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'She's noticed me watching her for the fifth time day' thought Takeru Takashi as he stared at his brown-haired best friend. He was worried out of his mind. He had seen her collapse at the entrance of the school earlier this morning and knew the one thing that could have caused it. She was sick, again! This was the third time in a row that she had collapsed at school in two weeks! He had a bad feeling that they were about to be sucked back into the digiworld again. It had been five more years since the end of defeating Malomyostismon and ever since, whenever Hikari got constantly sick like this it happened. He sighed to himself as the bell rung and Hikari rushed to get out of the room. He walked up and her his hand on her shoulder.

"Ya know if you try to escape like that I'll try and catch you, right," said Takeru, slowly whispering it in her right ear.

Hikari turned around to look at Takeru face-to-face and said, with some disappointment, " I can never win, can I."

"Nope," said Takeru, cheerfully, " Now, have you had any contact with the digital world, yet?"

Hikari shook her head slowly, then said, " But, I've had this feeling that it will be soon and lager than any of the problems before." Takeru sighed but, excepted the facts.

"Have you talked to anyone else yet?" asked Takeru, now heading with Hikari to her locker.

" Most of the older dig destined have figured it out I think, but I haven't talked to talked to anyone else," Hikari told him, honestly. Takeru sighed again and watched her spin the combination on her locker. Then, let out a small chuckle.

" What's so funny?" asked Hikari.

"You still use the same locker combination as you did when we were eight," Takeru said, trying not to laugh.

"You still remember the combination," Hikari said, a little startled.

"Well, yeah," said Takeru, " Now, we need to tell the other about your little discovery."