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Part 7

"What do you have to tell me?" Reba repeated, looking at Brock intently.

"Erm…I…" Brock gripped the phone tightly and swallowed.

"Dad? She got it, didn't she?" Cheyenne quickly asked, listening to her father's silence.

"Y-yeah…" Brock mumbled. "What should I-"

"Dunno but I gotta go, dad. Love ya!" Cheyenne interrupted him and immediately took her chance to get out of trouble, because she knew how her mother would be after her once she got to know she had come up with the idea of having her father staying at the house.

Brock gasped and stared at the phone in shock, "Our daughter is a whimp!" He exclaimed, looking up at Reba.

She snickered, "She must've gotten it somewhere… Now, what is it you have to tell me?"

Brock swallowed hard again and moved the phone around on the table, trying to think of the right way to say it.

But there would ever be a right way? How was he supposed to tell Reba, one of the strongest and most independent women he knew, and also his ex-wife, how he was supposed to go up to her and say that their daughter thought she would be better off not being alone at the house all the time, but that it would be better if he were there with her at least at night? And how could he tell her that he honestly agreed with Cheyenne and would be willing to stay with her as long as he was needed?

He would do anything to make sure she was okay and if he got to spend extra time with her, he definitely-

"Brock?" Reba's voice made his train of thoughts come to a harsh halt and he looked up to her. "Are you okay?" Reba walked over to the table and sat down next to him.

"Yeah…" He nodded and couldn't help but smile as a cloud of her sweet scent filled the air around her.

She gave him a confused look and a small smile formed on her lips as well, "So, are you going to tell me what you and Cheyenne were talking about?"

"Well…it's…complicated…" Brock's smile faded a little as he took a deep breath and tried to come up with the right words.

"What's complicated?" Reba frowned and leant closer to him.

"Okay, listen… Cheyenne freaked out when she heard about your foot, you know that… and she said something…which I actually agree with…"

Reba sighed, "Just say it, Brock…"

"Cheyenne-wants-me-to-stay-here-with-you." He suddenly rasped out in a strangled voice, pulling back and preparing for the blow that was going to come from the redhead.

Reba just gaped at him and pulled back a little, apparently at a loss for words. Then she reached out all of a sudden and reached for the phone, her eyes shining dangerously.

Having a hint of her intentions, Brock was faster to grab the phone and kept it out of her reach. "Now, Reba, try and calm down a little…" He started to say.

"Calm down?! I am not calming down, I need an explanation… NOW!" She yelled and got up, grabbing her crutches and starting to walk towards the counter as fast as she could.

Brock immediately shot up from his chair and rushed after her, closing his arms around her body to stop her.

He heard her take a deep, trembling breath and smirked to himself. Even when she was angry she would always react that way when she was so close to him.

"Calm down, honey… Please, it's not good for your bloodpressure." He whispered in her ear, trying to soothe her.

Reba shivered involuntarily, unable to contain the sensations rushing through her as his body pressed against hers and his warm breath tickled her ear. She felt her heart start to race and it took all her strength to suppress a soft moan and swallow it before it could escape her lips.

All of this made it cleared and clearer how letting him stay with her wasn't a good idea.

It was never a good idea.

"Don't 'honey' me…" She weakly protested.

"Cheyenne only worries about you…" He ignored her and kept on murmuring into her ear, trying to get her to cave.

"I still don't think it's a good idea…" She tried to argue but she already felt herself starting to give in: he knew exactly the buttons to push.

"Three days won't kill you… I promise you won't even see me, I'll just be there if you need me." Brock whispered and smiled as he couldn't help taking in her scent with every breath he took.

He moved his head slightly and she squirmed a little when his breath caressed the side of her neck.

She knew it was already an awkward situation as it was and letting him stay with her for three days wouldn't make it any better. But Cheyenne wouldn't leave her alone otherwise, and it felt so good to be close to Brock again.

Maybe too good, that's why it was so wrong.

"Fine…" Reba mumbled in a trembling, husky voice, and she blushed at the sound of it, well knowing Brock knew exactly why and when her voice used to sound like this.

"What did you say?" Brock smirked at the sound of her voice and inhaled her scent deeply, fighting the urge to press her more into him as his hands slid down her arms to stop at her hips.

Reba let out a breath she didn't realize she had been holding, thinking for a crazy moment that all she wanted right now was turning around and kiss him like there was no tomorrow.

"I said fine…" She murmured instead, "You can stay here…" Her voice trailed away as she unconsciously leant into him, savouring the feel of his whole body pressed against hers.

Then she suddenly froze, as something pressed into her lower body, telling her just how wrong it was to have him there.

Startled by the way Reba's head shot up again, and trying to hide the obvious bulge in his pants, Brock stepped back a little, quickly removing his hands from her hips before she could realize just what was happening and kill him.

"I…gotta go…get some clothes at the condo…to stay here the weekend…" He stammered and blushed as he hastily turned around and almost ran to the back door.

"NO! I-"

He was gone before Reba could even start.

"Craaaaap!" She exclaimed and sighed, sitting back down at the table and pressing her forehead on it, feeling the strong urge to slap herself for being so weak to his requests.

If just being that close to him caused her to react like that, how was she supposed to survive three days alone with him?


Getting into his car as fast as he could, Brock shut the door and locked it, leaning heavily against the back of his seat.

What an embarrassing moment!

He didn't mean to loosen up that much, he just wanted to convince her but couldn't help taking his chance to tease her a little at the same time.

He just didn't think it would get that far.

He sighed as he looked down at his pants and rubbed a hand over his face in despair. He'd better learn how to control himself if he wanted to survive those few days with Reba.

Nothing like this was supposed to happen.

Ever again.