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Will gazed out from the foggy night window in his solemn house. So much had changed: he was away from Halt, Red Mont, and so many people he cared for when he was on this tiny island. The only time he had an actual to think of his past life was when he was drifting into an uneasy sleep and tonight was one of those nights. He looked at a large looming stack of envelopes on his desk and he sighed. He go t up from his tidy bed and picked up the first letter. It was from Gilan. In one fluid motion, he pulled out his saxe knife and tore open the letter he read the letter and set it down with a sigh. Last time he had seen Gilan, Will had asked Gilan to keep him informed on what was happening with the castle and in the major parts of Araluen. He started reading the letter when commotion came from outsideā€¦