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A few days, trainings and missions later found Sasuke and Naruto walking to their normal spot to spar again. They had both been busy and apart from the occasional glances coming from Sasuke, there wasn't much interaction between the two shinobi. Although they did talk more; even Sakura noticed this and confronted them about it. Naruto had exclaimed that Sasuke wasn't as bastard-ish as he used to, lately, and so, they were left alone.

But, back to the present!

In the present, an irritated Sasuke and a happy Naruto, were making their way through the forest. Naruto followed Sasuke without looking and tried not to watch his hips. He failed miserably. Though it wasn't like the hips were hypnotizing, it was more that Sasuke's manly features just begged to be looked at. The broad back, firm butt, muscled arms just waiting to be touched and touch on itself...

Wait. He did not just think that. Did not. Nooooonononono, he was just... seizing the others capabilities through watching his rival's.. body. Right. That was it!

When Sasuke turned around and saw his delicious dobe blushing and looking away, he smirked. So much for no attention from the dobe at all! Aparently, this little blonde had found his team mate lond ago!

Grinning, Sasuke walked into the clearing and stopped in the middle, when he thought of something.

'Dobe, no jutsu! Just fist-fighting today.'

Naruto nodded. Afterwards, he realised Sasuke had yet again called him dobe and fumed.
'But don't call me that, teme!'

Sasuke smirked evilly when he took a stand and rounded up on Naruto. Naruto did thesame, before suddenly jumping and hitting Sasuke's arms. Sasuke dropped down and kicked at Naruto's ankles. He jimped away a few feet and charged again, hitting Naruto's arms a good ten times before getting kicked in the stomach. An angry growl could be heard, before Sasuke hit Naruto's arms so hard, he was shoved back against a tree.

Sasuke chose to use this opportunity and within seconds, he was in front of the dobe. He hit the wood next to Naruto's head a few times, to make it look like he was still fighting. Naruto noticed the two arms on his sides and remembered the last time they had been like that.

Desperately trying to escape, he dropped down, only to be met by Sasuke's charcoal eyes again. Naruto shivered and looked away. Suddenly, warm breath gushed over his ear and Sasuke's cheek touched his. He yelped and blushed a deep pink.

'Let's use jutsu anyway, dobe. I'll win anyway,' said Sasuke, before taking Naruto's earlobe into his mouth.

He softly nibbled on it. Naruto made a strangled noise, just as Sasuke jumped away again, watching the flushed blonde. He looked adorable like that, flushed and clueless. Naruto breathed in deeply before jumping up again. He seemed angry.

'What, you think you can win with that tactic?! I betcha beat all those guys like that! Well, not me! Let's use jutsu!'

Sasuke sighed at the obliviousness of the dobe. And the dumbness, but let's leave that for now.

'Dobe, I just said-'

Sasuke was cut off by Naruto, who jumped at him. Naruto smirked before he let his clones come out of the forest and trap Sasuke.

Of course, Sasuke knew how to get out and kept up a good fight, until Naruto's hand accidently brushed his bum. After that, his concentration was gone.

Within seconds, he lay on his back, with Naruto sitting upon his stomach, eyes hovering just above his.

'Sasuke, I wo-ho-on.. Say it for me, Sa-su-ke, say it,' Naruto sang as he bounced up and down on Sasuke's stomach happily. Sasuke squirmed and squinted his eyes at Naruto.

(Oh god, don't do that. No, don--'t Please stay there, don't go lowe--mmmmnn .. No, get off!)

Before Naruto could notice Sasuke's growing problem, Sasuke turned them around and hovered over Naruto. This caused the delicious little blonde to yelp and blush, making Sasuke wet his lips. Naruto tried to get away, but Sasuke had pinned him quite effectively. Sasuke leaned down, and suddenly remembered something he'd read.


Naruto grunted at the husky tone.

'Remember what I said the other day,' Sasuke asked, smirking.

Naruto blushed a deeper shade of read before nodding. Of course he remembered. Who could forget the day his best friend told him not to worry because he'd –fucking- turn him gay?!
At Naruto's reaction, Sasuke smiled a wicked smile and grabbed a leaf from the ground beside them. He held it in front of Naruto's face.

Naruto eyed the leaf innocently and shivered when he saw Sasuke smirking again. Sasuke took the leaf and brushed it against Naruto's neck. He slowly trailed his collarbone with it, making Naruto gasp at the intensity of it. Sasuke took a little break at this and looked Naruto directly in the eye. Sparkling blue met a hard charcoal and Sasuke had to try not to drown in those deep wells of hope Naruto harbored. Naruto himself seemed to be breathing hard and fighting the urge to get closer to Sasuke's eyes and look into them from a better point. God, his eyes are addictive.

'Well, I won't touch you, unless you tell me to,' he said, his voice vibrating through Naruto, before pulling Naruto's shirt over his head.

Naruto looked bewildered at this, but arched into the touch of the leaf against his stomach as Sasuke teased him. Sasuke grinned and trailed the leaf over Naruto's ribs, before tickling his sides with it. Naruto laughed and tried to free his hands from Sasuke's grasp, but failed. Sasuke teased Naruto's stomach again, making him gasp and writhe beneath him. Untill he found a specific sensitive spot. A gasp, and then:

'NNNNNNGGGHH, Sas-...uke..'

Was all Naruto could manage. Sasuke felt another raging hard-on coming up at the sounds Naruto made, but he continued nontheless. He started to tease Naruto by drawing circles around his nipples, but never actually touched them. Naruto hissed, but his body arched up in ecstacy. Naruto's eyes bore into Sasuke's eyes.

'NNNN, Sa...suke!'

Sasuke smirked.

'Not unless you tell me to,' he said in a singsong voice.

Naruto moaned when the leaf flicked over his nipple, and threw his head back when Sasuke repeated that action.

'MM, Sasuke, touch!'

Naruto's eyes were half-lidded by now and his mouth was parted slightly, tempting and tantalizing Sasuke to no end. But, he'd get his revenge in the end, he knew. After all, Naruto was bound to need release, when Sasuke'd gone. And then there wouldn't be anyone to relieve him, and so, he'd have to help himself.

Just like Sasuke had to every morning, because of Naruto. It was the ultimate revenge, he figured.

'Touch who,' he asked in a husky tone, before trailing his finger along Naruto's sides. Naruto moaned.

'Me! Touch... me,' Naruto breathed, before arching into Sasuke's touch.

Sasuke grinned and watched Naruto blush as he explored his upper body. The incredibility to finally feel Naruto's skin beneath his overwhelmed Sasuke. It felt like he'd gone to heaven. He played with Naruto's nipples, making him moan and squirm at thesame time. Naruto made all kinds of little sounds as Sasuke teased him, torturing Sasuke, who was dying to kiss those sounds away. But, he couldn't. Shouldn't. This was enough for one day. He didn't want to scare the dobe to death, after all.

Suddenly, rustling came from the bushes and Sasuke glanced up. He stood up, took a few steps and turned around before saying:

'See you around, Na-ru-to!'

Naruto blushed angrily at this and tried to come up, only to be found he had been bound by a jutsu. When Sasuke was gone, Naruto felt the jutsu weaken and he got up easily. Grumbling, he stood up and picked up his shirt. He froze in the process.

There, on his stomach, stood an exact clone of the Uchiha symbol.

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