Based on: Right, so this is a fan fiction based on the sentence
"Sasuke will not touch Naruto when the blond says no, but rather; tease Naruto until the blond says yes." -Sadow Uchiwa-ry
And I think I read "I'll turn you gay, Naruto, don't worry" somewhere too, so you over there, who wrote that: you were my inspiration.

A/N: Anyhow, another SasuNaru fanfiction! .. I got bored searching through the many pages of Sasu-Naru-ness, since I read almost every fic there. -I have to say, you guys make up nice titles for your stories. - But after reading those things , I was searching through my database and found the first piece of this story. (I was being a bit lazy, didn't want to write the beginning. It's always such a drag and bothersome, as Shikamaru would say) And I thought it was hot, so I'll continue it! Hope you like it!

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I knew something was wrong when I noticed Sasuke's head snapping in my direction. But it wasn't like I'd done something wrong, right?

'Don't stick up for Sakura, fool. She's always screaming at you.'
'She's a friend, Sasuke! I would do the same for you!'

There was a silence.

'Yeah, some friend she is, leaving you alone in the forest just 'cause I told her to go cry her eyes out and leave me alone.'

'Well, she tried to tell you she loves you!'


'Of course she cried! I would too, if you'd say those things to me!'
'Dobe, you wouldn't.'
'Yeah, well, who says I wouldn-,' Naruto gulped.

Sasuke looked nonchalant, as ever, but something in his eyes told me he understood the hidden meaning of the words. Though, there was no hidden meaning because I didn't mean anything by it. Right?

A bit angry that he made me say something like that, I walked over to Sasuke and punched his shoulder in a friendly way.

'Hey, let's head back. I'll race you.'

Sasuke nodded and we started running to Konoha. I was, as always, screaming things at Sasuke like 'I'm going to win! Believe it!', like I usually do. I'm not that dense, you know. I know it sounds stupid. But hey, it's like, it won't get out of my system anymore. So I just deal with it. It's not like they'll like me more when I won't say it.

Anyway, back to Sasuke and me. I lost sight of him and I slowed down a bit, thinking Sasuke was behind me, but when finally saw the gates of Konoha, the teme was leaning against the wall. Bastard. He could've made a sound when he went faster or something. I always do that. I'm considerate. Bastard.

'Teme! I thought you slowed down!'

'Dobe, why would I?'

'Don't call me that, bastard!'

'I would if you stopped acting like one.'

I grumbled. Sasuke watched me, apparently amused by my actions and took off in the direction of Ichiraku's.

How Naruto could get to him so much, often worried Sasuke. He wasn't emotionally unstable or something like that, but Naruto just.. He just knew how to push his buttons. Though the blond idiot most likely didn't know he knew how. But Sasuke Uchiha sure did. Sasukes eyes travelled up and down Narutos body as he followed the dobe, taking in all of it.

Sometimes, he could swear Naruto radiated happiness. The stupid dobe was always so happy, even though half of the village hated him. He didn't get it, most of the time. But today, Sasuke understood. Today was a good day, a nice one. For once in his life, Sasuke actually agreed with Naruto about this. Sasuke watched Naruto, who was skipping in front of him, before speeding up and walking next to him. Naruto smiled at him.

'Ne, Sasuke?'


'We're friends, right?'

'Hn,' answered Sasuke. They were friends. But they could be more. If they both wanted that, of course. And hell, did Sasuke want more, with the way Naruto was biting his lip at the moment..

'So… I have this new movie, and I don't know if it's fun. You wanna watch it?'

Sasuke felt his heart skip a beat. No, wait, he couldn't have said what he- no, he really said it. Sasuke restrained his emotions and grunted. Of course they could.

'But it's kind of.. a horror movie. So if you don't want to see it,' Naruto scoffed, pleased with himself.

Oh, please. Like you'd watch horror if you were alone.

'Oh, there are more people coming, by the way. Kiba, Shikamaru, Ino, Sakura and Hinata are going to be there too. I believe Kiba's bringing something to drink, so I guess there'll be alcohol..' Naruto paused to think. 'So I guess it's more, like, a party, but I'm inviting you anyway. You wanna come?'

Sasuke paused a minute, watching Naruto, then decided he had to go. This could be his chance. His chance to actually make the dobe his. He had been waiting for this. A horror movie: the perfect excuse to hug Naruto. Or the perfect excuse for making Naruto cuddle up beside him. Sasuke smirked. Naruto looked frightened.

'Hn, I'll be there, dobe,' Sasuke answered.

Naruto nodded curtly, smiling happily, before watching their surroundings. He cursed.
'I'm going right here! See ya!'

Sasuke nodded, still smirking when Naruto was out of sight. Tonight was going to be one hell of a night.

When Sasuke finally came by, everybody was ready to sit down for the movie. They'd played cards for awhile, but when nobody knew something that wasn't, as Shikamaru said, bothersome, they all agreed that watching the film was a good idea. The fact that they'd all come together for it, was unimportant.

