Disclaimer: I do not own Lilo and Stitch

Disclaimer: I do not own Lilo and Stitch.

Well, here's another story I'm putting out here. I hope you all enjoy it. I'm not going to go into the plot or anything here; I'll let the story speak for itself.

Price of Loyalty

By: Skipper1313

Chapter 1: Ayron

"Ayron Angel; you have…"

Don't bother listening to the rest of this guy; I mean, why listen to someone who screws up the first word out of their mouth? My name is pronounced 'I-rune', not 'air-on' or anything like that. Quite a few people screw up my name, and it's really annoying. At least the guy knows how to say the word 'angel' correctly. Anyway, if you were to finish listening to that windbag, you'd probably hear that I had been convicted of high treason 'against the crown': treason against King Stitch, with my punishment being a hanging, if you haven't figured that out by me standing up here on the gallows. You'd probably think that it wouldn't do much, since we're indestructible and all, but they take precautions so I, or anyone else, can't escape; even though some of us are indestructible, we still need to breathe to survive.

If you looked back at my life a couple weeks ago, you'd be surprised to find me standing here. After all, I am the eldest son of King Stitch himself. I may not be happy about that, but it is true; I'm one of the King's sons. I can see my three siblings standing up by my father right now, looking down at me. They look fairly pleased to see me standing here; I can't say I blame them, as I have caused them a fair bit of trouble recently. However, what we think aside, I think you should hear me out, and make your own judgments about me, my family, and the society I live in. After you get all the facts, think of me as you will, but I believe everything I have done has been the right thing to do. It's hard for me to remember exactly when this whole thing started, so I'll head back a ways in this story.

Several Weeks Ago

I sat in my chair as usual, trying to sort through all of the boring paperwork in front of me. I hated Mondays, and this was the main reason. I never managed to make it through the entire stack, which could reach about six hundred pages in a bad week, without a serious amount of caffeine in my system. I was almost through, and I knew that the easiest part would be coming up soon: the execution orders. I had to laugh every week as I saw a few dozen or so cross my desk: I had made my stance against executions and the death penalty very clear, but they still continued to ask me for my approval. True, I could be paid a decent sum to look the other way, like with most of my rules, on the rare occasion, or if the man was a mass murderer or something. I finished the pile, it had taken me a good three hours, and handed it off to my servant, a robot built by my own four paws. Stretching a bit, I walked out of my office, and into the rest of my ship.

I had completely forgotten that I was on my personal transport ship; my paperwork can do that to me. I remembered that we were heading off to another Senate meeting, we being my advisor and I.

"Finally finished that paperwork?" Tolan asked.

I sat down across from him. "Yep." I looked over at him. "How's the leg?"

He chuckled. "You ask that a lot. It's been… four years since the accident." I nodded. In truth, I felt sorry for him. He had had a great life ahead of him; he had been in charge of the Nipseb Mining Facility, one of the biggest profit organizations in the Federation. Unfortunately, there had been a cave-in in one of the tunnels; Tolan went in and saved over a dozen of his men, and lost his leg when the cave had collapsed again. He had been pulled out and spent a month in the hospital. However, when he got out, he wasn't allowed to return to his job because of my father and his 'no cripples, no half-breeds, only pure Trogs' blitznak. After being unable to find another job, he came to Earth, also called 'the Out of the Ins' or 'Trogs Last Chance'. I am far more lenient when it comes to disabilities and such then anyone else is. I happened to be looking for an advisor at the time, and he decided to check it out. I talked to him, and found him to be intelligent, levelheaded, open-minded, and always spoke his mind, even if it was something that I didn't want to hear. Over the past three years, we've formed a tight bond, and I always travel with him by my side.

My pilot, Lothon, is a 'half-breed', though I hate to use the term, of a Trog and a human. Never found out any names of his parents, but he was forced out to Earth because he couldn't find a job. He's mostly just like a Trog, except he has ordinary flesh instead of fur, and had a few more physical characteristics of humans. He was a natural pilot, and after acing a few flight classes, he had caught my eye. After flying me around for two years, and getting me out of a few nasty scrapes with some bold pirates, he has my trust.

