Fandom: Hex

Fandom: Hex

Title: Boredom

Author: ladycolete

Theme: 096. Boredom

Character: Azazeal

Rating: 13+

Warnings: None other than no beta.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never have been, never will.

Summary: A musing Azazeal.

"It's almost time." Azazeal muses. He'd been getting bored waiting for Cassie to come of age. He knew the time was almost right. He grew weary of the same old same old.

He was sitting on a circular couch in the same club he's been going to for a long time. He has two beautiful women sitting with him. Yet he is bored. At least with Cassie, there will a rhyme and reason. A purpose for him. Otherwise, a life of endless debauchery.

"What's wrong baby?" The blonde purrs at him.

"Nothing. I'm going to get a drink." Azazeal gets up, ignoring the blonde pouting at him. Yes, they were beautiful. But they were all beautiful. He wants something more than that. And Cassie will do that.