Sam: "Yes, but Dean does. You hide your feelings from me all the time. You don't want me to know how things really affect you. I have to be strong for my little brother. I can't show any weakness. This line of work will kill you if you do. By the way, that's crap. You don't have to be strong for me. It's ok to show weakness and be scared once in awhile. It shows you have a human side."

I watch myself throw my hands up in the air and roll my eyes like Dean does when I try to talk to him and it made me laugh. He looked strange gesturing like I do. Even my voice sounds strange coming from him.

Dean: "Oh God, Bobby get to the part where we switch back to ourselves before he turns me into a girl."

Bobby: "It's not the easy, Sammy…um, Dean whoever I'm talking to right now."

Sam: "Listen to the way he talks. That's not my voice."

Bobby: "Yes it is. It's your voice with Dean's accents. You have Dean's voice with your own accents."

Sam: "So what, I'm just supposed to morph myself into Dean?"

Dean: "I might teach you a few things about manning up."

Sam: "I don't need that kind of a lesson. However, you could benefit from seeing that I don't enjoy your torment."

Dean: "Torment? What the hell do I do to you that is so horrible?"

Sam: "Well, the constant calling me a girl when I show some sort of emotion. Everything I say is a joke and funny to you."

Dean: "Did you bump your head when that ghost switched us? Cuz I'll kick your ass if you hurt my beautiful body."

Sam: "See? That, right there. You're beautiful body. You're handsome face. Dude, you are in love with yourself. You're so self absorbed that you can't even see when something is right in front of your face. You run out and get drunk so you can forget the pain of what we do for a living. You take comfort in lose women all around the country and you put me down cuz I won't follow along like a puppy and take the left over women. You're so worried about getting me laid that you forget that I can think for myself. I'm not 5 years old any more, Dean. I'm an independent thinker."

Dean: "I'm sorry. Does my looking out for my little brother bother you now? You didn't used to complain when I took care of you. At one point, you were even grateful for my attention. You admired me and wanted to be like me when you grew up. Now, cuz you got switched into my body, I'm self absorbed and blind to everything?"

Sam: "You have no idea what I've learned being switched in to you. I haven't been in your body an hour and I already know that you feel I'm a responsibility you have that dad laid at your feet after mom died. I've been a burden to you since you were 4 years old."

Dean: "Sam, you're not a burden to me. I'm the older brother and I took care of you cuz I love you and I didn't want anything to happen to you. I never took you on as a burden. Dad was the burden. I had to clean up his messes when he was out hunting. He had two sons so he could put you off on me and try to turn me into a grown ass man at 5."

Sam: "I doubt dad was a burden to you, Dean. You model yourself after the man. You drive his car. You wear his coat. You fight his fights in the family business. He was never a burden. You were just trying to be a good son."

Dean: "Y'know, being inside your body hasn't exactly left me clueless either. I know that you are very sympathetic to this situation right now. I know that you're sorry that dad told me the secret about you. You're sorry the demon chose you and gave you the blood. You're sorry that every time you go somewhere it seems to affect our relationship as brothers. Hell, you blame yourself for everything that ever happened and none of it was your fault. You didn't do any of it. I know you blame yourself for that fucken ghost in the hotel too and right now you're scared and have no idea what the hell is going on. For once, you can't just jump on the internet and find a magic solution to us."

Sam: "Then you'll understand why I need to get out of here right now. I'm sure you and Bobby can find some sort of solution to this."

It was Dean's turn to watch his own body walk out the front door and get into his car. Hell, I didn't even know how I got the keys. I just know I was driving just like he does. Where did all this pent up emotion come from all of the sudden? I found myself at the bar Dean always goes to whenever we're in town. I went straight to the bar and sat on a stool. I ordered a beer from the bar tender and tried to make sense out of the craziness that was inside my head. I know Dean had to be going crazy too. I mean, he was me. He had to think logical for a change. He couldn't just run out after me.

In a way, it was kind of a freedom to be in Dean's shoes. The situation gets too hard, you can just divorce yourself and go get drunk. Leave good ol' reliable Sammy to the book work. He's going to have to get on the computer and find solutions to this with Bobby. That's going to kill Dean cuz he's not the type to sit still for more then five minutes.

