Chapter Two: Chocolate Flirtations

"Good morning class, I'm Professor MacArthur and for those of you that may have already forgotten, this is Ancient Runes."

Ada stood in the front of the room, leaning casually on her desk.

"I have only two expectations in this classroom, the first being honesty. The second and most important is that you all will try. I understand that many of you may find this topic dry and boring, so I assure you that I will try and make this," she gestured widely with her hand. "as innovative an environment as possible."

She moved away from her desk then, wanting to engage the students in what she was saying. Little did she know that it was unnecessary, her personality and fortunate genetics sealed the attention span of all the students almost right away. The boys couldn't stop staring; while the girls….well it could be said that they were studying her for clues as to what they could do to get the boys to stare like that. Adalyn being who she was though barely noticed.

"Now, let's get started. Books away please….."

Her first day seemed to go by fast, leaving Ada exhausted by the time she sat down in the Great Hall for dinner. As she walked in she couldn't help but think 'Is Merlin against me?' when her eyes landed on the head table inhabited by faculty. The only seat available to her was the sad and unfortunate space between Remus and Severus Snape, an occurrence that she could no doubt thank her tardiness for.

From that day on she made a note to never be late for a meal again.

"Severus," she nodded. "Remus." She muttered as she sat between them.

"Good evening Professor MacArthur." Severus drawled out, making Adalyn internally cringe.

She situated herself in front of her plate, knowing without a doubt that this was going to continue to become awkward.

"How were our classes today Professor?" Remus prodded politely.

Ada turned his way and smiled a silent thank you. "Very good actually! I am very pleased with all my students so far. I think Hogwarts is full of potential for incredible Wizards and Witches at the moment."

Snape grunted beside her, clearly disagreeing. She ignored him and listened for Remus' reply.

"I couldn't agree more, after today's classes I decided to increase the curriculum for my third and sixth year students. They may hate me for it at first, but their defense education for the last few years has been laughable at best." Remus said, getting carried away by his own scholastic enthusiasm.

Ada laughed. "I heard."

"Thankfully they are all very capable in my opinion." Remus embellished.

"They had better be if your going to create a more challenging curriculum, there's no need to set them up for failure." Ada added a bit more playfully than she meant.

"Oh would you two please stop your flirtations," Snape's voice cut through the air like a knife. "because I would adore the ability to keep down my food." He spat sarcastically.

"Professor Snape, how wonderful for you to join our conversation." Remus replied happily. "Perhaps you would like to weigh in on our evaluations on this years students?"

Ada could have applauded him then and there in front of everyone in the Great Hall. She couldn't have pissed Snape off that much if she had tried.

Without preamble, Snape scuffed his chair back and briskly stood. He held his head high with entitlement as he snarled at both Ada and Remus. "These students are a disgrace to the wizarding world; nothing in their heads but fantasies and emotions."

Ada was appalled by his words. "Most humans" she emphasized. "tend to live a life with the unavoidably beautiful thing we call emotions. So please, spare me the effortless bile you spew out daily and continue your exit." She was breathing raggedly after her small outburst.

Snape sucked in his breath and did exactly as she bid him to do. She would always respect him for that; Severus Snape knew better than to push her too far.

Sadly though, Ada hadn't quite thought about what would happen when her festered old classmate took his leave.

Adalyn turned to a bemused looking Remus, who happened to be mid drink. He took his drink and set his goblet on the table. "That was an interesting way of ridding yourself of Snape." He stated.

Ada's stomach did an unexpected flip at the smirk she saw on the rugged looking werewolf. "Well, as always he did let his mouth run a bit too far."

"Hear, hear!" Remus agreed with another swallow of his butterbeer.

Ada turned away from him feeling as though she were lost in a wisp of smoke. It had been a few years since she had had any sort of respectable company outside of work, and if she were honest; the people she had worked with at the Department of Mysteries were very stoic, uninteresting creatures. That was partly why she had chosen the field, being an Unspeakable helped you live a quiet life; which was all Ada had strived for after the First War. It was fair to say that she didn't know quite how to act when she was around others yet. The outgoing and smart mouthed girl she used to be seemed to be lost.

Remus, being the perspective being that he was, picked up on the swift change in attitude in the women next to him. He was also a man that knew when to push people's boundaries; spending his adolescent as a marauder taught him that, even if he didn't pick up on till his adulthood.

"What have you been up to these last few years Adalyn?" Remus inquired, making Ada feel like he could read minds.

"I worked for the Department of Mysteries… an Unspeakable." She added.

"How was working for the Ministry?" Remus asked, never being able to have the opportunity to work there himself due to his infliction.

"Quiet, stuffy, impossibly beauratic." She said blandly.

"That fun was it?" he asked with a dryness matching her own.

"Oh, that and so much more." She laughed.

Remus decided that his new goal, other than providing education to his needful students, was to make that laugh happen as often as possible. She had a hard exterior, but then again so did he. He just went about hiding his fears and pains in a different way.

"Remus?" Ada's voice broke through his thoughts.

"Yes?" he replied, keeping his eyes diverted from hers.

"I think I would like to take that you up on that offer for a talk. I have a few questions that I would like to ask you, but I fear this is an inappropriate place." Adalyn stated boldly.

Remus, flustered from her change in attitude about sharing, stared at her dumbfounded.

A reaction that clearly amused Ada.

"Of course Professor. How would tonight be?" Remus almost stuttered, unsure as to why he was inclined to do so.

"Great. Your office or mine?" she asked. It had only taken her second to realize how that must have sounded. Her face began to instantly redden.

