Title: Well isn't that wizard!
Disclaimer: I own nothing of doctor who – blah, blah, blah…
Rating: K
Words: 278
Summary: Doctor 10.5 tells you what it's like to turn all... human.

Tiny, teeny, winy One-shot.



A human with only one heart!

Oh, God! Ah, that's alien, that is! All this time – all those memories of everything – to be suddenly turned all… human. Oh, that's… that's weird that is. That's …that's beyond weird, that's… off the wall… off the mark. It's like I've been spending too much time with them and they've sort of… rubbed off on me too much. I'm a different species.

Oh! This is freaky. Okay, you know what's it's like? For you? For you it'd be like… waking up and finding out – oh, I don't know – finding out you've turned into a dog or something! Only without the hair and… well, with the ability to walk on two feet…

Okay or, I dunno, finding out you've only got one leg. I, mean – I've only got one heart! One heart! It's weird, like a part of me is missing. A great, big gaping hole there! Urghh!

And Donna… I'm all… sounding like Donna. All rough and fiery – only without the ginger, which is a shame really as I wouldn't mind being a bit ginger – never been ginger before. And I can see inside Donna's head and it's all… wow, that's loud.

And one life… only got one life. No more regeneration. No more of: it's okay, thirteen regenerations, dying in this one won't matter that much, but be careful anyway. I mean I've got to watch myself get all old and wrinkly and… urgh, that's disgusting!

Rest of my life… how long have I got? Forty? Fifty years? In this body… getting older. Greyer. Timelord brain with a human body! Oh, does that give you the creeps or what?!