Meanwhile, in Dean's head,

How in the hell does Sammy do it? How does he put up with the mood swings? One minute I'm sweet as pie and helpful and the next, I'm flying off the handle and going out the door. Maybe he's right. I may just be too self absorbed. All I know is Sammy is out in my body doing God knows what with it. He's probably ruining my good reputation with the ladies by actually saying "no" to a couple.

Bobby: "Is any of this getting into your head, kid?"

Dean: "Yeah. It's sinking in. I'm just worried about, Sam."

Bobby: "You are Sam right now. We need to find a way to switch you guys back to yourselves before something happens to you two."

Dean: "Something already has happened to us. Did you not just see him storm out of here?"

Bobby: "That's your temperament. You do that."

Dean: "I've never walked out on a case. I'll stay until the case is solved."

Bobby: "But, when you feel helpless you walk out on a situation."

I catch myself sighing like Sammy does. It's easy to slide into his mannerisms. The soft, caring, concerned side of him is comfortable to me. He genuinely gets worried when I walk off like that and say nothing about where I'm going. The way he slouches his shoulders so he's not towering over Bobby with his 6'4" frame. He totally dives into this research thing with his full concentration. My mind would be wandering all over the place right now. I'd be driving him nuts. Instead, I'm actually helping Bobby go through sites and books trying to find something to help us out of this.

Bobby: "Here it is."

He lays a book out on the table and points to an index. I pick up the book and fully comprehend everything in it. Even though it's foreign to me and suddenly, I'm thankful Sammy went away to Stanford.

Dean: "This says we have to find the spirit and have it switch us back. I killed the spirit with the rock salt. How are we going to find something that is dead?"

Bobby: "We're not. We're going to find out what happened to her and when the answers are found, you and Dean will switch back to your normal selves."

Dean: "Before or after Sam decides to break my body."

Bobby: "Before and I don't think Sam will break you."

Back with Sam in Dean's body,

My brother has some serious charm. I've got two gorgeous women both buying me drinks and wanting to take me home and of course, Dean is going right with it. Not one doubt in his mind about either one of their intentions. No worries about the Winchester men being cursed and bringing death to everyone they get close to. He hasn't once thought this into my mind. He just slides his arm around both girls and leads them to his car.

Sam: "So, Becky and Cindy are we going back to your place or mine?"

Cindy: "I saw a little motel up the street. We can just go there. I can't wait any longer."

She pushes up on Dean's body. I can feel her body heat radiating through her clothes and my own. She smelled really good like fruit punch or something. She kept touching on me and rubbing me in ways that made my body react back. Suddenly, I didn't mind being Dean one bit. I turned on his charm double time.

Sam: "You've got it sexy. I'll do anything you want me to."

Becky: "You have an awesome car, Dean. I really love how it rumbles when you drive."

She started touching me from behind in the back seat. Oh yeah, we needed to get to this motel quickly. How many times had Dean actually had sex in this car? Suddenly, I had the gross thought of having to ride in seat after he got that girl off. But, Dean was almost O.C.D about keeping that car spotless so it didn't worry me.

Becky: "We're here."

Sam: "All right. Are we already checked into a room?"

Cindy produces a room key from her purse and dangles it in front of me. I take it with that signature smile of Dean's.

Sam: "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you ladies planned to bring me here all along."

Becky: "I had you the minute you walked in the bar."

Suddenly, the Sam side of me kicked in. These girls didn't plan to just have sex and leave Dean here. They wanted to rip him off too. Well, I wasn't going to let that happen. I had to keep my smart side alert while Dean got what he wanted out of them. We walked into the hotel room with every intention of just having meaningless one night sex. The girls never expected me to be on to their plans to try to rip Dean off while he slept. After we were all three physically exhausted and laying there in bed, I made like I was asleep. I felt Cindy get up first and start perusing the room for valuables. Becky stayed curled up next to me the whole time so it felt like they were both there all the time.

Man, sometimes I am too smart for my own good. These two were not slick with their plans at all. They got their valuables and got dressed and were about to get out of the door scot free when the cops show up outside the room and bust them.

Cindy: "I thought you said he was asleep."

Becky: "He was sound asleep. There is no way he had any idea what was going on."

One of the officers knocks on the hotel room door and I answer acting like I'm half asleep. Dean would've been out too had I not been part of his brain right now.

