Title: Black

Title: Black
Fandom: Hex
Characters: Cassie
Prompt: 018. Black
Word Count: 139
Rating: 13+
Summary: Cassies thoughts before a friends funeral. Character Death
Author's Notes: I don't own the characters or story of Hex.

Cassie lays out the black dress she plans to wear today. Things have been so surreal since Thelma's death. Cassie still wasn't sure how Thelma died. Did she drown like the police said, or was that creature Azazeal the one who killed her? Did she witness Thelma sacrificing herself or was it all a bad dream?

Cassie looks over at Thelma's bed, which will never have her sleep in it again. She'll never get to laugh, or cry, or even argue with her best friend. She was thinking about how many of her fellow students would be there. The same people who would tease and bully her? How many would show up with their fake tears.

After she was ready, she heads for the door. She looks back at Thelma's bed one last time before slowly closing her door.