Sasuke smirked when he noticed Naruto preparing snacks in the kitchen, chocolate smudge on his nose and hands white from the flower he was using. Kiba came over to him and whistled softly when he saw Naruto in the kitchen. Sasuke's eye twitched and before Kiba knew it, a fist had been planted into his shoulder.

'Ow, you bastard,' screamed Kiba, before whispering: 'I just admired your choice..'
Sasuke grunted, irritated, but went over to the couch. Hinata jumped off of it just in time and apologised profusely when she bumped into Ino. Sasuke sighed when he sat down and watched the screen. Great. The Lift. He could dream that movie.

Why did he even come here- Sasuke was thinking when Naruto walked in and put the snacks on the table in front of him. Oh, right.

'Okay, guys, we're one man shor- o! Sasuke, you're here! You could've said hi, you know! Anyway, if Sasuke's here, let the games begin,' Naruto yelled with heaps of enthusiasm.
Sakura held her hands over her ears and stomped towards Naruto to give him a good lecture on yelling when there were only seven people, but Naruto was thrown backwards by Kiba, falling onto the couch next to Sasuke. Naruto glanced sideways and blushed, glaring at Kiba.

'Jeez, Kiba, watch where you're going,' he mumbled.

Sasuke just stared at the screen.

Kiba smirked and sat on the other side of Naruto, while Hinata, Shikamaru, Ino and Sakura sat on the cushions in front of them, excited about the movie. Sasuke hned and sat back when the movie began. After all, he was in for an easy ride.

The film wasn't really scary. At least, that was what Sasuke thought.

Apparently, Naruto thought otherwise. He had been shivering and shaking for the last twenty minutes, even making shocked noises every now and then. Sasuke smirked as another character died. This was it. The moment it all depended on was coming.

'No way, he died too?!'

.. Kiba was such a stupid guy.


… Shikamaru wasn't any different.

Sasuke watched, interested, as the three remaining people stepped out of the lift onto the next floor, waiting for the horrors that were coming their way. Sasuke smirked. The music became stronger and Naruto closed one eye. The first character was murdered by an axe, but the music hadn't stopped, signalling another death. Naruto turned his head somewhat, while sliding backwards in his seat. Kiba shoved him away, murmuring something about 'heavy' and 'too much ramen'. Naruto blushed when he noticed he was practically glued to Sasuke now, but continued to watch the movie.

Sasuke snorted when another one was killed, trying to hide his insecurity about all this. Naruto was practically sitting on top of him and, well, he couldn't say he didn't like it, but.. His teen hormones weren't exactly standing still, if you know what I mean, and it was becoming harder and harder to concentrate on the film, as Naruto cringed and turned away his head with a squeek when another terrifying object came into view. Sasukes breath hitched when Naruto leaned against him with his head and smiled –cough laughed evilly cough- softly when he saw Naruto turning his head, pretending to be okay. Almost, almost! Just one minute until the ultimate shocker, aaaaaaannnddd..

'EEEEK,' everybody screamed with Naruto, hiding their eyes with their hands.

Sasuke was the only one who didn't and, currently, the only one who was not looking at the screen, horrified, and thus, the only one noticing someone had flung him or herself over him. And, no, the thing flinging his arm over his stomach and using him as a pillow was not Sakura. Not in the least.

Sasuke felt his blood racing through his body, when he looked down at Naruto, who was shivering against him now and was pulling Sasuke close to him as a shelter for the movie. Sasuke watched that delicious face snuggle into his stomach and grunted when Naruto breathed out against his skin. For kami's sake, did that guy know nothing about how he was making Sasuke feel?!

Sasuke felt a blush coming up when Naruto looked up at him, suddenly, but he managed to just grunt at Naruto and watch the screen again. Soon after, Naruto did the same.

Honestly, did it completely go past him that he was hugging Sasuke?

As Sasuke watched the screen, he fell into the movie again and creeped his hand over Narutos back, pulling Naruto's waist a bit, causing him to shift somewhat and making it easier for Sasuke to watch the screen. When Naruto shifted, he left his hand on Naruto's waist and touched Naruto's muscled stomach, causing him to snigger softly.

Sasuke smirked. So Naruto was ticklish?

Sasuke moved his fingers a bit in different directions, and chuckled when Naruto started laughing again. The others didn't bother to look, because the end was coming, and fast. Sasuke grumbled when Naruto became silent again and let Sasuke go to watch the ending, sitting backwards with Sasuke's arm around him. When Naruto noticed it, he glared at Sasuke and nodded approvingly when Sasuke pulled his arm back.

Suddenly, the ending theme was heard and both heads snapped towards the tv screen, watching the credits. Shikamaru yawned.

'How bothersome. Wasn't even that scary.. let's do something interesting,' Shikamaru said.

'Yupyup, I agree,' Kiba said.

'Let's play a game. I'll win for sure.'

'Will not, pig!'

'Shut up, forehead-girl!'


'Okay, okay, shut it already. Let's play truth or dare!'

There was a silence, after which the girls started to giggle, excited, and all the boys glared at Kiba, swearing they'd kill him. Although.. Sasuke didn't mind that much.

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