Together Forever

Dark Magician Girl looked a little more happy and excited than usual. With all that was happening lately, Syrus had nearly forgotten that today was going to be the start of their three and a half day trip to Domino City. Syrus had had been planning this trip for some time now, ever since he got back. He received a phone call from Chumley Huffington literally on the first day of school asking him if he and everyone was available on the long weekend coming up if they would like to spend a few days in Domino City. Chumley was on a business trip for Industrial Illusions and since he would be staying there, he thought why not invite his friends. Besides, he was going to be hosting an exhibition for the newest line of cards that Pegasus's company had just completed, and how can his friends miss this?

Syrus was in charge of planning the trip, making their hotel reservations and making all the calls. Chumley had already arranged and paid for the ferry that would take everyone there, so all that was left was to double check who else would be going. Alexis, Blair, Chazz, Jaden and Hassleberry. Had all signed up before hand. Now unfortunately, Dark Magician Girl and Yubel would most likely want to come, but this was still last minute. Syrus wasn't sure what to do. He could call Chumley and ask if he could make two more reservations, but he wasn't too sure of telling him this about four hours right before they were going to leave.

Since she was a technically a duel spirit, she never really interacted with human beings before and was naturally very excited when Syrus said that he was planning a trip for all his buddies to hang out at Domino City. Although she was there when Yugi Muto and Kaiba had the Battle City tournament there, she was only there for the duels so she never really got to see the city. So she decided to use a bit of magic to help Syrus out.

"Don't worry Sy, I'll handle it!" She said.

Syrus looked at her a little skeptically, but nonetheless nodded.

"Oh and by the way Sy, call me Mana from now. I don't want too many people to get the wrong idea, when I'm with you, I'm just a transfer student who happens to be your girlfriend okay?" she leaned forward and rubbed Syrus's hair. He blushed and savored the feeling of her soft hand. Syrus then ran off to find Jaden while she made the final arrangements for herself and Yubel.

Syrus ran to find Jaden and he thought about all the wonderful things he and his super hot-duel monster-disguised-human girlfriend could do together. He and Hassleberry had been there once last year but that was on a school field trip. He didn't enjoy it as much as he wanted to because he was forced into a duel against the society of Light, that was when Sartorious wanted to control people using the Light of Destruction.

But now that that was over, he really wanted to spend some quality time with Mana and show her around. He wanted to show her the arcades, have ice cream with her, and if he was lucky again, he can 'accidentally' spill ice cream on his face and she would lick it off his face.

Jaden and Yubel were walking hand in hand towards the main building of the academy. Or should we say that Yubel was glomping Jaden and making it hard for him to walk.

This was a interesting experience for Jaden. It was certainly a first for him. On one hand he was having a hard time just staying upright because Yubel was putting her weight on him. On the other hand, he thought that he had better keep up with her whims lest she do something drastic as she still retained several of her powers.

Still, he could not deny the fact that she had an incredibly fragrant scent of roses and spices, and the more Jaden walked with Yubel, the more intoxicating her scent became. Yubel also found Jaden more intoxicating as well. Since she became human, she had a renewed love for Jaden, now that she was not weighted down by her wings and the fact she was a demon.

They walked under the main portico of the building and through the large glass doors. Jaden was hoping that Yubel would blend in with the other students and think that she was simply a transfer student and that he was simply showing her around the school. Fortunately, there weren't that many students at all.

Jaden just realized that this was the weekend, and he slapped himself mentally for it. Syrus also came running and nearly plowed into him asking him if he was ready for the trip this afternoon. Jaden felt his mind on overdrive again and realized that he was.

"Oh, so that was why you tripped this morning? You tripped over a bag you had right in the middle of the floor?"

Syrus, "Just checking Jay, oh and Yubel?" he turned to her, who seemed surprised that he knew who she was, "We were planning on going to Domino City this afternoon, and I was thinking of inviting you along, if you're going to be with him, its only fair then right? I know it is kinda abrupt."

