Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For

Disclaimer: Yeah, I told you I like cussing. So, I'm putting the warning out here for you just encase. It's not horrible, but ya never know.

I don't own anyone or anything in this story. It's purely fictional and any relation to any people or persons or situations is strictly coincidence.

Summery: Dean and Sam get switched. Any further detail would give away the entire story.

Just another day and we're on to another job. This one seemed to go rather quick and painless. Not much physical damage. I mean, the usual scrapes and bumps here and there are expected when your fighting things that go bump in the night. Another gift from the family business and of course, there's Dean and his obnoxious antics.

Sam: "Dude, do you ever just mellow out once in awhile?"

Dean: "Lighten up, Sammy. We just kicked major ass back there. It's time to celebrate and have some fun."

Sam: "Wonderful. That means you're going to some bar and going to get drunk and take home a couple of hot chicks that you have no idea what their names are."

Dean: "You could benefit from a couple of hot chicks. It might take that stick out of your ass. Why are you so uptight anyway? You've been acting strange ever since we left Davenport."

Sam: "That job just got me thinking about our family."

Dean: "Oh God, no wonder you're so uptight. I'm fine, Sam. I promise you nothing like that is ever going to happen to me. I'm not gonna wake up one day and wonder who you are. I promise."

Sam: "I know. It's just a little weird. I mean body snatchers? That's more X Files then Supernatural."

Dean: "They definitely weren't aliens. I can tell you that much. None of that "take me to your leader" ET shit."

Sam: "I know. I was there, remember? I'm tired. Would you mind dropping me at the motel before you take off for the night?"

Dean: "See? This is exactly why you never get laid."

I sigh and shake my head as Dean pulled into the motel parking lot where we are staying for the night. We check in and get our room.

Dean: "Here ya go, sleeping beauty. Try not to let anyone in while I'm gone."

Sam: "I'm not retarded. I've been alone before."

Dean: "Yeah and I know what happens to you when you're alone. Stay put until I get back."

Sam: "Yes, Daddy. Whatever you say."

Dean leaves and I go to take a shower.