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Best Friends Forever…Plus Twins?!

Chapter 1: Too Shy to Speak

"Ow! Cut it out, Suboshi!" Amiboshi hissed as his younger twin bonked him on the head during Biology.

"Pay attention then, you dope," Suboshi whispered back to his elder brother, sticking his tongue out afterward.

The truth was Amiboshi really couldn't pay attention. He was totally fixated on the girl in the third row with the maroon hair and beautiful emerald eyes. Miaka Yuki, he sighed to himself in his thoughts. How I wish I could get up the courage to talk to you. Suboshi, noticing his twin's glazed looked, followed his eyes until he finally figured what he was looking at. Glancing back to his brother, whose gaze had not left the girl, he only shook his head.

Miaka could feel a pair of eyes watching her. She knew not who it was, but she could feel it. She turned around to see if she could find out who she felt staring. When he saw Miaka spin around and look, Amiboshi quickly straightened up and pretended to pay attention to the lecture. Her eyes scanned the rows behind her and two people caught her eye. Twins?! She thought to herself as she faced forward, trying not to stare. She scribbled something down on a piece of paper and passed it to a blonde next to her.

The blonde girl looked behind her, but quickly turning around after catching the eyes of Suboshi who just so happened to be looking in her direction. She grinned shyly and waved to the object of her attention. He smiled and nodded his head in the manner as if he was saying, "'Sup?" She faced the front once more, smiling hard and blushing. "Yui," Miaka whispered. "Yui, are you okay?" Yui leaned over to her friend and replied, "One of them looked at me!" Miaka gasped and smiled eager to know which one. Just as she was about to say, the school bell rang, signaling everyone that they were dismissed from school. Everyone bolted out of the classroom, but six: Miaka, Yui, the twins, the professor, and one mysterious dark-haired student who appeared to be sleeping.

Amiboshi and Suboshi walked through the halls of Jonan High School, heading for their lockers to pick up their other homework. The elder of the two, still lost in thought over the girl he admired, remained silent as he retrieved his books. Suboshi, noticing his twins extensive daydreaming and growing tired of the silence, spoke up. "We're new here, Ami. She's not gonna go for the new guy. No girl ever goes for the new guy." They closed their lockers and started to walk toward the exit of the school. "Besides, who'd want a pussy like you?" Suboshi laughed socking his brother in the shoulder.

"Su," Ami sighed lowering and shaking his head, "what the hell am I gonna do with you?"

Five minutes later, Miaka and Yui emerged from the same exit, talking and laughing loudly about everything. Miaka's mind went back to Biology and the twins she'd seen. "So, did you see the twins?" Miaka asked smiling and nudging Yui playfully.

"Yes I did," Yui said with a sensual sigh. "Coincidentally, one of them was looking at me when I turned around. He caught me off my guard, but boy was he smoking hot!"

"You are just too much," Miaka giggled as they made their way home.

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