Yubel smiled at the chance to be with Jaden in Domino City. She has seem much of Duel Academy and was looking forward to spending time with Jaden somewhere else, and she couldn't believe her luck that she was getting a chance so soon.

"I'll go of course, if it's to be with Jaden!" She said happily and once again pulled Jaden into a hug.

"Okay then!" Syrus then ran past her in the opposite direction presumably to check up on any last minute details.

The ferry arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule and was waiting for everyone to get aboard. Alexis, Blair and Chazz had already arrived with their bags and were waiting for everyone else.

Alexis turned to see Blair running up to her with a duffel bag slung over her shoulder.

"Hey Blair!" she greeted her.

"Hey Alexis! Nice to see you again!"

"I'm so glad Syrus planned this trip out for us. After that little incident in the other dimension I could use a break like this." Alexis said.

"So wait, the Sarge didn't plan this?"

The three turned around to face Hassleberry, a Ra Yellow student with the sleeves torn off his blazer revealing relatively built arms. He too was carrying a duffel bag in one arm.

Chazz spoke first, "Yeah, the kid said something about meeting Chumley in Domino City. Besides why would Jaden plan something like this? At least Syrus can organize his clothes unlike Jaden who can only organize his deck."

"Chazz! Don't you think that's a bit harsh?" Alexis cried out.

Blair giggled and said, "I find it...rather funny! It's true that other than dueling and eating, Jaden can't really do that much else!"

The four of them burst out laughing at her comment because of the relative truth of it all. After a bit more chats here and there they boarded the ferry as well.

Jaden was the last to arrive along with Yubel. Everyone else had already boarded the ferry and a few moments later they were on board.

When Mana saw Jaden and Yubel, she let go of Syrus and grabbed, not hugged Jaden, from Yubel. How she managed to grab Jaden away from Yubel, no one will ever know.

"Jaden! Hehehe! It's been a while! How have you been?" She said as she hugged him like she would a stuffed animal won at an arcade.

Jaden was quite stunned by this sudden transfer of girls. "Um...nice to see you to...uh..uh.."

Before Jaden could finish his sentence he was grabbed away by Yubel.

"Hey! He's mine!" Yubel said to the blonde, literally pulling Jaden away from her, and giving Mana one her 'death glares.

Mana was a bit shocked by the sudden change but not scared of Yubel. "Hehe, don't worry about that, I already have my boyfriend in Syrus right here, she said leaning on Syrus and hugging him from behind. C'mon you two! I really want to meet everyone else again!" And with that she hurried the two indie the ferry.

Syrus showed them where to put their things and he wanted to get everyone together for a briefing.

When the others had gathered in the main cabin, and the ferry was on its way, Chazz had been wondering where Jaden and Syrus was. After a few minutes of waiting, the group heard footsteps and four figures came in, not two.

Needless to say that everyone was shocked to see Jaden with this new girl, especially since Jaden had always been oblivious to Alexis's advances. They weren't surprised to see Mana, whom they had figured was Dark Magician Girl a while back.

Chazz felt the blood rush to his face when he saw Yubel. Chazz and Hassleberry were oogling Yubel but Chazz looked at her in a more skeptical sort of way, as if he has seen her before.

"Hey guys! What's up!? Jaden said with a large, rather forced sort of smile.

Rather than say hi to Jaden, everyone else was more curious with the girl who was still clutching him.

"Who's the lucky girl? Sarge? C'mon, you can tell us!" Hassleberry heckled Jaden.

" is..." Jaden began.

Yubel wasn't going to wait for Jaden so she decided to tell them excitedly. "I'm Yubel, nice to meet you again!"

The response was immediate and predictable. Everyone jumped back several feet and pulled out their duel disks ready to duel her if necessary. Jaden sighed and thought he had to tell them now. After a long winded explanation from Jaden and Yubel that she was here only to be next to her Jaden, and not here to harm anyone or take over their dimension, everyone seemed to calm down, if only a little. To add some reassurance, Mana told them that she'll be sure to keep an eye on Yubel so she won't do anything harmful when they were in Domino City.

