7 Deadly Sins-

7 Deadly Sins-








7 students are forever marked.

At sixteen years old a girl begins to know her place in the world. Though it is not clearly marked or set in stone she knows who she is and what she wants. I am Odessa Daphne Davidson, a short tempered Gryffindor student. The story that I am about to tell is buried deep with in the halls and minds of the inhabitants of Hogwarts. Between the chaos and laughter; misery and joy this is our story. I warn you all happiness is short lived, but all happiness lives forever.

Dessa D. Odd Ball

I walk on to the platform right as the whistle blows, but this doesn't cause my pace to quicken. No, I stroll among the many parents gathered and throw my trunk on the train. It won't leave yet; I walk down the train quite at easy with the fact the break now squeaked into life.

"Dessa! As usual if you don't get your butt on this train I will drag you by your hair to Hogwarts." I look up, and was not at all surprised to see Lily glaring down at me from a window. I smiled with my hands in my pockets stopping in my tracks.

"I am enjoying my last few seconds of freedom, my dear. Let me bask in the moment." Lily was about to utter another complaint when the train veered into life and moved forward. I stood there and laughed at her face as the train began to stroll by. I wait ten seconds and as the handle to the door passed me I grabbed hold and pulled myself onto the moving train. I fixed my jacket and walked down the hall trying to find which compartment Lily had stuck her head out of. I came to one and opened the door; to my dismay it was not Lily instead it was the Marauders. I was close; knowing James Lily was probably in the next compartment over.

"Damn." I muttered knowing now I would have to deal with there new year antics. "Ok, which compartment is Lily in?" I asked staring directly at James.

"What makes you think I would know?" He says casually hiding whatever him and his friends had been looking at.

"If you don't then your stalking skills are clearly failing you." I said leaning on the door frame. His eyes narrowed under his glasses.

"I do not stalk her." He said in a normal tone, but I could detect the hostility.

"Right…..Well then any idea at all because I do not wish to search the whole damn train." There was a pause as he thought over whether or not to help me. However I no longer needed his answer because…

"You bitch! I swear one of these days your sorry arse is going to be left on the platform!" I smiled and turned to face an angry Lily. She stood with her hands on her hips her eyes glaring furiously.

"Oh Lily, I could never get that lucky." I told her, and she rolled her eyes embracing me in a hug.

"Hello, Evans." James piped up, and Lily turned her attention to him.

"Morning, Potter, Lupin, Black, Pettigrew." She addressed them in a civil manner, but it wouldn't last long. It never did. Black didn't look up; he had grabbed whatever James had hidden earlier and was flipping threw it quite contently. Lupin was half asleep against the window, and Pettigrew was devouring random candies on his lap.

"Why don't I ever get a hello?" I whined.

"Hello is a greeting to start a conversation. However no one wants you around long enough to talk to you." Black said with out looking up from his magazine. I scoffed and plopped down next to him.

"Aw. As long as I know I make you miserable I will always be here." I offered sweetly trying to peer at the magazine which he quickly held out of view. "Are you reading playboy?" I laughed as remained silent. Of course he wouldn't answer. "Oh right my bad. Playgirl." At this he showed me the magazine; Wizards of Wealth, the family edition. Basically it was a bunch of powerful men exploiting their families, and then the editors picked out the hots and the nots. Black had been gawking at the top ten hottest heiresses.

"You should learn a thing or to from them Odd Ball. Then you may get a hello." He laughed at his own joke and flipped the page before his eyes widened. My mouth dropped in horror of what was on the page.

"Give me that!" I yelled lunging for the magazine. Black began to laugh as he fell backwards on to James holding the magazine out of my reach.

"You like to be on top. That maybe useful to know." He began to mock me and before jumping off of him in disgust I punched him in the stomach. He groans and flipped onto the floor. James quickly grabbed the magazine, and read the article.

"Odessa Daphne Davidson, sixteen, The middle daughter of Monty Davidson, is second best only to her older sister, Anya, twenty-three. Odessa…."

"James I swear you read one more word and I will blow your head off your shoulders." I threaten pointing my wand at him. James lowers the magazine and tried to stifle his laughter.

"Aw. What's the matter beautiful?" Black was to the point of tears laughing on the ground. I kicked him in the ribs quickly stifling his giggles. I turned on my heels and Lily followed. We made our way back to the compartment she was in.

"I tried so freaking hard not to get on that list! Hell I got a tattoo!" I yelled in rage. I hated being compared to my sister. Anya, oh how she frustrated me. She pranced around flaunting her flawless face and blonde ringlets. Her eyes causing people to melt, and HA! The only thing her eyes did was make me want to Avada Kadavra myself.

"Dessa you can pull off a tattoo. "Lily told me, and I sighed. Yes, maybe I could, but it wasn't suppose to get me on the list. Unlike my sister my hair was shoulder length honey brown with chocolate brown eyes. "Besides tattoos aren't that bad."

"I know! But I thought this one…..I don't know!" The one I got actually wasn't that bad it was a flaming heart with a keyhole in the center, and it was one my left hip. I showed Lily the tattoo; it was the first time she had seen it.

"Where did you put the key?" She asked, and I dropped my shirt back down.

"There is no key." Plain and simple it was a heart that could not be unlocked.

"Of course. God forbid The Great and Powerful Odessa Davidson become vulnerable to another." I sat down across from Lily and smiled.

"Of course, but you are one to speak. You don't give Potter the light of day." She was less then amused with my mention of her messy hair stalker.

