Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants--Bridget in Trouble

Bridget couldn't believe it. She sat on her bed holding the pregnancy test that read positive. She and Eric had always been so careful, she didn't understand how this could happen. She threw the test across her bedroom and slipped under the covers. A few hours later, Bee awoke. By her bed stood her twin brother Perry.

"Your friends called about a million times today. They wanted to know where you were." said Perry.

"Not now. I don't feel well." said Bee.

Bee hated being mean to her brother, but under these circumstances she thought, "What the hell."

"Bee, you have to tell us what's wrong." said Tibby later that night on the phone.

Bridget really wanted to tell her, but she was ashamed. She thought her friends would be mad, or worse, stop talking to her all together.

"Tibby, I can't tell you right now. Please don't be mad. " cried Bee on the phone.

"Bee, I could never be mad at you. I just wish that you would tell me, so that I can help you." said Tibby.

"Thanks Tib." said Bee right before she hung up the phone.

As soon as Tibby hung up the phone, she heard voices coming from downstairs. One belonged to her mother and the other was "Eric?"

What would he want? He never really talked to any of the Septembers unless Bridget was with them. She raced downstairs thinking that Eric had come to deliver some bad news about Bridget, and found him talking to her mother standing by the front door.

"Oh. Hi sweetie. I was about to call you down. Eric here needs to talk to you about something." said Mrs. Rollins.

Tibby just stood there looking at the two of them.

"Honey. Did you hear me?" Eric needs to talk to you." said Mrs. Rollins.

Tibby went over to Eric.

"I'll give you guys some privacy, so you can talk." said Mrs. Rollins.

"So, what's up?" asked a curious Tibby as soon as her mother was out of sight.

"Have you've seen Bee lately?" asked Eric.

"Well, I haven't seen her, but I just got off the phone with her just a second before I heard your downstairs." said Tibby.

"Did she say anything to you?" asked Eric.

"No. She won't talk to me." replied Tibby.

"She won't talk to me either." said Eric.

A couple of hours later Perry walked into Bee's room with a bowl of cereal. She was still asleep and decided he didn't want to wake her up, so he left it on her computer desk. He saw that Bridget was shivering and decided to go find another blanket for her. He saw a pile of clothes on the floor, and decided to check there first to see if there was a blanket underneath all that mess. As he was looking through, he found a white stick that was just lying right under the first pile he removed to start looking for a blanket. He picked it up at read the stick. He could clearly see that it was a pregnancy test. On it, it read positive.

"Bee! What the hell is this?" said Perry.

Bee slowly opened her eyes and saw what Perry was holding. She shot up out of bed, and grabbed the stick out of his hands.

"What were you doing?" asked Bridget.

"I was trying to bring you something to eat, because you haven't had anything to eat today, and I find you shivering, so I decide to try and find a blanket in your room." said Perry.

"Please don't tell dad." said Bridget.

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