So after everyone calmed down, Jaden hoped that at least a few of his friends would except their new and rather imposing new friend. Most of them were still wary of Yubel, Chazz and Hassleberry took to liking her okay.

The only two that still disliked Yubel were Alexis and Blair. Blair disliked Yubel mainly for two reasons. She was the one who took control of her friend Marcel, who left for home with Vice Chancellor Bonaparte, and had him make everyone else in the school suffer. The second reason was that she saw Yubel as competition for Jaden, even if she is supposed to be his girlfriend, she didn't see it that way and now she is steeling him from her.

Alexis had somewhat mixed feelings about the duel monster turned human. On one hand, she too was not really comfortable around her, but if she was here because of Jaden then at least her motives were better than when they were in the other dimension. But now that she was here, she wasn't sure about her feelings for Jaden. She had tried very hard to advance on Jaden trying to show that she had feelings for him but Jaden was completely oblivious to her advances. She thought to herself, did she finally lose out to another girl? Did she not do enough? So it was natural that Alexis could not help but feel jealous of Yubel.

Jaden and his buddies came once before to Domino City but he had always been fascinated by all the locations that Yugi or Kaiba dueled years back. What would he give for a chance to duel either on of them. It was not long that the ferry had reached Domino Port and by then it was already a little after dinner time, and judging from Jaden's rumbling stomach, everyone agreed that they should grab some dinner.

The group walked around for a bit and decided on a simple burger restaurant. Soon the group was seated around a booth with a window seat and looked at their menus. Jaden and Hassleberry settled on a drink, burger and fries, Chazz ordered water and a steak, Yubel decided to go along and order the same burger Jaden did and Syrus and Mana ordered a plate of spaghetti to share.

While they were waiting for their food, the air around the group was a bit awkward. Blair was a jealous of both Mana and Yubel in that their bodies were much more developed than hers. Chazz was still wary of Yubel thinking she might pull a fast one on them. Hassleberry decided to break the silence by asking Yubel why she was always holding Jaden as so far he hasn't seen her actually let him out of her reach since he saw her.

Yubel giggled and explained how she lost Jaden once in their past life, so she didn't want to lose him again. Alexis couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for Yubel now that she heard about how she was separated from Jaden for so long. Hassleberry and Chazz didn't care so much anymore. Besides both of them were hungry and weren't in the mood to discuss the details of Yubel's relationship with Jaden.

Naturally when their food came Jaden dove straight into his burger and fries.

"Hungry as always Jaden?" Alexis teased him before taking a bite of her own meal.

"Hmfhns ahdhfs hmoadlh" Jaden replied.

Yubel decided to watch Jaden eat a little before taking a bite of the burger she ordered. There was something about Jaden and his appetite that she liked. She took a bite of her own burger and found the combination of meat, lettuce, onions, buns, and cheese to be quite tasty. She never really knew what it meant to 'eat' but she figured she could take Jaden in an eating contest. Besides his hunger and appetite to her was more than physical hunger. It was a desire. A deep desire to be with someone and to 'digest' someone.

While Jaden and Yubel were making a hassle on one end of the table, Syrus and Mana didn't really concentrate on their food as much as they on each other. The two took turns at feeding each other meatballs between bites of spaghetti, and giggling when one spilled spaghetti sauce or their faces. They had one moment where they both ate the same strand of spaghetti and had their lips touch each other as they slurped the noodle.

The others were watching them and all laughed as Syrus started blushing furiously. About half an hour later they headed over to their hotel to drop their belongings off. There was still plenty of time so they decided to hit the streets and see the night life of the city. Since they just ate dinner, Jaden was feeling like he was back up at full power and could take on a dozen duelists after another.

