kagome-chan. Would you like some breakfast?" Sango asked looking up at her and smiling. Refusing she turned to Kohaku, "So you wanted to ask me something, Kohaku? You mentioned it the other night." Kagome said sitting down in front of Kohaku and beside Sango.

Kohaku nodded shyly. "While on my travels with Lord Sesshomaru, I became very close to Rin, his ward." Kagome smiled at how Kohaku was turning a slight shade of pink. "And now that she is close to the age to marry, I wanted to petition Sesshomaru for the right to court her and eventually Marry her. When she is old enough of course."

None of what he had said was news to her, for Sango had told her the second after Kohaku had told his sister. "But what does that have to do with me?" Kagome asked him confused.

"I would like you to accompany me to the western lands. Sister volunteered but I don't want her to get harmed in her condition." The last bit of information confused Kagome and she looked over at Sango. "Condition?" she asked. Sango blushed and glanced over her shoulder to make sure no one was behind her. "Kagome-chan, Miroku and I are going to be having a baby." she said smiling and unknowingly placing a hand on her still flat stomach. Kagome smiled and squealed and scooted over to her best friend and hugged her. "congrats Sango! that's amazing! How far along are you?" Blushing sango tapped her finger on her chin "I think about3 months." she said and smiled. Kagome and Sango could talk all day about the coming child, but Kohaku cleared his throat to draw the women's attention back. "So, Kagome-chan will you join me?" he asked.

"Why don't you ask Inuyasha? He can protect you better than I could." she said shrugging.

"But he is not widely known as you are among both demons and humans. You are known as the Shikon miko for a reason." he said humbly. Kagome glanced down at the empty jewel. "I'll go. I miss Rin anyways." she said smiling.


Sesshomaru flew before Ah-Uhn and Jaken on his youkai cloud. They would make it to Bokusenou before night fall. As the trees rolled by beneath him, he began to sense Bokusenou's aura. Once he landed Sesshomaru made it through the forest unscathed and stood in front of the ancient tree. "You seek my advice Lord Sesshomaru?" an old voice asked.

"I come seeking guidance on who or what to take as a mate. A mate that can produce me a full blooded male heir." he said patiently. A face began to appear on the tree and the face of Bokusenou looked back at the feared demon lord.

"Ah, there is a legend about such a thing." the face closed its eyes. "For there is a powerful miko, one of such power she can produce over one hundred pure blood youkai to a single demon."

"Mikos are human though." Sesshomaru said with a growl. "This Sesshomaru will not mate a meere mortal girl." he said coldly.

"Aye, but this human girl, is destined to give birth to the future ruler of Japan. One to be favored even by the gods themselves. And one does not have to be even a demon to have her pupped with a demon child." the tree calmly informed him.

"Where do I find her." Sesshomaru commanded.

"I can only guide you. That and nothing more. Take the Joukai nojemu." it simply said then faded back into a normal appearing tree.

Glancing down Sesshomaru picked up a white gem that seemed to have a storm swirling inside of it. Tucking the gem into his sleeve he materialized his youkai cloud and took off, just as Jaken caught up breathless "I-I ha-have arrive-" turning around franticly "Mi-Lord! Wait for your poor servant!" he called as he scuttled atop of Ah-Uhn.