A/N: I warn you, this story doesn't have a happy ending. Just so you are warned. This is dedicated to StephenieMeyerWannabe, or Maggie, aka the queen of angst. It was because of her that I decided I needed to know how to write angst, I hope I did a good job.

Disclaimer: Yeah, me and Twilight? We have a deep and meaningful relationship, but it isn't ownership. Sadly.


I picked at the chipping red polish left over from last weeks at home pedicure. Alice had forced me into it, like usual, and had promised it wouldn't chip. Apparently the laws of friction still applied, even to Alice Brandon.

I wrapped my arms even more securely around my legs, and looked out the window, at the blistering heat of Arizona. I let a tear fall, wishing I could see the trees outside my window, not the red sand.

There were so many things I wished for; I couldn't begin to list them. I knew which one I wished for the most, held more precious than the other desires.

I wanted Edward Mason back.

The tears started to fall faster, and I buried my head into my knees, allowing my hair to act as a cushion. The more I though about Edward, the more I cried. I thought of his perfect body, and I wept. I thought of his crooked smile, and I sobbed. If I ever thought of his sparkling green eyes, the sobs that racked my body never stopped, until I fell into a sleep filled with nightmares.

I am Isabella Swan. And this is my story.

I had already decided to tell this, before Edward left me, before he ripped out my heart with one fatal turn, and left me empty. Now it was even more important to tell my tale.

If there were anybody I could save by telling this, my life would be complete. I could slowly waste away like I had been dreaming of for the past six days. If I could just get this out there, I wouldn't have to pretend anymore.

So please listen, please laugh, cry, experience, and understand. I am telling this for a reason. And I want you to feel it.

It all started 3 months ago, 2 weeks after I started school in Forks for the first time.

That was when I met him.