Yubel and Mana seemed to be getting along quite nicely and both decided to drag their boyfriends anywhere and everywhere. Mana wanted to try karaoke first and soon they group found a karaoke shop and got a room to themselves. After most of them got a chance to sing and after an hour of a dozen songs and various pitches and tones, they agreed among themselves that Mana was the best on out of the group. What was surprising was they found Jaden was okay at singing, and Alexis wasn't too bad herself. Syrus was to shy and hadn't sung, but the group was not going to leave until he sung, looking at the songs his eyes fell on one and Syrus couldn't help but smile, standing up Syrus walked over to Mana.

"Mana would you sing this song with me?"

The rest of the group including Yubel were surprised by this, but Mana smiled sweetly.

"Sure Sy, I would love to sing with you."

Standing up Syrus and Mana made there way up onto the stage, taking their mikes the music started and Syrus began.



Never knew I could feel like this
Like I've never seen the sky before
I want to vanish inside your kiss
Every day I Love You more and more

Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing
Telling me to give you everything
Seasons may change, winter to spring
But I Love You, until the end of time

Come what may
Come what may
I will Love You
Until my dying day


Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
It all revolves around you


And there's no mountain too high
No river too wide
Sing out this song, and
I'll be there by your side

Storm clouds may gather
And stars may collide
But I Love You, I Love You,
Until the end of time

Come what may, come what may
I will Love You, until my dying day
Oh come what may, come what may
I will Love You, I will Love You


Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place


Come what may
Come what may
I will Love You
Until my dying day.

As the song finished the group were in complete shock at how good Syrus was and how well he matched Mana. Even Yubel was taken aback at how good Syrus and Mana were together and hoped that she and Jaden could be the same. Smiling Syrus turned and faced Mana, but was suddenly tackled to the ground as Mana had charged at him, lying on top of Syrus Mana smiled sweetly and kissed Syrus on both cheeks causing Syrus's face to turn bright red.

"That was beautiful Syrus, you really are a great singer so, thank you."

Syrus was still bright red, but he smiled back.

"No thank you Mana for singing with me."

The couple got up and left the stage and as the group left they all had decided that both Mana and Syrus were the best out of the group.

After they got outside, the lights were coming on in the city as there was little sunlight left.

Mana was still full of energy and wanted to do more tonight, "So what do you guys wanna do now? We still have plenty to do!"

Syrus and the other guys wanted to try the arcade store. They also wanted to check out some of the card stores so see if they can catch a couple of duels and trade some cards. Although Mana had wanted to spend as much time with Syrus as possible, she thought of another idea.

Mana thought that Yubel should have some time away from Jaden to give him some breathing room so she went up to her and asked her, "Hey Yubel? I haven't really gotten a chance to know you yet, so I was thinking how about we have girl's night out with the other girls."

Syrus didn't seem to mind and neither did Jaden. "Sure, I guess we'll all meet back at the hotel say around ten o' clock?"

Yubel was slightly more wary of leaving Jaden, but she had gotten to trust the others more since they first met so she thought she could let go of Jaden for a couple of hours. So the four girls headed out in on direction while the boys headed for the arcade.

Yubel and Mana were chatting together about their boyfriends. While Alexis and Blair were keeping their distance from the two. Surprisingly, the two duel monsters, different in many perspectives, Yubel's controlling and obsessive nature, versus Mana's cheerful and rather flirtatious attitude, seemed to dissipate when it came to Jaden or Syrus.

"I really like stroking his hair, is so soft and fluffy!" Mana was saying off hand.

Yubel replied, "I just really like holding Jaden in my arms he's so warm and cuddly..."

"Not as cuddly as my Syrus!" Mana teased back.

Jaden walked around the park thinking to himself. Normally his mind would be on what he was going to eat next, who his next opponent will be and which cards he wanted to buy at the card shop next. But all that was scrapped aside for now because he couldn't stop thinking of one beautiful and incredibly obsessive girlfriend. First of all he didn't even know what a girlfriend was. Second, now that Yubel finally let go of him to hang out with Mana, he had some time to himself. Lately, ever since Yubel came back, he never really had time to himself anymore. In fact, he was always busy hanging out with his friends and dueling, that he wasn't quite used to just being by himself.

