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Spirits of Ages


A mysterious figure was seen standing next to a pile of eggs. The creature's huge figure betrayed that he held great strength. Slowly he reached out to an egg.

He put his hand up to it and…

Rubbed it gently.

It didn't take long for it to hatch and give birth to a Puyomon. "Welcome back to the world little one." GrapLeomon, an ultimate version of Elecmon said. He looked like he belonged in the ring more then here, handling those delicate eggs.

He sighed as he put the newly born digimon down in one of the cradles stationed a bit further. "That pile just won't end."

"You got that right boss." A man with the head of a demon said. "Seriously, I turn my back and it grows bigger."

"Then don't turn you back to it. But you're right apprentice. There's no end to our noble job!" Grapleomon chuckled. He had hired Baromon as an apprentice when he popped out of one of the eggs send there. He was incredibly lucky actually. Not an hour after Elecmon picked up his egg the 'Legionmon-pile' appeared.

"But enough talk, let's get back to work. Our heroes is still under there." Baromon nodded. He couldn't wait to find his friend again. After all, it had been twenty-five years since he last saw him.

Meanwhile in the real world.

A young boy, wearing a simple black shirt, a pair of jeans and goggles holding back the bush that he called hair, was sneaking around his own house. His target? His moms Digivice.

The boy, otherwise known as Taichi (named after his heroic uncle), was an odd one. He was already twelve, but to this day he still had no Digimon.

It pissed him off.

For some reason he just couldn't find one. The eggs he held always felt 'wrong' in some way. His old man and some even older man had told him that 'he would know it when he chose the right one.'

Or something like that. He wasn't really paying attention. Mischief evident in his green eyes as he thought of how to prank his aunt.

But anyway, he was currently sneaking into his parents room. He didn't have to worry about them actually. One was at a convention and the other was currently visiting a friend in the hospital.

He saw his target. There on the nightstand.

'The music from 'Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost arc' started playing, you know that part with the gold icon)

He crept closer and closer, checking around for possible 'booby traps' or guardians.

Taichi started to sweat as he reached the nightstand. He looked around the room one more time and grabbed the pink and white device.

With a huge grin on his face he walked back towards the door.

"What are you doing?" A voice asked, causing Taichi to freeze up. "Uh nothing?" He said with a questioning tone.

A catlike creature crawled out from under the bed and looked at him. "You're stealing your mom's digivice again, aren't you?"

Taichi nodded and began edging towards the door.

Gatomon sighed and jumped towards him.

Taichi just ran. Through the door and into the hallway.

He ran as quickly as his legs could carry him, which was rather fast considering that he had been practicing the noble sport of soccer for quite some time.

Gatomon was in hot pursuit. She gained on Taichi as he made it to the stairs. Unfortunate for her, her claws got stuck in the rug, causing her to flip over and start rolling down the stairs.

Taichi descended the stairs as quickly as he could to avoid the small hairy ball rolling down after him. Once down the stairs he ran to his room. The computer was already up and running.

Gatomon, on the other hand, crashed into the wall. She was a bit disoriented but recovered quickly from her boulder impersonation and started the chase again.

She found him in his room, holding the digivice towards the screen. Gatomon jumped towards him just as he was sucked into the screen. Unfortunate for her she was just a bit to late and crashed into the computer screen.

"I'm getting to old for this." She sighed as she saw the bane of her existence waving at her from the other side of the gate.

"Bye aunt Gato!" He said as he waved at her before running off to the primary village.

"How am I going to explain this to Kari? Again?." She said to herself as the huge hair of her nephew disappeared completely out of sight.

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