Buso Renkin – Kurenai Mirai
Prologue – How Many Years Has It Been?

Author's Note: I do not own the Buso Renkin series and the characters of the original series. I own only the original characters of this fic, Sakuya Mutou, Kaworu Jounouchi, their siblings and friends, Phalene, some members of the Alchemist Army, and the enemy, the Tetsujin Juusan. Buso Renkin is the creation of mangaka, Watsuki Nobuhiro.

The years have passed since I showed Victor the strength of my heart, the drive to protect those I love, the girl I love. It took a battle on the moon to win him over, and it worked! I can't believe it worked! I found myself propelling back to Earth, thanks to Victor, and settled my score with Koushaku Chouno…no, Papillion. In the end, I proved to be the victor (no pun intended, guys…), and I spent whatever life I had left with my beloved Tokiko. Heh, she's still harsh for a girlfriend, but she's the best girlfriend I could ever have. Well, she's not my girlfriend anymore. After we graduated Ginsei Academy, Tokiko and I…well, we got married. Straight through, no hesitation! And a year after, we had our first child, Sakuya Muto. She has Tokiko's glaring golden eyes, and my amazing ability to be…amazing!

"Look at her," the older Kazuki smiled as his finger pressed on the little blue-haired Sakuya's cheeks. The baby girl cooed and took Kazuki's finger, wiggling it. He and his beloved wife, Tokiko Tsumura Muto, both chuckled and smiled, lips locking once again. They were going to be a happy family…but to be that family, they had to protect it at all costs. "Captain Bravo said that you, me, and Gouta are getting promoted," Kazuki laughed. "We're going to be Warrior Chiefs now!"

"I see…" Tokiko replied, looking at her husband's face. "We can still…manage to overcome anything we go through. Gouta, you, and I…we are an invincible team." Her hand reached out for Kazuki, holding his cheek, and bringing her head to his. "When you die, I die. We…are one." The two embraced in a kiss again, celebrating the birth of their baby girl.

"Hey! Muto!" Gouta called out as Kazuki arrived at the Japanese headquarters of the Alchemist Army. The two met and gave each other their friendly high-fives, though Kazuki could feel a slight sting. Maybe Gouta's still sore about Kazuki getting married to Tokiko…"Where've you been? Taking care of Sakuya-chan again?"

"Actually…I overslept, and Tokiko ended up doing it…" Kazuki blushed with embarrassment. "She is vicious...even as a wife..." Being a father wasn't easy; it took a lot of work, especially when you're trying to protect your child from being eaten by the monsters who escape from the moon now and then. "Victor contacted me recently. It seems that some of the Homunculi are getting restless and won't listen to him or Victoria anymore. While we're devoted as Alchemists to find a way to change Homunculi back into humans, we are still having to fight them and take away what they once were...I'm getting worried, Gouta."

"I had Warriors Shusui and Ouka Hayasaka, and Chitose Tateyama patrol the city a bit, in case any Homunculi made it to Earth." Gouta had a worried look on his face, rubbing his chin as he looked up at the monitor ahead of him. The droopy-eyed Warrior Chief gritted his teeth as he crossed his arms. "Damn, and Papillion still hasn't answered our calls! Every time we try to contact him, he never answers!"

"It's just the way he is," Kazuki laughed until he felt his phone vibrate. "Hello?...Tokiko? What happened?...What?"

"Muto, what happened? Is it Sakuya-chan? Is she okay?"

Kazuki grew teary eyed, sniffling like a child. "Sakuya…she….she…" Then he turned to Gouta, shaking him in joy as tears streamed from his face. "Sakuya called me daddy! She said her second word! Now I just need her to say Green Veggie Juice!"


The years have passed, and the trio has grown quite older. They had rushed to the outskirts of Fukuoka, where a late report of a Homunculi attack had just arrived. It was Sakimori's past all over again. Gouta couldn't stand the sight of it; a group of homunculi, human and beasts, eating students in a middle school. They rushed into the fray, where the group managed to fight off and saved only a handful of the school. Everyone else, students and faculty, and some parents who had apparently attended a "Bring Your Parent to School Day" have been eaten by the Homunculi. "Dammit!" Gouta roared, punching a locker until it dented. Tokiko pulled him back, only to watch his bleeding fist. "Why did the report come late? Damn it all!"