Jaden had told the others after playing some games at the arcade that he wanted to be by himself for a while and that he would meet up with every later. The others simply told him not to be too late, or else they'll have Yubel hunt him down. Jaden sat down on a wooden bench under a street lamp and put his head into his hands and tried to make sense of everything that has happened ever since Yubel arrived. For once Jaden was concentrating on the more deeper aspects and didn't realize that someone was sitting next to him. He felt someone tapping him on the shoulder, and as he looked up he noticed that Blair was sitting next to him.

"Hey Blair, I thought you were with Yubel and the others?"

At the mention of Yubel Blair turns away from Jaden and cross her arms in a huff. Jaden is a bit taken back by this because he and Blair always get on so well, realizing why Blair is acting like this Jaden puts his hand on Blairs shoulder.

"I'm sorry Blair, I don't really know what you are going through, I know that you have feelings for me and it really pains me that I cannot return them, but I want you to know that I will always be there for you as a friend, so please can we get past this?"

Blair didn't say anything and Jaden thought that she was still angry, but then Blair started to cry and before he knew what was happening Blair was holding Jaden and crying into his chest, Jaden puts his arms around her and comforts her. After a few minutes Blair stops crying and wipes her tears away.

"Jaden I'm sorry, I just thought that I would lose you and I couldn't stand it."

"Hey its alright Blair, we're friends so you will never lose me I promise and besides, I already know that your heart belongs to another."

Blair started to blush.

"How long have you known?"

"For a while, I just had a feeling so I hope the two of you are happy."

Blair smiled at Jaden and leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek causing Jaden to blush slightly.

"Thank you Jaden, catch ya later."

Blair ran off giggling leaving Jaden on the bench still red from the kiss. Smiling Jaden was glad that he was able to work things out with Blair, he stood up and he felt another person tap him on the shoulder from behind. Jaden turned around and came to face with Alexis.

"I heard what you said Jaden, that was really kind of you."

She was neither smiling nor frowning. Though she had a look of concern on her face.

"I'm sorry Alexis, the truth is I have known for a very long time that you had feelings for me as well."

Alexis was quite startled by this and took a seat down on the bench, Jaden sat back down on the bench next to her as well.

"Why, if you knew then why didn't you?"

"I-I don't really know, I was... confused and I just couldn't get my head around it, I know that... you have felt the same, but... I was just afraid that if I did anything then there could be a chance that we would lose are friendship, so I was ready to remain as your friend," Jaden said. Although he was talking more to his knees than to Alexis.

Alexis looked down now understanding that even though Jaden had feelings for her, their friendship meant more than that, smiling she puts her hand on to Jaden's, Jaden is taken back by this and looking up Alexis is smiling and before he knows it she has pulled him into a hug.

"Thank you Jaden, our friendship is important to me too, so let's promise that we will always be friends."

Jaden warps his arms around Alexis.

"Thank you Alexis, for understanding me, and I have no doubt that you will find someone and be very happy, and I will be there always as your good friend."

Pulling away from each other, their eyes meet for a moment, and not really understanding or knowing why Alexis leaned closer to Jaden and also kissed Jaden gently on the lips. Jaden went bright red as Alexis broke the kiss. For the second time their eyes met again and one one said anything. Alexis got up and with a small simle said, "See you later Jaden."

Alexis walked away leaving Jaden red again and sitting on the bench. Some time later Jaden stood up and started to walk around the park again trying to find somewhere were he can think alone.

He found a nice quite area in a clearing of the trees, chose a comfortable looking tree trunk and leaned against it. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He found himself thinking about Yubel practically all the time now. To be honest, it was really hard to believe that barely a few weeks ago, he was dueling her in her monster form to stop her from merging all the dimensions into one.