"We're coming up on Planet Turo, sir." Lothon called over the intercom. "If you head straight to the meeting, you can be there right on time."

I nodded, but didn't respond: he knew I wouldn't. If I answered every time someone told me something, I'd end up talking day in and day out some weeks. I strapped in, and a minute later, we were on the ground. I quickly threw my jade Senate robe on over the clothes I was wearing, and followed my advisor out of the ship. I didn't even have to glance behind me to know that my bodyguard, Ponck, was following the same two steps behind me. Standing a head taller then most Trogs, he was decked out in plasma-proof armor, with a helmet, and carried an assortment of weapons, able to do everything from an instant knockout to blowing up a decent sized room. A man of few words, mostly action, he had my absolute trust, and was my closest friend.

We hurried along to the Council Chamber, which was actually a large room, shaped like a sphere. Along one half of it was a large cluster of platforms, each with three seats, surrounded by a force field. On the other side were five such platforms, but they were more heavily decorated. The one in the center was the largest and most prodigious, which is where King Stitch, my father, and Queen Angel, my mother, sat. Neither of them had advisors, and Stitch was generally the only one who ever talked. The other four were decorated with three seats, far more comfortable then the others, where my three siblings and I sat. As the oldest, I sat on my parents' right, while the second oldest, Reif, sat on his left. To my right sat Bron, the third oldest, and on my far far left sat Blair, the youngest, and the only girl other then my mother in the family. Just as I sat down, the meeting started.

Now, these meetings are all well and good, but I hate them. These Senate meetings are mostly for my dad to give the general population the idea that they have a say in how things are done. In truth, all my dad does is tell everyone about the issues that have arisen since last time, let us, his kids, talk about what we think should happen, and then he tells everyone what to do about it. While those in charge of the planets generally have some say in what goes on, there are some blanket laws that end up applying to all planets. However, those of the royal family, meaning my siblings and I, had complete rule over our planets to do whatever we wish on them, even if it's against my dad's agendas. Of course, he always had something to say to you if you didn't do what he liked. He had stopped talking to me about my choices… four years ago, because he had gotten tired of arguing with me about what I was doing on Earth.

"Greetings Senate members." Stitch's voice rang throughout the large room. "I called this emergency meeting to discuss the recent attack made by the Rebels against the supply convoy heading to Klimno to deliver much needed food and medical supplies. The only survivor, Kent, is here beside me to tell you what happened."

I was completely caught off guard at this. The Rebels had been attacking weapon depots for quite some time, and that I could understand. If we had been supplying weapons or something to Klimno I would understand also, but it was food and med supplies. Why would they just attack it?

"I was there." Kent said, walking up to the microphone. "I was the pilot for the lead cargo ship. We were just entering orbit above Klimno when, from the other side of the planet, came a dozen ships bearing the Rebel insignia: two triangles, one empty and upside down, inside the larger gold one. Most of them were small fighters, but there were two battle cruisers there as well. We had minimal defenses, and our ships were disabled within a few moments. They boarded us and took all the supplies we had on board. After they finished, they set off an explosive, somewhere near the engines. They left, and we attempted to put out the fire, but to no avail. I was the only one who managed to make it to an escape pod before the fire hit the fuel tanks. With all the ships having been moved into such close proximity, it set off a chain reaction, and all six of our ships were soon completely destroyed."

By the way I saw my father digging his claws into Kent's back, I knew there was more to this story. I figured that the crew manifest probably hadn't been full, and that the ships were being piloted with minimum numbers; if that were the case, that would have left about thirty or forty a ship. While needlessly killing all those Trogs is still horrible, it wouldn't seem quite as bad to the people if they found out that there were really only about three hundred died, instead of six or seven hundred. If it were something else… well, I would probably have one hell of a time trying to figure it out. If I don't even know what it is, it's probably between three or four people, and tracking them down will be a pain. Actually, the sight of my father's claws in Kent's back brings back to my mind teh the main difference between my father and I: my people would gladly take any bullet that was meant for me without a second thought. Those under my dad would only help him if he would otherwise survive and end up taking revenge on anyone who hadn't helped him.

