sorry if I'm not good this it my first story

"Bella time for school"

"Yah yah here I come" Bella was really didn't want to got to school today.Bella ran down the stairs.(almost tripping),and got in her truck and drove to school when she got there she walk to the cafe to wait to class to start when a boy came up to her.

"Hey are you new here?"

"Yes my name is Iabella but call me Bella"

"Hi Bella my name is Mike Newton" Then a girl walk up to Mike

"Hey baby" she kissed him

"Hey,oh this is a new girl Bella,Bella this is my girlfriend Jessica."

"Hello Bella i hope im not interrupting any thing am i?"

"Oh no no is ok" Mike was acting weird as if he got in hooked doing something he shouldn't be doing.

"Um Jessica,hun i have to go ok i love you and i well seen you soon ok ?bye"

"Um ok Mike i see you later then!" She shouted but he didnt hear her he was to far away. Jessica turned to me and gave me a really drity look.

"Look Bella if you think you can take Mike from me think again he is mine and he well never ever love or ever like you ,all you will be is a friend. ok?" Bella was completely shocked, she was mad now it was her first day and she already had a hater. She stood up and walked up to Jessica

"Look Jessica if you dont want to get knocked the fuck out then shut up and leave me alone now!!." She could not belive this. She was ready to fight.

"Yah right I saw the way he was acting around you,look do you want to fight Bella want-to-be?" Then Jessica was on the floor Bella jumped on her and was going to hit her before someone pulled her off, What the hell-bella thought ,who was grabing her?

"Jessica why are you starting fights again?, Bella are you ok?"

"Yah Yah Im fine,who are you?,and how do you know my name?"

"My mane is Eric,and i herd you conversation with Mike, can I walk you to your first class?."

"Yes,why not?" Mike gave Jessica a real drity look like the one she gave bella but worse. Mike wrapped his arm around Bellas wast and started to walk but Bella was not moving.

"Why did you came and stop me? i could of took her." She was looking back a Jessica who was now crying.

"Becase i wanted to talk to you about Mike,and me,ummm lets see how do i put this--look Mike is a player and he wants more than one girl,and Jessica is the same way she want more then one guy but she dose not want anyone to have Mike.weird huh?" Bella tought about that as they started to walk to clas as the bell rang.

"Very,now what to you want to tell me about you." Eric started to blush and look down.They walk in to the classroom but the teacher was not there.

"Well I wanted to tell you that well i wanted you to be mine and I am not like Mike i just want you." Bella laughted she never wanted boyfriend anymore.

"Eric no offence to you but I dont want a boyfirend, sorry" . Bella walked to a random seat and Eric came with her. Then she felt somthing on her ear they were Erics lips

" You dont have to deside today i cant wait take as long as you want." Then Mike was on the floor, everyone looked to see what happend.

"Mike did you fall out of the chair already?" Bella asked with a smirk on her face.time for lunch she was on her way to a table when Jessica ran to her.

"Look Bella about earlier i am very sorry its just that Mike wants someone else and i dont want to lose him he just started to go out with me and i really like him."

"Um yah ok whatever now leave me alone."

"Bella just let me talk to you im sorry ok im sorry!"

" I would if you wernt so preepie Ahhh i hate preepie poeple.!!"

"Fine I well try to be less happy like"

"Ok then let have lunch."

"Bella" She heard someone call her it was Eric.

" lovely here come preepie number 1" Bella said

"What was that about bella, why did you push me."

"Jessica lets go we dont have time for preepies." Bella led her to the table and sat down to talk to her. Eric was stunned that Bella said that. He pouted and stamped away.

"Im sorry I jumped on you I was just so mad that you were mad at me so fast over some preepie boy." Then Eric came back with Mike. Mike sat down next to Jessica, and Eric sat next to Bella, but then Bella and Jessica got up and walked away. Jessica stopped and turned around.

"Mike we are over, if you dont want just me then you cant have me." Then Bella turned around and smirked.

Lunch passed in blur.

" well bela what class do you have next?"

"umm I have bio next."

"ugh, good luck mike has that class."

"lovely" Bella walked into the class room and almost ran back out, Mike came up to her.He grabbed Bella's wirst.

"Mike go away I don't want to talk to you, and if you know what best for you let me go." Mike looked sad and then mad.

"look Bella you and I are going to a movie today after school."

"The hell we are I dont want to anywhere near you so you go on and be a wanna-be-player ok?, now let me go.!!"

"NOO!!, you are going with me me bella." Then thats when Edward walked in he looked from bella to mike and back. Mike looked up at Edward.

"Is there a problem Cullen."

"What are you doing to Bella let her go." Bella looked up when he said her name, she never talked to him.

" Noo, Bella and I are going out, and I will not let her go. she all mine and you can't have her" Then mike kissed Bella and when he pulled away Bella hit him and he fell to the ground. Everyone broke out in laughter. Mike looked up at Bella gripping his jaw.

"What the hell is your problem Bella?"