But now, since Yubel had become human, albeit with two mismatching eyes that were would only be possible with contact lenses, Jaden thought differently about Yubel. He understood why Yubel went through all the trouble of hurting his friends, because she wanted to see him again and wanted to be with him.

For once in his life, Jaden started liking something more than dueling. He found himself liking Yubel. He also couldn't help but gawk at her beauty and character. Not only was she just a gorgeous woman, but her tough attitude and one track mind was something that Jaden really admired about her. She had a kind of determination and strength that he himself lacked.

That night after everyone got back to their hotel, amidst much chatting and laughing, Jaden started to smile a little more naturally. He didn't know why exactly, but it felt great that he said he loved Yubel, perhaps, just perhaps, she wouldn't be as possessive with him and give him some space. He thought that was what she wanted to hear from him this whole time.

"Hey there Jaden! I was wondering where you went," Syrus said to him when he finally entered the lobby of their hotel. "Where did you..." Syrus was about to ask where he was but stopped in mid sentence.

Syrus felt that his friend was being rude but thought better of it when he looked closer at Jaden. Jaden looked preoccupied with something. His head was lowered and it looked like he didn't hear anything what Syrus just said. Jaden walked in a dreamy like state and walked right past Syrus. "Hey Jay? Are you alright? Are you up for a duel?"

Add the sound of the word 'duel' Jaden snapped back into reality. "A duel? Sure!"

"No, no Jay, I wanted to get your attention that's all, you seemed a little distant with us the whole time, are you sure you aren't sick or anything?" Syrus asked.

"'s..." Jaden began.

"It's Yubel isn't it?"

"Yeah...I-I decided to confess to her...I can't sidestep this any longer...speaking of which has every came back yet?" Jaden asked the bluenette.

"Everyone got back about fifteen minutes ago, Chazz and Hassleberry went downstairs to check out the hot tub. And Alexis and Blair said something about trying a massage." Syrus explained. The two walked together across the polished floor to the other side of the lobby.

"Okay, um, where is Yubel? Have you seen her?" Jaden gulped at the thought of confessing to her.

"She should be up in your room I think. I thought that Mana was going to reserve two more rooms for herself and Yubel but apparently she didn't."

"Don't worry if I don't have a room for myself Jaden, in fact, I actually like it better this way," said a voice that had the slightest amount of evil.

The two turned around to see Yubel and Mana walking towards them. They both had similar expressions on their faces, a kind of mischevious smile and an air of unprecedented playfullness.

"I don't mind either, I was hoping I would spend the night with Syrus." Mana smiled at Syrus and blew him a kiss causing his face to light up like a Christmas tree decoration.

Jaden was puzzled by this. "Um, what do you mean Yubel?"

"No worries Jay, let's just say that we'll be getting EXTRA close tonight..."

Then both girls grabbed their respective boyfriends and pulled them towards the elevators. The doors slip open and the four stepped inside. Syrus pushed the little plastic button on the side and doors slid closed. As the elevator slowly asended the building, Jaden tried again to organize his thoughts. He thought back to what Yubel had done, and he would still be furious had it not been for the fact that she seemed really lonely this whole time.

He tried to think back if he really was a prince in the past and thought about the promise that he saw his past self made. Jaden wasn't one to break a promise especially if it meant a challenge in a duel. He felt sort of obligated to confess his feelings to Yubel, and he felt that this was the time to do it. The elevator stopped and Jaden walked out onto a long hallway with several doors. His room was at the far end of the hall. He felt like he was walking in a dream and that it was so unreal.

As the two couples reached their respective rooms, Mana parted with Syrus and said to Yubel, "Don't be to rough with him tonight okay? I still want a rematch with him tomorrow!"

"Don't worry, and good night!" Yubel said and pulled Jaden down the hallway again. Yubel opened the door to their room and pulled Jaden in. At this point Jaden wasn't even trying to struggle anymore. He knew that Yubel was going to MAKE his love her back one way or another, he might as well tell her. Besides, it's not like Jaden can escape.