"Potter is a cocky big headed git. If I were to even glance at him he thinks it's a confession of love."

"It is Lily because secretly we all know you desire him." Mary MacDonald laughed steeping into their compartment.

"Hey." I said to Mary as she sat down next to me.

"I do not desire Potter!" Lily's eyes blazed with fury as Mary and I exchanged a look.

"You love him! Evans and Potter sitting in a tree…." Whack! A hand connected with my head.

"Love the leading cause of war." Another swing and Lily had hit Mary. Mary's blonde bob went whipping in her face at the slap. I looked at Mary who smirked. Lily was shocked when we tackled her. We had her pinned to the seat I had one arm and a leg as did Mary.

"Lily, we'll let you go….."

"But on one condition…." Lily was struggling against us, but she couldn't do anything. I could pin her down by myself if I wanted to. Finaly she sighed angrily.

"What?" She spat.

"You must say we are the supreme rulers and you are our minion." I told her happily.

"No way in hell!" She yelled struggling again.

"Fine, then you have to say yes to Potter." Mary laughed evilly, and Lily started to kick harder.

"I will never say yes to…."

"Petrificus Totalus" A spell caught me off guard and I was sent flying into the wall. My body completely locked together.

"POTTER!" I yelled trying to break free of my restrains.

"Way to go he-man. You saved her from the dragon I hope you can deal with the fire." Mary got off of Lily and sat back down watching the drama unfold.

"Potter, What the hell! Release her!" Lily screamed jumping to her feet, and Potter looked completely stunned at her reaction.

"But she was…."

"Joking! You ignorant git!" As the two argued I grabbed my wand with the tips of my bound fingers.

"Flipendo!" James was knocked out of the compartment and into the hall. I unbound myself and stood over him. He rubbed his head and tried to get up, but my wand was in his face. "Here's the fire, Potter." He reached for his wand, but it was lodged under my foot.

"Get off of me!" Someone had come behind me and was no restraining my arms to my sides.

"Odd Ball, seriously there is four of us and three of you. You had to expect he had back up." Black mocked before picked me up and moving me so Potter could get up. Potter was on his feet, but this time his wand was at my throat.

"You little bitch." He spat angrily rubbing the back of his head.

"You started it!" I yelled people had begun to gather in the halls. It was an amusing site. I was being restrained by Black with Potter's wand annoyingly poking my throat while Lily had her wand pointing a Potter and Mary had hers point at Lupin and Pettigrew.

"Flipendo!" Potter was back on the ground again.

"Merlin Evans! I don't even get a warning!" He cried again, and Lily smirked.

"All is fair in love and war."

"Ahh! So you do admit you love me!" A lope sided grin bloomed on his face; his glasses were askew. Lily turned red realizing what she had just said.

"She loves me more!" I sang kicking Potters leg. He scrambled backwards avoiding the steaming red head and my flaying feet. Black's hand crept a little higher as he tried to restrain me better. Pop! My elbow flew back and nailed him in ribs and he clutched his stomach and fell.

"You perverted git!" Lily and I began to release spell after spell on the two as they coward on the ground. Lupin fired one spell before Mary bounded him to the ground. Pettigrew tried to release Lupin only to find himself falling next to him. Black grabbed his wand and a ray of light grazed my arm. Anger boiling I go to release another curse; the crowd had dispersed, and no one noticed a Teacher walking up behind us.

"Well, Well, Well." We all froze. "Evans, Davidson, and Macdonald never thought I'd have the pleasure of giving you three detentions the first day back." Professor Coyer sneered. She teaches Astronomy, and had to be the vilest teacher. Her gray hair was in a tightly fastened pony tail and her nose stuck so far up in the air if it were to rain she would probably drown.

"Professor I…."

"No, you are to all meet for detention tomorrow after noon in my classroom after classes. Failure to do so will mean severe punishment." She held up her sickly skinny hand at Lily. Hogwarts Professor was not aloud to take blood into account, but I swear this one did. Being a half blood she despised pure bloods and muggleborns. "Good day." With that she turned and walk back to her corridor.

"Skinny stuck up bitch." I muttered undoing the curses I had placed.

"Way to go you prats!" Mary yelled.

"Us! You're the ones throwing curses!" Lupin yelled back.

"Whatever we got detention big deal! I'm pissed because we were winning!" I pouted glaring at Black as he stood.

"Winning? The Marauders do not get beat by beauty queens."

"The Marauders. Aw you guys still call yourself by a group name. How cute?" Mary laughed and ruffled Pettigrew's hair. Pettigrew snarled at her, and she began to laugh harder.

"You can all go to hell!" Black screamed as he stalked back into their compartment.

"With you were already there!" I sung walking back to my own compartment. Lily and Mary followed muttering angrily to themselves.

"Tomorrow is going to be a living hell with them." Lily growled plopping back down on her seat.

"Yea! We are going to be stuck there for god knows how long!" Mary whined sitting next to her. I smiled and lay across the seat in front of them.

"What are you so happy about?" Mary placed her feet on top of my legs as I sighed happily.

"In hell there is sin, and with sin there are opportunities." I laughed. Lily leaned in closer and Mary put her feet down in fear of her safety.

"What do you have in mind?" Lily grinned, and I smirked rest my head on my folded hands.

"Fire, my dear. There will be fire…."

Ok so I hope you liked this. I have a hard time writing Harry Potter because there is always so much information to use. So if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. Hope you enjoyed. Italianamerican