This was inspired by some awesome artworf of BG&E I found at DA. I don't own Beyond Good and Evil from Ubisoft and neither get I money for this drabble here.


The Pouncer

"Would ya please help me here?", asked Pey'j from his position, a bit strained.

Jade put a hand over her mouth as she suppressed the giggles shaking her. She had to use every ounce willpower she had in order not to burst out in uncontrollable laughter. Usually, it took a lot to make her to laugh that hard, but the situation had surprised her and the sight was just too funny and cute beyond words.

Pey'j only glared back. "I'd like to see you lying under a 140 pound flea-bag whose favourite hobby seems to be pouncing on unsuspecting people. Sometimes I really ask myself why I did buy you a dog".

The "culprit", meanwhile, was oblivious about the other two talking about him. He just wagged his short tail happily and made a soft "Woof!".


Author's note: Ahhhwwww! Isn't he cute.