"Y-Yubel? I-I wanted to tell you something..." Jaden stammered as Yubel closed and locked the door behind her.

"Oh are you? Well can you tell me after I take a shower? I want to be sure to refreshed when I hear it! And you better not fall asleep on be before I come out!" And with that Yubel went into the bathroom and got cleaned up.

Jaden couldn't stand still for even a few minutes. He switched off from lying on the bed with his eyes fully open to trying half a dozen positions in the chair next to the window, even lying on the carpet on the floor.

After what seemed like an eternity Yubel got out of the shower wearing only a simple white cotton nightgown. Her long dark blue hair was smooth and silkier than ever and she cocked her head to one side letting her hair tumble around. Jaden was quite speechless but nevertheless motioned Yubel to follow him onto the balcony.

It was a very wonderful sight and a beautiful night for the two. There was a gentle breeze blowing and the night wasn't very cold. The city was glimmering with a rainbow of colors and Jaden really did feel like he was in a dream now.

After a few minutes Yubel asked, "So what is it that you wanted to tell me my sweet Jaden?"

"Well I...I thought about...many things these past few days and..." Jaden began.

Yubel tilted her head in curiousity and leaned closer to him and smiled one of her mischevious evil smiles.

"'s not something I normally say..." Jaden continued. "But I decided...that I'm not going to beat around the bush any longer." And as he continued talking Jaden felt more and more confident talking to her and he turned to her and said, "I...I really love you Yubel! I...I mean it!" Jaden stammered out finally. "I want to continue the...relationship our past selves had. And...well...this past week or so...I...I really feel that I want to get to know you more!"

Jaden gasped for breath as he finished his rather awkward confession and he waited in dread for her reply.

Yubel looked like she was going to explode from happiness and joy. After all these years she finally heard the words she so wanted hear from her beloved Jaden.

"I love you do my sweet, sweet Jaden," she said as she grabbed Jaden with both arms and brought him into their tightest hug yet.

Of course, Jaden would soon find to his loss, or gain, depending on how you looked at it, Yubel was going to be with him even more now. How can he dismiss the point that Yubel was obsessed with him? Just like when he was dueling her, and tried to comfort her and apologize, all she cared about was causing him pain. The pain Jaden was able to handle. He had endured worse, so he wasn't too concerned about that, but what was going to happen tonight, was certainly something that his dueling skills will have no place whatsoever in.

Syrus was sitting inside the bathroom of his & Mana's room, changed into his pajamas. Syrus mind was in turmoil, on the one hand he was afraid of what was going to happen, but at the same time he also felt an excitement he had never felt before. Finally, he gathered his courage and he stepped out of the bathroom, only to find his mouth wide open at the sight of his girlfriend.

Mana has changed into a night dress and is lying on the bed, she smiles at Syrus and walks over to him and takes his hand.

"Don't worry Sy, I don't bite."

Syrus allows Mana to lead him to the bed, suddenly he is thrown onto the bed and turns around just in time to see Mana jump on top of him, Mana's face is only inches away from Syruses causing him to blush bright red, smiling sweetly at him Mana whispers to Syrus.

"Why did you want me to sing that song with you Sy?" She asked sweetly.

"Because every word I said was the truth, I love you Mana and I will until my dying day."

Syrus's and Mana's eyes met and they both gazed deeply into them. Both of them knew that the other cared deeply for them. Suddenly without warning Mana flipped over and Syrus is now on top of her. Mana was shocked at this sudden turn around but was stunned again when Syrus leaned in and kissed her on the lips deeply. Mana was in complete shock at how bold Syrus has become, the kiss lasted for several seconds and when Syrus breaks it he smiles confidently at Mana.

"I love you Mana and I will never let you go or let anyone come between us."

Mana blushed from the change in her boyfriend, and she smiled sweetly at Syrus.

"I love you too Syrus and we will always be together." She said pulling him closer to her body.

