Title: Beyond

Author: Rashaka

Doctor Who Spoilers: 1x13, The Parting of the Ways

The Dark Tower Spoilers: vaguely books 1-3, but mostly for the imagery of the tower, no plot or character spoilers.

Summary: What does Rose see she when she looks ... into the heart of the Tardis? A brief crossover with Stephen King's Dark Tower series.


"What happened?"
"Don't you remember?"
"There was singing."

"Rose! What's happening? Rose!"

Mickey's voice is fading into the light, and the light is burning into Rose.

She can feel it first in her eyes, then in all the shivering parts of her body. She can feel the blood and the organs within her body burn with light. She can taste it on her tongue like sugar and smoke. She can taste light—she is light.

Images slam into her mind, thrusting upon her consciousness the concepts of



and above all things


Everything is dying. Every object in the universe is being worn to shambles from here to eternity.

Everything dies.

Little Red Riding Hood lost the path, but all paths lead to the Beam.

Time ends.

All time travelers are wolves.

And then the singing begins.

The rose is the key and the key opens worlds.

It pours into her ears and mind like a waterfall of sound. Every moment of laughter, every strike of a drum, every cry of an infant, every tolling of a bell. Chimes. Thousands of chimes ringing a terrifying and beautiful sound that she never imagined existed in the universe.

The singing and the light are the same. Rose knows this, because she can see it. She can taste the light and she can see the sound of the chimes, and the universe sings with her.

Time shifts, or maybe it's Rose that shifts, but she stands now in a field of roses. A bloodbath of souls in the shapes of flowers that grows beyond her comprehension of distance. Red roses, a galaxy of red roses, and they sing to her.

In the center of the roses, in the center of the world, there is a tower. It is tall and black and Rose—who can see all things because she is not blind and foolish Red Riding Hood, she is the Wolf, and she has always been the Wolf, but she does not serve the Crimson King— knows it as the heart of all things.

The singing becomes a voice and the chimes become words and Rose reaches out a hand to brush the petals of a bloom. Its touch sings of the man she loves, the man the rose loves.

The single rose shimmers, glows.

The human girl called Rose listens as the TARDIS speaks.



Author's comments:
So Rose looks into the heart of the TARDIS... and maybe that's the heart of time and space, the heart of the universe, of creation. And what's at the heart of the universes? The Dark Tower. This probably doesn't make much sense if you haven't read The Gunslinger and the The Drawing of the Three at least, but if you have, it should make sense. A twisted sort of sense.