"Monkey's butt… a big monkey's butt, that's what he is!" Reba Hart entered the house and slammed the front door, throwing her briefcase on the couch. "Jake, I'm home." She called towards the stairs, but no reply came down to her. With a long sigh she walked to the phone and hit the answering machine button, removing her jacket in the process.

"There are five new messages." The recorded voice announced.

Reba walked into the kitchen as the first message went off, "Hey mom, sorry I didn't call yesterday, I've been busy with stuff at the dorm…" Kyra's voice filled the air and Reba smiled as she took a bottle of water out of the fridge and drank some of it. "…things here are great, my roommate is quite nice and the place is awesome. Today I had my first music class, I really can't believe that I am attending college and I'm lovin' it!"

Reba chuckled and moved back into the living room, sitting down on the couch.

"So, how are things at home? Do you miss me?" Kyra let out a small chuckle and Reba smiled, "As weird as it may sound, I do miss you… don't tell anyone though, I have a reputation to live up to!" Kyra laughed a little and the sound brought tears to Reba's eyes.

Ever since Kyra had left for college she had been missing her a lot. It wasn't the first time they were apart, but it was different. There was no way she could go three houses down the street and see her baby, she was living in another state now. And she wasn't exactly her baby anymore either, she should have known that. She was a young woman and she was pursuing her dream, that was all she ever wanted. But still Reba wished she could be with her at home again.

"…and Van apparently likes country music even though he picks on you about it all the time. I talked to him and Cheyenne earlier and he asked me if I had seen Dolly Parton around… now, he might be interested in something else other than her music, but still…"

Reba laughed at her daughter's remark and wiped away a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Anyway, Cheyenne told me you haven't been so good lately, have you told your doctor about your bloodpressure going crazy again? Maybe he can give you something to keep it down… Just try not to stress too much and have a nice evening, mom… I'll call you tomorrow when I'm done with moving in… First weekend in Tennessee, sounds cool. Love ya!"

Reba heard the noise signalling that the message was over and she smiled at Kyra's words, then her smile faded away when she thought about what she said Cheyenne told her.

"Why can't anybody just mind their own business in this family?" She hissed, rolling her eyes.

Her bloodpressure wasn't really that bad, sure she had been sick more than usual lately, and she had fainted once at work, but that was because of her boss being a monkey's butt and she not being able to tell him that. She had to keep it all in if she wanted to keep her job, and that wasn't healthy for her, so she had been sick a couple of times, nothing to really worry about.

"Hey mom, it's me…" Jake's voice replaced Kyra's, dragging Reba out of her thoughts. "…I left you a note on the counter, but I know you probably didn't see it, so I'm leaving a message too. I'm spending the night at Joey's like we planned yesterday. I'll be home for lunch tomorrow. Love you."

Jake's voice faded away and Reba nodded slightly: she totally forgot that she had given Jake the permission to spend the night at his friend's house, so it was just her tonight.

"Great… just great…" She muttered, resting her head on the back of the couch and closing her eyes.

"Hi mom, I wanted to remind you that Van and I are taking the kids to the waterpark for the weekend…" Cheyenne's voice rang in her ears and Reba let out a long sigh. "…If you need anything just call dad, he said he is gonna be in town. Have a nice evening. We love you!"

An explosion of voices came from the machine and Reba smiled lovingly as she heard her daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law yelling into the phone.

Their voices, though, were soon replaced by a deep, male voice and Reba rolled her eyes but couldn't help smiling when her ex-husband started to speak, "Hey Reba, it's Brock… I don't want to bother you, but it's pretty late and you're not home yet… Jake told me he is going at Joey's, he said you are okay with that… I hope you are fine, call me when you get home, Cheyenne asked me to look after you and I'm getting worried… Well… I'll talk to you later, I hope…"

Reba rolled her eyes as his voice faded away. As much as she loved her daughter, Cheyenne could really do things to get on her nerves, sometimes. She didn't need someone to look after her, she was perfectly fine on her own, she didn't need anyone. And if she was home later than usual, it was perfectly fine, "Why do they keep-"

"Hey Reebs! It's me, Barbra Jean… How are you, best friend? I'm sorry I didn't have time to call you lately, Henry and I needed time to settle down and I've been very very busy at the TV station. How are things over there? We miss you a lot, I wish we could see you more often or talk more on the phone… Though Brock always tells us about you when he calls to talk to Henry… He told me about the hunky real estate agent you went out with last Friday, for example… What is his name? Anyway, Brock said he is hot and he was jealous as heck when he…"

Reba giggled as Barbra Jean went on babbling, since she divorced Brock and moved to Little Rock with Henry, Reba had been missing her. Both of them actually, because she had grown to love little Henry almost as much as her own children, and she had been sad when Barbra Jean said they were moving out. She too wished they could see each other more often, but she definitely wasn't going to tell Barbra Jean that.

"…and so I told him- Oh wait… Henry has got something to tell you…"

Reba smiled and pulled her legs to her body, curling up on her couch as the little boy's voice echoed in the quiet living room, "Hi Reba! Erm…I wanted to tell you something… I made a picture for you at school, today… Mrs. Kendall said that we should make a picture of a person that we don't see often and that we miss, like a grandpa or a grandma or both, and then we should write who they are and why we miss them and I made a picture of you and daddy in front of your house. Mrs. Kendall said my picture was the best and mommy said she likes it too and she will put it on the computer and send it to you on Monday from her office… will you call me when you see it? I love you…"

Reba felt her heart melt with tenderness and she heard noises as Henry gave the phone back to Barbra Jean.

"Isn't he cute? I'll e-mail the picture to you on Monday along with the description of it. I gotta go now, have a nice evening." She hung up and Reba smiled getting up and stretching her back.

She let out a yawn and walked towards the stairs. She was tired and not hungry at all so she figured she would just go to bed and relax a little, she felt kind of light-headed and hoped that laying down would help her get rid of the feeling.

She had just set her foot on the first step when the phone started to ring.

"Craaaaap…" Reba rolled her eyes and stood there for a second, debating whether she should pick it up or just let it ring. Then she shrugged and moved a few steps up, "That is what the answering machine is for, I'll just let it ring…" She told herself, slowly going up the stairs, waiting for the machine to go off.

"Hi, this is Reba Hart. At the moment I'm not here, leave a message and I will decide if you're worth calling back. Bye!"

Reba chuckled at her own voice and stood still for a second, waiting for whoever was calling to say something.

"Reba, it's me again. Please, if you're there pick up the phone, you're making me worried. I just want to know if you are okay…" Brock's voice came out of the phone and Reba rolled her eyes, turning around to down the stairs again. She'd better pick up and talk to him if she didn't want him to come over at her house.

As soon as she went a couple of steps down the stairs, though, she felt very light-headed again and she was forced to grasp the banister to keep her balance.

"What-" She closed her eyes for a moment and opened them again slowly, trying to fight the urge to throw up as she was dizzy and sick again.

She took a deep breath and moved her foot down.

The last thing she heard was Brock calling her name. Then everything went black.