Syrus smiles and lies next to Mana allowing her to move closer to him and place her head onto his chest. Lying there with his card crush Syrus smiles knowing that his life will only become better as he drifts off into a peaceful sleep.

She was literally bursting with joy and mischievousness. She had waited a long, long time to get really close to her Jaden, and there was no escape for him. As Jaden changed into his pajamas and got into bed, Yubel stripped down to something more comfortable and started to crawl right on top of Jaden.

"Eh?! Yubel! W-wait, what are you doing?!" Jaden tried to stop move but it was too late, she was already on top of him and advancing.

When Yubel had finally crawled right on top of Jaden and their noses almost touching, she whispered, "I've been waiting a long time for this..."

"Yubel," Jaden said without any particular meaning. Her voice was so smooth and clear and at the same time very exotic and mischievous. The low tone to her voice gave her a beautiful, womanly sound.

He could see farther into the depths of her mismatching eyes when he saw her close up. They were supernatural and and yet the two colors of orange and teal somehow complimented each other. Her tanned skin looked soft and flawless.

"You're so beautiful," Jaden found himself saying softly. It was more along the lines of thinking aloud for him. Her expression was one of shock and flattery. Jaden would normally say something like this under normal circumstances but his cheeks flushed even more when he saw a faint smile form on her lips.

"Jaden..." The words she spoke with that sultry melodic voice of hers were beautiful. He nodded in return; she knew he agreed. Then ever so slowly, she planted a kiss on his lips and for a moment there was only the sound of slurping noises of their lips brushing on each other.

Jaden parted his lips slightly and her lips moved in sync with his. He could feel her warm, moist breath on his lips as he breathed heavily onto her. His body was feeling the effects of an adrenaline rush while her body felt calm and still. Yubel lifted her lips off of his ever so slightly and lowered them to suck on Jaden's full, bottom lip. She sucked lightly at first to see how he would react, and he responded by mimicking her own action on her upper lip. The feeling was so much for them, almost too much. Yubel's sensual kissing sent jolts into Jaden's lower half, and he could feel his heart thumping loudly in his chest. She licked his bottom lip and tasted him, as she had longed so many years to do.

Yubel had the feeling he was being shy. So she responded by sucking harder and rougher, wondering what type of response he could bring out of her. Yubel desired to see him excited and aggressive towards her. The sudden, intense pressure on her lip brought a feminine groan out into the night sky of Domino City.

Jaden felt a rather athletically built arm wrap around his waist pulling him closer to her. He pressed his thin, human upper body into her demonic one. His hands rubbed her rather large, but lean back. He could feel her soft, massive breasts against his chest. They were round and firm as far as he could tell through the thin fabric it felt as if there was no fabric at all. Her hard biceps rubbed against the outside triceps of his arms. Though Jaden was relatively athletic and his body less defined than hers, he could never compare to the strength of hers. The muscles on her stomach and back were the same-hard toned and strong. Yet her body was feminine and womanly still.

Her fine hairs brushed his cheeks as her face was being crushed into his. Jaden found himself breathing heavily onto her dry, warm face. He felt another tongue touch his lightly. Yubel then forced her tongue onto his own hesitant one, and found its way into Jaden's mysterious cavern.

A warm and wet surrounding encompassed her eager tongue. She felt a pressure against it, coming from his tongue, dancing with her own. She moved her tongue more aggressively and grasped Jaden's smaller body tighter and closer to her in response to her ever increasing lust for Jaden. He was becoming a drug to Yubel; the more she tasted him, the more she wouldn't let go.

At long last Yubel finally broke her contact with Jaden who was wide-mouthed and pale. Yubel took this opportunity and half laid herself and hugged Jaden. She felt so warm and he could feel lust and adrenaline building up in her body. Finally she laid her own head right next to Jaden's and his shoulder.

As the two drifted off to sleep in the dream world, both of them shared the same dreams and thoughts. After what felt like an eternity and being worlds or even dimensions apart, the two were finally together again, this time forever, the king and his protector.

The End

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