Remus couldn't help but laugh loud enough to draw curious glances from other members of the staff. The possible innuendo in her question was bolder than he thought her capable of. So he replied like her, hoping to cause a similar reaction in her.

"Mine. What time?" he quipped.

Adalyn's mouth clearly showed her shock at his matching attitude. It was silent drop that quickly produced a laugh. "Were you always this sociable?" she laughed out.

"Yes actually." He said leaning back, evoking his inner marauder. "Is that surprising?" he asked, shocked by his blatant teasing. He was never this forward with a lady, not even in jest.

"You're an interesting type of man Professor Lupin. How's after Dinner?" she snapped back playfully.

"Alright, it's a meeting." He concluded to her.

The rest of the meal was spent in an awkward yet pleasant mood; a surprise to them both.

After the meal they went their separate directions, going to their chambers for a little deep breathing. Adalyn was more than befuddled at her behavior during that dinner. Not only had she mouthed off to Professor Snape (something she promised herself she wouldn't do) but she had also found her self enjoying the company of someone she had originally wanted to avoid at all costs.

It would be a lie to say that Remus' words from the day previous hadn't affected her. On many occasions her former guardian had told her the same thing, but there was empathy to Remus; a sharing that could happen that she didn't know she could appreciate. Adalyn wasn't sure if she was ready to talk about her old friends yet, it had been what……fourteen years since she had even tried?...but she did have other more serious, or rather Sirius questions to ask.

Adalyn wasn't stupid nor was she ignorant to the fact that the new Defense Professor had very close ties to the only wizard to escape Azkaban. She had been thinking about it since her arrival, but how does one ask another, 'Hey! Are you still in contact with the man that as good as killed the only person I considered family?' Not very tactful that.

She couldn't help but admit though that Remus had acquired something with age, something he defiantly didn't have when they were younger.

As it would happen, Adalyn wasn't the only one pacing her office with unexpected thoughts. Remus couldn't keep himself from smiling at the thought of her meeting him tonight, which compared to his thoughts from the night before, were strangely different. He didn't think that Ada would ever want to pursue a friendly acquaintance seeing as she still harbored some ill feeling from their shared past. He was still pacing about when he heard a light knock on his office door.

"Come in." he called out pleasantly.

Adalyn pushed the old oak door, moving her way into her co-workers personal space. She was pleased to see that he kept an office similar to hers; cluttered and littered with academic jargon.

"Good evening Professor, thank you so much for agreeing to speaking to me so late." Adalyn said formally. Her nerves getting the better of her.

"Ah yes, your very welcome Professor MacArthur." He mocked back.

The result was what he desired…..laughter.

"Point taken." Ada said as she went to take a seat on a very cozy looking chair.

"So, what can I do for you?" Remus asked, pushing down the sexual innuendo he found in his head.

"I don't know how to go about this Remus, so if I offend you please understand it's not personal." Ada started.

That was not the beginning Remus had been expecting.


Ada took a very deep breath, and pushed forward. "Now I have been told by Dumbledore that you can be trusted, and I won't be the one to challenge him seeing as he also seems to trust Severus. He must know things that he isn't willing to share with me but I still have questions regarding your loyalties. For my own piece of mind, I need to know if you still have any association with Sirius."

Remus stood stock still.

"Do you know anything about his escape? Has he been in contact with you?" Ada pursued flashes of her interrogations from when she was in the Order going before her mind.

"Adalyn, I don't know anything about Sirius." He answered quietly.

This didn't seem to satisfy her. Her expression along with her prying questions made him lose his cool.

"I haven't seen Sirius since before James and Lily were murdered Addy! For Merlin's sake! Do you think that what he did to them, to us, wasn't hard for me? No I haven't been in contact with the damn man, and part of my goal in this memory draped prison is to make sure he doesn't get to HARRY!" he shouted making Adalyn flinch.

"Remus you have to understand where I'm coming from..."

"No, actually Adalyn I don't. You have no idea what I went through, and you have no right questioning my loyalties."

The last part stung. Ada hated it when something stung your core because usually, it was true.

They both sat there in silence, the huffing of Remus unsteady breath being the only noise.

"I'm sorry to have offended you Remus," Adalyn said as she rose from her seat. "I just needed to speak with you about it before I jumped to conclusions. This is hard for me you know, talking to you before my presumptions." She continued. "I didn't know what to think when I saw you, so please forgive me for lumping you in with a man that you are so obviously against."

Adalyn turned for the door, but a hand on her wrist made her stop short of opening it.

"I'm sorry I lost my temper." Remus apologized, feeling genuinely awful for his behavior.

Ada barely noticed his words. A tremor went through her body at the contact, making her become dizzy with a physical need she had kept tucked away for longer than she wanted to admit.

"Remus, I think I should go." She almost pleaded. 'What's wrong with me?' she thought. 'I never plead.'

"If you feel that's necessary." He countered.

"Why would I stay?" she asked, confused.

"I thought it was obvious…I have something you want." He state, letting go of her arm and moving to his desk.

"Really?" she said doubtfully.

"Yes. It's been along time, but I think you may need this."

She gulped as he strode back to her with a serious expression on his scarred and rugged face.

"Need what?" she could feel the heat beginning in the lower parts of her sequestered being.

"Chocolate." He said simply, a huge grin appearing on his features.

It was for the third time that night that Remus heard that laugh. The laugh that for some reason, was beginning to warm his heart.

Ada laughed into him, resting her head on his chest as she laughed harder than she had in years. They were both pleasantly surprised by the show of affection.

Neither one was aware of it at that moment, but old urges and feelings were rekindled that night. An event that was going to change their lives indefinitely.

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