"As you can see," Stitch said as he took back the microphone, "we need to start taking far more drastic measures to weed out the Rebels on our planets. They are continuing to grow bolder with each passing day, and who knows what they'll attack next. Does anyone in the Royal Family have something to say on this matter?"

I decided to keep my mouth shut for this. I honestly had nothing to say against whatever my dad had in mind on this matter; they had no right to blow up six ships and kill almost three hundred Trogs, just because they disagreed with my father's rule over the Federation. After a moment, my brother Reif spoke.

"Clearly, we need to increase our surveillance, especially in hot zones. Also, I say that we start bugging all forms of communication so that we can better get an idea of how much support the Rebels are getting, and from who they are getting it from. Anyone found to be in league with the Rebels will be thrown in jail, and promptly executed."

My stomach churned at the last word that Reif said. But, he did have a point: the Rebels had been trying for quite some time to overthrow my father, just because they disagreed with the way he was running things. I agree that some of his methods are… extreme, but I don't use that as an excuse to kill Trogs left and right. In a way, I agreed with his solution with execution, even though I normally frowned on it. I turned to Tolan, waiting to hear what he had to say.

"Well, I agree with the increased surveillance, although there should be a limit to how much of the privacy we can invade." Tolan said. "But as far as the executions go, I think that they need to have more then just helping the rebellion against them."

I shook my head. "For once, I actually agree with Reif. The Rebels have been getting more and more out of line, and now they just slaughtered hundreds of Trogs for no reason, after stealing supplies that were needed on Klimno."

"Sir, I understand, but killing them isn't going to help us bring those dead back." This is why I liked Tolan: he's not a yes-man; if he disagrees with me, he makes sure I know it.

"I don't care." I said flatly. "I'm going to make sure they pay for killing all of them." Stitch got back onto the microphone, bringing our conversation to an end.

"Members of the Senate, here is the plan: we will bug all forms of communication, set surveillance up anywhere public, and execute anyone found to be in league with the Rebels. Press green for it, or red against it." As I said before, the votes really didn't matter; it would happen anyway. But most Trogs like staying on the king's good side, so they'll listen to him. I myself couldn't care less if I piss him off, but I generally don't; after all, I am to be king after him in the end. Whether he dies of a heart attack or decides to go into retirement, I get to run the Federation. Looking across the room, I saw every light turn green. Glancing over at Tolan, I sighed lightly and pressed the green button. Looking over at my father, I noticed that he looked slightly surprised at my decision. He probably figured that I would vote against it when I heard the word 'execution'. "This meeting is adjourned." He said. Short and sweet, as it always was. He liked to keep the meetings short, in case someone decided to start asking questions.

As usual, we sat and waited for everyone else to head out of the chamber. I never knew why we did this, but my guess was that my father didn't want anyone to see his body. When I was younger, he was a fine, fit Trog, and I actually envied his muscular form. The past couple years, though, he has been getting lazier, and by that fatter. Now, his stomach is so big that he can barely walk on his own two legs; it's actually kind of sickening. My mom has put on a little weight, but only a tad; about five pounds or so. She's still just as lovely as ever; just a bit more stomach. After everyone else was finally gone, we walked out and met up in the hallway just outside.

"Family dinner tonight." Stitch said as he waddled out of his stand. "Be there at six." I groaned inside my head; I hated eating dinner with my family, as I was the only one, besides my mother, that had any table manners. But it would only bring arguments and trouble if I refused to show up, so I decided it was best for me to agree, much to my displeasure. My mother motioned to me, so I told my advisor to go back to the ship, and I followed her. We walked all the way to her bedroom, and shut the door behind us.

I really liked this room. It had several ornate tapestries and a very vibrant color scheme. There were several chairs littered around the room, mostly near the three desks that sat in the room. There was a large queen-sized bed against one wall, with a mirror and a small bookshelf next to it. My mother sat down in one of the chairs, and I sat across from her.

"It's been a while since we've talked." She said.

I nodded. "Earth is quite a long way away from here, and I'm sure dad keeps you busy."

She nodded. "Well, I wanted to catch up a bit, but first I'd like to ask you about your vote at the Senate meeting."
I sighed. "Well, normally I'm against executions, but they are killing hundreds of Trogs, and they attacked the ships that were going to supply med supplies and food to the Trogs on Klimno. If anyone deserves it, I think they do."