Officer: "Mr. Bonnom?"

Dean: "Yeah. That's me."

Officer: "I just wanted to return your wallet and car keys to you. It seems those ladies you picked up last night were quite the cons."

Dean: "Con women, really?"

Officer: "I just need to take a statement from you if you don't mind."

Dean: "Sure. I can do that."

I put his wallet back in my pants pocket and get dressed. I tell him everything that happened and how I met the girls and I didn't want to press charges. He left the room and I decided to go back to Bobby's. I don't hang around where the cops have been and now they had one of Dean's identities on file. I got in the car and drove back to Bobby's. It was some God awful hour in the morning and all I wanted was some uninterrupted sleep. Becky and Cindy had worn me out and I never really recovered from the drunken hang over the night before. I pull up and Dean is sitting on the stoop or should I say I'm sitting on the stoop drinking coffee.

Dean: "Thank God. You made coffee. I had the night from hell last night."

Sam: "This is the part where I usually say "Spare me your conquest details" and make one of those little huffy sound effects, but please tell me what you did with my body."

Dean: "After I get some coffee in you. Man, you get worn down easy."

I sit down next to myself. There is just something odd about seeing myself through Dean's eyes. I looked interested in what I had to say. There's no way in real life I would ever want to hear about my brother getting it on with anyone.

Dean: "I went to the bar last night. You know the one we always go to when we come here."

Sam: "Yeah. I know what you're talking about."

Dean: "Well, I sat down and I had a few drinks. I got to talking to these two girls."

Sam: "Blondes or brunettes."

Dean: "A brunette and a redhead."

Sam: "Nice. I wish I was in my body to enjoy that. Were they hot?"

Dean: "Hell yeah they were hot. You'd totally approve of my choices. So, anyway Cindy and Becky decide they want to take me home."

Sam: "Tell me you got some. Tell me my body isn't going through withdraw right now."

Dean: "No. You're body isn't going through withdraw at all. You got some with both of them."

Sam: "That's my boy. See? It's good to be in my body."

Dean: "Anyway, apparently you come off as a mark because these two girls were con women and they tried to rip you off and steal Baby last night."

Sam: "How did you figure it out?"

Dean: "Well, Cindy gave it away. She damn near told me she had me made when I walked in the front door. They thought I was asleep after a good night and I snuck in a call to the cops about them."

Sam: "You didn't give them any names."

Dean: "No. I didn't give any names, but the officer looked at your driver's license after he got your stuff back from the girls and took a statement."

Sam: "Dammit Sam, now I have to change my ID again."

Dean: "Yeah. At least that's all you have to do, right? I mean, I saved your car."

Sam: "Yeah. You did save the car. I'll give you that."

Dean: "So what about the switch-er-roo?"

Sam: "In order for that to happen, we have to find the spirit that put us in this position and she's gone. We brought back a body snatcher from Davenport which explains why you were acting so funny in the car on the way here. She was trying to see if she had a new victim and when I left you alone, it left the door wide open."

Dean: "Wonderful. So, we're stuck like this."

Sam: "Yeah. Until 2:30 AM tonight since that's when we were changed."

Dean: "Ummm, it's 5 AM. We should already be ourselves."

Sam: "Have you slept?"

Dean: "No. Have you?"

Sam: "I was up with those girls. So no not yet."

Dean: "Let's go to sleep and see what happens."

We go and get comfortable inside. We wake up to Bobby making breakfast. I open my eyes and look around. I'm exactly where I fell asleep last night on the couch and Dean is exactly where he fell asleep last night on the other couch. I felt like myself again and got up and went about my morning routine. I come into the kitchen.

Bobby: "Good morning, Sam. Feeling like yourself again yet?"

Sam: "Yeah. I do feel like myself actually. No left over Dean hang over or anything. He really did all that research with you last night."

Bobby: "Yeah he did. He didn't complain once either."

Sam: "It looks like once again, I under estimated my brother."

Dean comes into the kitchen still half asleep.

Dean: "Man, I've never been so exausted in my life."

Sam: "You're you again."

Dean: "Thank God for that."

He gets himself a cup of coffee and we finish breakfast. After Dean got himself rested up, we take off to the next case again.

Sam: "Whatever happened when I was in your body, I totally under estimated you."

Dean: "Don't worry about it.

The End