Spoiler Alert: Do not read this if you have not finished watching the third season of Yugioh GX. I'm dedicating this fic to my favorite GX pairing of all time: JadenxYubel. I've seen both the Japanese and English version and this is my way of telling a fun and twisted romance story. I always felt there could have been more romance between the two.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh GX nor its characters.

The King and His Protector


Jaden awoke in his bed with his face covered in sweat. He was back in the Slifer Red Dorm at Duel Academy. It has only been a few days since he got back from the different dimension.

What was that just now? He thought.

He got up and got dressed in his usual Slifer Red Blazer. He went to the nearby sink and splashed his face with some cold water to wake himself up.

Ugh...why do these dreams keep happening?

He trudged out of the Slifer dorm toward the school. His mind would normally be on what he would eat for lunch at the cafeteria but he wasn't thinking about that now. In fact he hadn't thought about food at all for the past several days.

He shook his head a bit trying to clear his thoughts.

He went to class and actually started to pay attention. He was doing so to distract himself from even worse thoughts.

At lunch time he chose a spot in the corner and just sat down with his head on the table. He didn't fall asleep, and his eyes remained wide open. Syrus and Alexis came into the cafeteria a little later and noticed Jaden in his corner. They were a concerned for his well being. After all, it was not like Jaden to loose his appetite and skip lunch.

"Hey Jay? Jay? Are you alright?"

It took a while for Syrus to get Jaden's attention but he got it after about five minutes.

"Wha..what? Oh, Syrus, Alexis, uh, when did you guys get here?"

It was Alexis's turn to worry. She cared about Jaden as friend, perhaps more. For the past few days Jaden had been very distant, not just with the two of them, but with everyone. She was determined to find out what was causing Jaden's internal struggles.

"We were here about ten minutes ago, by the way, you really haven't been yourself lately, are you sure your alright?"

"Yeah..yeah I'm fine. Really!"

But as one probably figured out, the minute Jaden looses his appetite, nothing is fine. Jaden had been having nightmares since he got back, and the reason he was avoiding everyone was that he didn't want his friends to find out what he had been thinking of lately. They'd freak out for one and probably wouldn't talk to him again for a while.

For the past few days since he got back, he couldn't stop thinking about...her.

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