Jack lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. He never usually had trouble sleeping
these days, not when he was home. Home. He looked around Sam's bedroom,
seeing his things scattered amongst her own. His apartment in Washington and
the cabin were the same.

He rolled onto his side and propped his head up on his arm, looking down at Sam's
sleeping figure. He'd been debating for the last week about whether or not to tell her
about his strange… visitation. He knew for sure he wouldn't have been as on edge
as he was. He would have died in the gateroom. He didn't want her to have to think
about that.

He just wasn't sure what would happen if he didn't tell her.

Making a decision, Jack reached over and shook her gently. 'Sam.'

She murmured something and rolled onto her side, snuggling back against him.

At any other time, Jack would have been in enthusiastic agreement with her sentiments,
but not right now. Maybe afterwards, he thought, shaking her more forcefully.

'Jack?' She rolled over and looked at him with sleepy eyes, surprised he was so awake.
'Don't you have a flight in,' she glanced over her shoulder and saw it was one AM,
'three hours?'

'Three and a half,' he said. 'There's something I need to tell you before I go.'

'What is it?'

'You remember last week, when I went through the gate with SG-12?' She nodded.
'Something… weird happened while I was in the locker room.' He realised she was
sending him a look that was half worried, half amused. 'Nothin' like that!'

'Like what?' she said, not bothering to conceal her amusement now.

'Like what you're thinkin'!' He said. He sighed and rolled over, fishing something out of
the pocket of his jeans. 'Do you remember this?' He held the object out and she took it,
examining it.

'Jack, this is Ancient technology.'

'Yeah, I took it out of 51.'

'Are you allowed to do that?' She asked, her attention caught up in the bracelet.

'Look who you're asking,' he said dryly. 'Let me explain.'

He told her what had happened. She listened, somehow managing to keep quiet
throughout the explanation.

'So I need you to figure out how it works,' he finished.

She looked up at him, the bracelet dangling loosely in her hand. 'What about everything
you said to… me? About causality and everything? You still acted differently because of
what she - I - said.'

Jack ran a hand over his face. 'I know and its been bugging me ever since. I mean – I'm
supposed to be dead. But then I figured: we're here now. What do we care about that
other two weeks that technically didn't happen?' When she still looked skeptical he said,
'Plus, you did it. It's done. So, don't you have to do it again, to make sure it sticks?'

'Follow it through, you mean?' she said.

'I know this is a lot to think about,' he said, 'it was way too complicated for me. So I'll leave
it to you.'

'We don't even know what will happen if I don't go back this time,' she said thoughtfully,
'There's every possibility nothing will change. Or-'

'Or I could disappear.'

She opened her mouth and shut it again, not knowing what to say.

Then he said, 'Think about it. I'm not telling you to do it, I'm not even askin'. I just…
thought you should know. You're better at this stuff than me.'

Seemingly relieved of his burden, he reached over and took the bracelet from her,
putting it on the nightstand. Then he pulled her to him, kissing her.

'Jack,' she said between kisses. 'Don't you think we should talk about this some more?'

'I'm done talking about it,' he said, pulling her across his body until she was lying on
top of him.

'So you're just gonna dump it on me and forget about it?' She demanded, trying for anger
as he nuzzled her neck.

'Not forget,' he said, looking at her seriously. 'Sam, one way or another, I have a flight in
the morning, and I'm not gonna see you for another month,' he paused, 'maybe longer.
I just want to make sure I see as much as possible before I go.'

She smiled at that. 'Fine. Carry on, airman.'

'Yes, ma'am.'


As the front door closed behind Jack, Sam awoke. She rolled over and picked up the
bracelet from the nightstand, turning it over and over in her hands.

She couldn't imagine him not being here. Actually, she could. All too well. The vision of
him lying dead on the gateroom floor had haunted her for too long. She couldn't take the
chance that something she did – or didn't do – could make that happen.

She had to go back and warn him. It was only a warning. And like Jack said, she'd done it
before. And lying here, thinking about it, she couldn't imagine that there would ever be
an instance when she wouldn't do it.