Repelling (Aberforth)

If Aberforth Dumbledore had thought this was going to be a nice, quiet day, he had been wrong. First, there had been his brother with that arrogant Bones man, and he had had to cook. And now, in came Sturgis Podmore, who Aberforth only ever saw every once in a while at the few Order meetings he attended, since Podmore wasn't exactly the kind of man who came to the Hog's Head, accompagnied by Reynard Lestrange, a regular customer. Neither of them looked really fit.

"Hello, Aberforth," Podmore said, as he and Lestrange quickly walked towards him.

Podmore looked around; there wasn't a single customer there.

"I need your help," Podmore whispered. "Your brother told me you had a secret passageway into Hogwarts here."

Aberforth frowned and gestured at Lestrange. "Yeah, but d'you really think he should know that?"

"I'm in mortal danger," Lestrange said quickly.

"We all are," Aberforth said, shrugging, and turned.

He resumed polishing his glasses. Some looked so repelling that he wondered what some of his customers did with them that obviously didn't seem to involve any drinking.

"Please," Podmore said. "I take all the responsibility for this, but we really need to get to Albus."

Aberforth bit his lip. It was always about Albus saving the world, wasn't it? Who cared about grumpy, stupid Aberforth? But now, Aberforth knew better than to indulge in jealousy. It had cost him a lot, a long time ago. If he had stopped envying Albus and started to actually think of himself, he might have got a better job, a better life. All the good he could do these days was helping Albus and the Order. He wouldn't be bothered with all the meetings and missions, but he still gave a hand every once in a while.

"Alright," Aberforth grumbled. "I'll show you."

Aberforth turned again, in time to see the relief in Podmore's round face.

"Thank you," Podmore said, looking like he had just resumed breathing.

You're probably going to hate me, but with Uni and social life, I'm so busy I just can't go on with this story right now. I think I should leave fanfiction for good, but I really don't like leaving you hanging like that, so in June when Uni's over, I'll try and finish this story. Please keep it on author alert. I'm really sorry; thank you for your support.