alphabetasoup Mythology Prompts List - Part 3

A : Ares

There were splashes of blood all up the steps (not his), and deep rents in the front door, which was currently resting crookedly on one hinge. The couch was, quite simply, shredded, and the pool table had lost a leg and most of the balls. The eight-ball was buried in the wall above the desk, next to the snapped-off blade of what was probably a battle axe at one point. Bloody footprints (his, this time) led off to the back rooms, where the sound of running water was punctuated by cheery, if off-key, whistling.

Just another day in the life.

- - -

D : Dionysus

He swirled the red wine in his glass, gaze drifting out the arched window to the sliver of moon hanging in the sky. Not long now, and the final stage of the plan would begin. As much as he hated working with the repulsive man, he had to admit, Arkham knew what he was doing. When those mismatched eyes turned his way, Vergil brought his attention back to the room. Arkham raised his own glass in a toast.

"To the future."

The chink of the glasses colliding echoed through the room. Vergil took a small sip. He'd never liked wine.

- - -

K : Kali

Those strangely shaped bells, one for each sin, had caught his eye on his way through the tower, as he passed each one in turn. Wrought from some hellish metal, blackened as though with smoke and soot, they stood watching over the twisting paths of Temen-ni-Gru, heralds of destruction. Each malicious countenance twisted with demented, dangerous emotions, the sins of mankind. Envy. Wrath. Greed. Sloth. Lust. Gluttony. Pride. Each one waiting for the chance to ring loud, ready to summon absolute chaos, the likes of which had been absent from this world for far too long.

Let the bells toll.

- - -

O : Olokun

In a way, they were two sides of a coin, or two facets of a mirror. A single soul, split in two. One was calm, like a lake under the morning sun, never showing the life and death struggles going on beneath its glassy surface. One was loud, rough and obvious, belying an inner calm and acceptance like the depths of an ocean in a storm. They clashed at times, but in essence, they were one and the same, even when the ice started encrusting the breaking waves, and the still lake burst from its boundaries in a furious torrent.

- - -

W : Wyvern

He rounded the corner of the building and took the scene in with one sweep of his eyes. Then he forced himself to take another look. Yep, still the same scene – a massive green dragon perched in a pile of smouldering beams that could have passed for a house minutes ago, a scattering of corpses like leaves on the ground, a circle of brave or insane uniformed men wielding pistols, shaking in their boots. Looked like something straight out of a fairytale. Only thing missing was a knight in shining armour and a gorgeous princess.

"Somebody order a happy ending?"

I'm sorry for the really really long delay! *bows* I've been working on these in dribs and drabs, and what with school and other hobbies getting in the way, I just never uploaded them. And yeah, nearly two years to work on these, and I only have five hundred words to show for it, I know it's bad. Forgive me.