Author's Note: These will be little things from Aang's POV.

The air was pulled from his lungs and for the first time in his young life Aang couldn't control his element. It wasn't true. It's couldn't be true. The charred remains of his beloved mentor were not in front of him. The skeletons of fire nation soldiers all around, their weapons and armor rusted from age were not there.

None of it was true. Aang's mind tried desperately to dismiss everything he was seeing as just a dream or a hallucination.

Yes, that had to be it. Perhaps being in the iceberg for as long as he had been had caused lingering effects that he was not aware of. For after all, fire benders did not have flying bison.

But the wind kicked up and swept the comforting thought from Aang's mind. He could hear the yelling, the sound of fire being blasted from extended hands, smell the burning flesh and death.

"Gyatso." He whispered.

The boy sank to his knees, sobs wracking his slender frame. He had deserted them. His people needed him and he wasn't there to save them. To protect them.

He had failed them.

And that was almost more painful than seeing the death and destruction in front of him.