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Takeru grabbed her hand tightly as they moved through the crowd. It was a busy Saturday morning and they were going to a meeting with the other digidestined after Takeru asked for a meeting. Takeru had wanted to talk to Hikari before they had left for the meeting and now they were going to be late. Takeru's bike was sitting chained up at the bottom of his apartment building. Hikari stopped in front of it while Takeru unhooked it from the chains and started it up.

He hopped onto it and gestured to the back of his bike and a short, "Well, get on." Hikari climbed onto the back of the bike and warped her arms around his waist and snuggled her head into his back. And with that Takeru started off.

"Nee..., Takeru," whispered Hikari, "why do we have to tell them?" Takeru pulled his bike off the road and looked at her surprised and confused.

"What did you ask?" inquired Takeru, a little shocked.

" I asked, why do we have to tell them," answered Hikari, a little more definite.

"Because they are also digidestined and they have the right to know if they're friends are in danger."

Then, he added softly, "Why do you ask?"

Hikari looked at him and turned her gaze away from him, her eyes down casted, " Because I feel like they can't do anything to fix the problem and they would only get hurt if they did, but only the new digidestined." She looked up the see Takeru's gazing worryingly at her.

Then he asked, " Does this have something to do with digiworld's history?"

"Yeah, I think so," replied Hikari, putting her eyes down to the ground , again. With that, Takeru face turned into a frown.

"Unfortunately, there's no getting around it," commented Takeru after a little bit. Hikari looked back up at him and gazed at his pondering face. Now eighteen, Takeru had begun to have a little of the fuzz that starts a beard. Hikari looked at how much he had grown since they were little kids and how hot he had grown since they were little kids. Now focused into deep thought, his blue eyes were kind of glazed and had remarkable depth to them.

"And why not," asked Hikari, with some strong disappointment with the question.

Takeru turned his blue eyes on her and replied, " Because they're a lot of hard headed people in the group that will also figure something is wrong and once we tell them what's going on, it'll be too late and they'll be no turning back."

"But, once we explain that, wouldn't they probably accept that and leave?" asked Hikari, innocently.

"That didn't stop us now did it," pointed out Takeru, with some, but only a little bit of, regret.

"Yeah, that is true," Hikari agreeded, " But, we can still try."

"We can try," Takeru said, but with the voice of someone who know it is not going to work. And with that they finished driving towards the park that everyone was at. Takeru and Hikari drove up and takeru let out another small sigh realizing that everybody could make it.