" Whats my promblem!! My problem is you!! Thats my problem you and your lies, stay away from me Mike." On that note bella strommed to an a table and sat down and Eward came and sat down next to her.

"Wow that was enexcpted most girls want to go out with Mike"

"Well im not like most girls, and I cant see why they would want to anyway he just cheats on them like the man whore he is, and I dont date." Edward laughed, Then Jesscia ran into the room and saw Mike on the floor and looked from him to bella.

"Bella did you do this." Bella nodded

"Yep, and I'll do it agin too"

"Damn mike she knocked the crap out of you ha ha!!, Hey Bella I just got tranfered into this class."

"nice, after school lets go to the office and see if we can have every class together."

"ok this is going to be cool." Jessica went to sit on the other side of bella. The rest of the school day went by fast after school bella and Jessica went to the mall, and Jessica spent the night over Bella's and the stayed up haft the night talking about mike and Eric. Then they soon dritfed to sleep.

When daylight came they both with two hours till school. so they went down stairs for breakfeast. After intoduceing Jess to Charile Bella and Jess went to school. Now that they have every class together they to their first class english, then thier next and so on until lunch which they soon regerted as they sat down, because Mike and Eric sat down with them, this time they desided not to talk to them and act as if they were not their, but Eric and Mike were annoyed but not because they were both ignoring them but because Bella was. They didn't care about Jessica

"Bella are you not going to talk to us" Eric asked

"Nope she not" Jess said

"Shut up Jessica no one was talking to you." Mike said

"Look Mike and Eric if you dont want to get knocked in the jaw then leave now!!" Bella said standing up. wich cause eveyone to look.

"You wont really hit us Bella." Mike and Eric said at the same time

"Do you want to put Money on that?" With that they got up and walked away. Then Edward came and sat next to Bella and every one gasped


I was sitting with my family when I heard Bella yelling at mike and Eric. So after that was over I went to sit with them. As I sat down next to Bella everyone gasped, Jessica mind with frantic with thinking of me and it hurt my head

Oh my Edward is sitting at the same table as me and he looking at me ohh maybe he likes me. so I started to talk to bella so I can get into her head.

"Wow Bella no one ever stood up to mike before but I should have known you would have after bio class."

"Well he was getting on my last nerve I hate boys like him ,and Eric creeps me out, man I want to hit them right now." But still cant get into her head.

"Ha HA do we have a temper miss Bella swan?"

"When it come to mike and eric yes we do." she smiled she must really be enjoying whatever thoughts that I cant hear, Ahh that going to drive me crazzy.

"So Edward why are you sitting with us today?" Jess ask all happy, man was she gets on my neves

"Jess you happy, and I dont do happy" Bella said

"Sorry it just shock, Edward Cullen is sitting next to you Bella how can not be happy about that!!"

"Oh is that you name Edward, I meant to ask you what your first name was." The Bella rang and people were walking to thier next class.

"Lets go to the movies after school Bella!!"Jess yelled when they all sat down at their bio lab table.

"Jess your happyness is giving me a headach so stop." Edward smiled happy to know that he was not the only one Jess could hurt with her happyness.

"Why is this your way of being in a dark room with edward here." Bella said but only the other people at the table with her could hear. Jess blushed and was about to say somthing but was interuted but mike standing over her.

"Cullen, Jess leave I need to talk to bella" Who the hell is he telling me what to do!!-jess

"Mike shut up and leave and you well call edward by his first name."

"Bella why are you being so mean to me,you have to be thinking about our kiss we had." I was shocked to find out that that botherd me but why would I care if mike kissed Bella she was a human I cant love a human, can I? Bella was ready to fight again. she got up to walk up the Mike. then mike was you on the floor again with a bloody nose. I had to look away is was almost to much for me.

"Next time mike it will be your jaw!" Bella sat back down next to me and her sent was so strong I almost fell. The venion in my teeth started to flow and the monster and my head told me diffrent to get bella alone and I resisted each and everyone of then. It was great to know that a was strong enough to resist to sweet sweet smell of her blood that was singing to me.

You would think after getting hit in the jaw and the nose that that person doesn't like you, but Mike so not one of those people. After he got back up he went in font of Bella grabbed her jaw and pulled her into a kiss and I was so mad that from under the table I kick Mike in the crouch, he fell to the ground in pain, and I was happy. It was still confusing to why I was mad when he kissed her i had been alive for 532 years and I had never loved a human, can that change with Bella?


When Mike pulled me into the kiss I wanted to kill him right then and there, as I was about to knock him in the jaw he fell to the ground in pain. Then the teacher came in and I sat back down in my seat, and Mike got in his.

"What happend, how did he fall" Jess wisperd

"I dont know" I looked at Edward and hhe was smileing deivlishly

"Edward did you kick Mike?" I wisperd to him and he nodded, but frow some reson I was not made at him for that I was happy-- Whaaat I was happy!! wow Edward must really have an afect on me and a strong one and I loved it.