AN: Sequel to Lust and Blood. Lemon/s to come - still in progress. Sorry, I didn't really intend to write a sequel, but got lots of support for one (thanks fellow FF'ers!), so here it is. Hope you like it – maybe not as much as the original or maybe even more. Thanks so much for reading!

Oh, and I do not own these characters. They're alllll Stephenie Meyer's!

I awoke early the next morning. It was foggy and gray outside Edward's bedroom window, not yet dawn. Before I even opened my eyes, the events of the previous night washed over me like a dream. Was it a dream? I almost wasn't sure until I realized my body felt tight and sore. I sighed and smiled with the discomfort. It was worth this small sacrifice to awake and feel so close to Edward. I opened my eyes.

Edward was looking at me with love, concern. He seemed almost wary. I smiled at him. "Good morning," I whispered as I reached my hands out for him. His smile shone back at me like the sun which had yet to rise and pulled me into his embrace.

"Bella, my love," he released a deep breath. "I've been waiting for you to wake. Are you okay? I love you. I've been so concerned…" He spoke quickly, looking deeply into my eyes.

My head was still foggy with sleep, but was he really asking me if I was okay? Okay? I was great, I thought, happier than I even imagined possible. I was with him, waking up with him, knowing we were moving forward and still reveling in the feelings he had created in me the night before.

"Edward. I'm better than okay! Last night…" My gaze dropped as I blushed with the memory. I heard him chuckle, but when I looked up to meet his eyes, he glanced away quickly. A coy smile on his lips. "Last night was perfect and I," I stumbled over my words. How did I tell him that I would never, ever in a lifetime of forever, love anyone as much as I did him? How did I tell him that my stomach was already in knots just remembering his touch on me, in me? "I love you so much," I finished lamely.

He looked at me then and tenderly stroked my cheek with the back of his hand. He pulled me closer and kissed my cheek, moving his lips down to kiss my neck just below my ear. I shivered. "Ahhh, YOU are perfect."

My hands traced the smooth skin of his chest. I wanted to ask if he was okay, if he was scared of what we had done, if he was happy. I felt shy suddenly. Still so in love with Edward, but surprised by the person he had shown me to be – a person consumed with fire, with passion, with need. I wondered if I had pushed things too far by forcing him to taste my blood. I felt my insides flip over as I remembered it. I had been brazen and it thrilled me now.

"Umm, last night… are you okay with last night? We know I am, but…" I was terrified to ask. "Are you?"

He lifted my chin up and squarely planted a kiss on my lips. It was deep, sweet, full of promises. He brushed my hair off my face and over my shoulder. "You are positively absurd, Isabella Swan." He flashed a crooked smile at me. "I would say I'm even more in love with you, but that isn't possible."

I melted hearing his words, his voice rich and velvety. "But I think we have some matters to attend to. I think you may need a human moment this morning and I would very much like to aid you," Edward rushed through the last of his reply.

"Aid me?" I asked. His eyes lit up, full of mischievousness. "Well, I thought you might like a hot bath. I thought you may feel a bit uncomfortable. I want to bathe you, Bella." He announced, looking pleased with the idea and nervous to hear my answer.

Again, I blushed. This time, furiously.