Title: Orange

Title: Orange
Fandom: Hex
Characters: Cassie/Thelma
Prompt: 012. Orange
Word Count: 295
Rating: 13+
Summary: Cassie and Thelma talking before Cassie's date with Troy.
Author's Notes: I don't own any of the characters or storyline of Hex!

Cassie held up the orange sweater to herself, and looks into the mirror.

Thelma, sitting cross-legged on her old bed, about spit out the chips she was eating. "I know you're not wearing that horrid sweater!"

It's a gift from Troy!" She wrinkles her nose as she turns first right and then left. She sighs. "I see him tonight and I should wear it for him."

"If I were you, I would burn it!" Thelma went on, ignoring the fact that Cassie just said she was meeting Troy tonight. That was a sticky point between the best friends. "Now, we both know," She begins, and gets up off the bed. "I have been known to wear cutting edge fashion, but even I wouldn't wear that!"

"Thelma! Be nice! I know. It's a bit too orangy." She dismally looks at it.

"It makes you look like a giant pumpkin!" Thelma giggles, ducking as a pillow flies at her.

Both girls look at each other and burst out laughing. Cassie laughs for the ridiculous shirt she was trying to talk herself into wearing. And Thelma laughs just because she actually ducks when Cassie throws the pillow at her. She's a ghost. It would fly right through her.

Once they stop laughing, Cassie starts changing into the horrible orange sweater.

"So, you're doing it?"

"Yes." As she puts it on, there is a knock on the door.

Cassie opens the door and is hit with a flying drink. It splashes all over the shirt.

"I am so sorry!" The girl gushes apologies for her clumsiness.

"It's all right." Cassie says closes the door.

"Told you, you shouldn't wear that shirt!" Thelma laughs. Cassie sighs, and changes shirt. At least now she has a reason for not wearing it!