Characters property of Stephenie Meyer. Sadly. Definitely not mine!

Didn't mean to leave a cliffhanger, but I'm wrestling with the ending. Updates soon!

I hesitated. How did I answer him? By being modest, sweet and quiet? Did I shock him by saying exactly what I wanted? Namely, him, INSIDE me? His demand, so coyly stated, had made me dizzy with desire. As I struggled to find my words, Edward once again found my clit and stroked it. "I'm waiting, Bella," he said as I gasped. I tried to press against his hand, but he had moved to wrap his hands around my hips. He was teasing me and – much as I wanted to tease him right back – I was in no state to deny him anything.

"Take me back to your room," I tried to sound forceful, but my voice came out as a rasp. Edward placed a small kiss atop my shoulder and rose up. He lifted me out of the bath, wrapping me in a soft towel before carrying me back to the bedroom.

He smiled at me as he laid me down on the bed. "Well… wasn't there something you wanted to tell me?" A small chuckle. He was enjoying this!

I sighed. "Come here," I whispered. He remained standing, almost smirking at me, and knowing he had me in his control. "That's an easy request," Edward answered as he slid onto the bed next to me. Without hesitation, I reached out and wrapped my hand around his erection. His eyes widened, surprise evident in them. "Two can play at this game, Edward," I said as I began to stroke him.

He laughed and then moaned as I tightened my grip on him. His eyes closed, I shrugged out of the towel to press closer to him, raising my chin to kiss him. "Ohh, Bella…," he sighed. He was moving back and forth in my palm. He felt so good to me. So smooth.

He opened his eyes to look at me. His eyes were serious, but his lids were heavy. He raised a hand as though to cup my face, but dropped it back to his side, fist clenched, eyes closing again. His breathing was shallow, ragged. "Does this feel good, Edward?" I whispered in his ear, pressing my breasts against his marble chest. I sucked his earlobe as I moved back to look at him.

Edward opened his eyes again, staring into my own. His tongue darted out to lick his lips. Suddenly, he pulled me to him, pushing his tongue into my mouth, his hands digging in my hips, fingers pressing tightly against my ass. He still moved in my hand as I stroked him, but suddenly it was I who was moaning. I struggled to keep my pace – I wanted to feel him come – but my body was reacting so strongly to him. I just wanted to wrap my arms around his neck and climb on him.

His hands rose and cupped my breasts. I shuddered. His left thumb flicked my nipple and I felt a droplet escape my center and run onto my leg. I fought to keep my tongue in my own mouth even as I began to suck his. Edward moaned deep in his throat and I felt myself become wetter still. "Yes! Yes, it feels good, Bella… my God…," he whispered, pulling back from our kiss.