"Gouta, calm down!" Tokiko exclaimed, holding Gouta back. Eventually he calmed, holding Tokiko against him. Tokiko knew how much this hurt. They were Warrior Chiefs now, but still had managed to fail a mission like this…it was unbearable. Suddenly, she saw Kazuki walking down the empty bloodstained halls. "Kazuki!" she called out and ran to him. She was shocked to find a young male, probably seven-years old, to be riding on Kazuki's back. He was knocked unconscious, breathing heavily. "I thought we had delivered the remaining survivors with Chitose…"

"There was one left," Kazuki replied. "He was hiding in the janitor's closet. He was so scared that he cried himself to sleep…" He looked to his piggy-back rider and smiled. "I wonder what Sakuya is doing right now…it's funny, Tokiko! This boy…he could be her type!" Kazuki smiled, but tears were streaming down his face. He was crying because he couldn't protect these people.

A year after, the boy named Kaworu Jounouchi, as he recalled, was training with seasoned Warriors and Warrior Chiefs. Their attacks were relentless, his young body put to its limits. His speed, his power, his defense, his ability as an Alchemist Warrior were all brought down upon him by his senpais. And even then, as young as he was, he prevailed his intense training exercises.

Gouta and Tokiko proved to be difficult opponents. They tested Kaworu's physical and mental limits, which nearly drove him to the edge, and at the end of the day, he laid on the metal floor with his fist in the air. All of sudden, the alarm sounded. Great Warrior Chief Captain Bravo, Mamoru Sakimori, had called Tokiko and Gouta, as well as all the warriors, to the briefing room.

"The cause of the Homunculi's recent actions is because of a strange force of Alchemy on Earth," Captain Bravo explained. He seemed to have gotten old as well, but young enough to keep on fighting. "It seems that materials for a new type of Kakugane have been found by our excavation teams years back. However, unearthing these items caused a panic, and the Homunculi had set off to Earth the first chance they get."

"What's this…new type of Kakugane?" Tokiko asked, concerned because Kazuki hadn't returned from his mission yet. She always hears Sakuya asking about "daddy" and why he doesn't come home. "And what materials are you talking about? What else can make Kakuganes?"

Captain Bravo grew silent, and then slammed his palms onto the table in front of him. "We have found materials…to make a Kakugane with the godly powers of the Philosopher's Stone. With it, we may be able to turn Homunculi back into humans and have them return to their normal lives!" The entire room was in shock, except Kaworu. He seemed calm, until he started looking around. "Oh? You're the new kid, right? Is something wrong?"

Kaworu was silent, hiding behind Gouta a bit. His head peered out and pushed his bangs away from his right eye. Timidly, he asked, "…Wh-where's Kazuki-senpai?"

With this question, Captain Bravo's face grew grim. This brought an air of uneasiness onto everyone, especially Tokiko. "Kazuki…was leading the excavation team. Approximately fourteen hours ago…we had lost all connection with the excavation team, and…Kazuki Muto."

Tokiko's eyes widened. She fell to her knees as Gouta held her tightly. She screamed and cried because she feared the worst. What will she tell Sakuya and their second child, Souta? Is Kazuki dead? All of the warriors and warrior chiefs were shocked by this sudden news. On this spring time of April, Kazuki Muto had disappeared from the world.

Ten years have passed, and Sakuya had grown up quite a bit. Now sixteen, she lives with her younger brother, Sota, in the Ginsei Academy dorms that her aunt, Mahiro Muto, and a few others of Kazuki's friends have started to run, except Rokumasu, who's become the new principal of the school. It was on a late spring night in the middle of April that Sakuya saw a bright light at the haunted factory nearby. Without hesitation, she rushed over to see the commotion, and she couldn't believe her eyes.

A blonde-haired boy, all alone in the haunted factory, walking around aimlessly. Behind him, however, was a large, mechanical scorpion-like monster. It reared back its tail and launched it forward toward the boy. "L-Look out!" Sakuya gasped and ran to the boy. She pushed him out of the way, only to feel a sharp pain in her chest. The monster had skewered through her chest, blood dripping on the ground. Her eyes widened and faded.

'Oh no!' thought the boy. 'I got an innocent bystander involved!'

The next thing Sakuya knew, she awoke in the middle of the night, screaming out. Was it all a dream? What had happened that night? While she went into a half-asleep frenzy in the dorm, the boy watched her from afar, on top of Ginsei Academy's water tower.

"Good. She's alive and kicking…" he smiled, brushing his hand through the bangs of his blonde hair. "I got to hand it to you, you're one crazy girl. You owe your life…to the powers of Alchemy."