Timelines & Bylines: Lamentation.
Summary: The Doctor visits Lois after the events in the Smallville episode "Reckoning" and after the Doctor Who episode "Planet of the Dead".
Disclaimer: I own nothing. DC, Warner Brothers, the estates or what not of Siegel and Shuster, the CW, and the BBC own everything. Doesn't it suck?
Spoiler Warning: Oh my god, YES. SPOILERS. For the end of Series/Season 4 of Doctor Who. Totally. Run away if you don't want to know. In fact, expect spoilers at any time from all of the Tenth Doctor's run. It's easier that way. Spoilers for Season 5 of Smallville.

Notes: I miss David Tennant's Doctor already.
Oh, yeah, this is in third person.

Lois stared at her phone as she sat on the cold steps to the back exit of the Talon. It was freezing but she barely noticed the cold as she sat there, her black coat wrapped around her as the snow slowly fell. Today.. today had been a bad day. Even so, she still had yet to hit that button and call. She needed to escape. She needed to get away. She needed-

"A bit cold, isn't it?"

She knew that voice. Oh she knew it so well by now and every time she heard that accent she felt as if maybe she had more of a place in this world than she'd ever thought. Lois looked up as she slid her phone into her pocket and found herself staring up at the tall lean form of the Doctor. He wore his brown pinstripe suit that day with his overcoat on and stood there as if nothing could ever touch him. But all anyone had to do was look into those eyes of his to know that wasn't true. They saw everything. One could fear it and rightly so. But somehow Lois couldn't. All she needed to know was that he was alone even when he had her and others like her. At the moment though, his eyes were filled with concern. For what, she wondered. For her? It wasn't her loss. She offered him one of her 'smile like you mean it' smiles. To be honest she hadn't expected him to be here, especially when she hadn't even seen him since their holiday for the holidays. "You know me, I'll do anything to be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee, even if it means numbing myself to the point where all I'll feel is that burning caffeine running through my system."

The Doctor sat down beside her with an expression to match her own, "Well, then I'll assume that this seat isn't taken then." The faux cheerfulness faded and the concern returned. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Lois gave him a tired look. Oh, she wanted to cry, but she had yet to do so. "It happens."

"Yes.. yes it does. But it doesn't make it any less painful. Not for you." He was no longer looking at her and it almost seemed as if he were talking to himself. "Not for any of us."

Lois watched him and she wrapped her arms around herself, less out of the need for warmth and more for the desire to move. She let out a scoff. "I shouldn't be like this though."

He was genuinely confused by her comment, "Why not?"

"He wasn't even mine to lose."

"Wasn't he?" The Doctor stared hard at her and she wanted to look away from that piercing gaze. "You told me that he accepted you. That he believed in you more than your own father did. I'd say that was enough reason to be upset."

"Every once in awhile, I'd wish that I had a dad like that." Lois said softly. "But then I'm not exactly daughter of the year material."

"Don't you dare." He growled at her, startling Lois from her morose thoughts. "Don't you dare tear yourself down simply because you don't feel as if you've earned the right to mourn. You are magnificent. He saw it. I see it." His tone softened and a slip of humor could be heard. "And you know if I see it, you must be doing something right."

Lois found herself leaning closer to the Doctor and she felt his arm wrap around her shoulders. "You didn't have to come."

"Yes I did."

His voice was soft and she eyed him cautiously. She wanted to grill him and find out what he was thinking. She leaned her head on his shoulder and let him get away with the one armed hug he was now giving her. "Thank you for showing up."

His mouth was agape in shock. "Where else would I be?"

"I don't know, discovering some planet in the midst of an evolutionary change or exploring the Tomb of Freedon Nadd."

"That's Star Wars." He dryly replied. "Nice try though." The Doctor glanced back at the Talon behind them. "Ready to go inside?"

Lois shook her head. "Not really." She risked a look at him and frowned. "Are you alright?"

He smiled at her but it failed to reach his eyes. "I'm fantastic. I'm here with you."

She snorted back a laugh. "Yeah, as if that line ever worked on me." When he didn't even smirk at that she went quiet. "What's wrong?"

The Doctor was still and Lois wondered if he was even aware he was still there. He could feel the anxious knot in his stomach and the desire to suddenly go into a rage. "A song has ended." He wanted to say that his song was ending. To tell her he needed to be here as much for him as for her. Four knocks and it would end. First the Ood and then Carmen. It wasn't a coincidence. But he held his tongue. He would not go without a fight and oh what a fight it would be.

Her brow furrowed, confused by his words. There was more meaning to that than he implied. She was about to reply, but he had already hopped to his feet and was now standing in front of her. He silently offered her his hand with an expectant look. Lois fought the urge to slap it away and demand that he elaborate on such a cryptic statement. That he should just come out and tell her what was wrong... Instead she accepted it and allowed him to pull her to her feet. She was tired and her heart was heavy enough at the moment. "I need to get out of here." She told him. Maybe if they were gone and surrounded by the comfort of the TARDIS he'd be more open and she would feel something besides loss.

The Doctor, with Lois's hand still in his, led the two of them down the alley and to a dark corner where the TARDIS sat waiting. The air was thick with sorrow and Lois was sure that it Jonathan Kent wasn't the only person being mourned. She squeezed the Doctor's hand as he pushed the door of the TARDIS open. He squeezed back but didn't face her until they were inside the ship. And when he did, the smile still didn't reach his eyes.

But for now, Lois pretended that it did. For his sake and for hers.