Angel nodded. "I guess I can see your point." She sat quietly for a moment, which made me a little uncomfortable. "How's your fiancée?" She asked.

I moaned. "Jezell is a power-hungry, sadistic, mischievous, annoying bitch who happens to have a great body and be the daughter of the second richest family in the Federation. Other then that, and her lack of a moral center, she's fine. How's dad?"

She chuckled. "Well, there have been times I liked him better. As for your girl… well, I wish there was something I could do, but Stitch was pretty adamant about you getting married to her. He wants to spread his influence through the top families for more power."

I leaned back in the chair. "I wish I could get rid of her and find my own girl. At least I wouldn't be afraid of a dagger in the back or poison in my waffles." I seriously keep expecting her to kill me. But I figure we need to at the very least be married before she tries that.

"Well, at least she has to wait until after your married, and then even until after you have a kid or two."

I shrugged. "Maybe she'll wait until dad steps down and I take power to get rid of me." I was starting to get tired of talking about Jezell, mostly because she always finds ways to piss me off. "So, anything else you want to talk about?"

She nodded. "I'm going to go to Earth with you tomorrow."

"Any… particular reason?"

"I'll tell you when we're safely on Earth." She replied. She had me a little worried with the way she was talking, but I decided that it was better not to push it at the moment. I glanced at my watch for the time.

"I would love to stay and talk, but I had better go change for dinner." I stood up. "I assume I'll see you there."

"Like I would be allowed to miss it." She responded. I walked out of the room, and headed back to my ship. I was careful to stay away from my siblings, as I had no desire to talk with them at all; sibling rivalry is rampant in my family, especially between Reif and I. He's always looking to get in dad's favor, probably some vain hope that he'll become king instead of me in the end. There's no way I will let him do that, though; the position as king is rightfully mine, and I will do anything I have to do to ensure my future as king over the Federation.

When I made it back to my ship, I headed straight for my workroom, which doubled as a bedroom, and locked the door behind me. I pulled off my senate robes, and tossed them in a corner, where a robot would pick it up and clean it off later tonight. I tossed the shirt I was wearing, a pitch black t-shirt, and my shorts into the same pile. Going over to the mirror, I took a look at myself.

Truthfully, I am a little obsessed with my body. I love the way the curve of my muscles just show under my silver fur. I flexed my arms a few times, and then started running my hand through my fur. Unlike most Trogs, which had three different shades of one color on their body, my fur was one solid color: silver. Not only that, but it shined when the sun hit it, which is why I tend to go around without a shirt on: so I can show off my fur. Other then the fur and muscle stuff, I pretty much look like my father, except my eyes were more hazel then black. I went over to my closet and opened it up to find something else to wear.

I'm really not sure why we have to wear clothes. My dad and all the other original Trogs didn't. Besides, unlike males of most species, we didn't have… how do I put this… external sexual parts. Female Trogs have breasts, yes, but they are covered with fur, so they would still look decent; though I have never seen a chick without her clothes on, so I can't say for certain. As for their… lower area, well… you gotta push the kids out somewhere, so I could see how they would go around wearing shorts or pants, a difference of a couple inches of fabric, but I just don't see the need for clothes. Just think of how much more of my body I could show off with nothing on; everyone would look at the shining Trog then.

I decided to wear a pair of dark blue shorts along with another one of my black t-shirts, this one with sleeves that only came halfway to my elbows; the sun was still fairly high up in the sky, after all. On Turo, the sun almost never set on this side of the planet, so even though it was close to six o'clock, the sun still had quite a way to go before it was down. I retracted my antennae, and put on my lovely fedora. I pulled the front down just a tad, and looked back in the mirror.

"Perfect, as always." I muttered to myself. Walking out the door, I bumped into Ponck, who I had completely forgotten about, as I always did, as he was so quiet. "It's a family dinner Ponck; I'm more then old enough to escort myself." He shook his head, and I knew that he wouldn't let me go alone: he left my side unless I was sleeping, in the bathroom, or in my study. I sighed and walked off to the dinner, Ponck two steps behind me.